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January-February 2005


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January 30, 2005

Watershed Plan to be discussed at "Planning Team Focus Sessions" Sue Forde, Citizen Review

More water, fewer trees? Forest Service says clear-cutting is beneficial to increase water yields - Casper Star-Tribune

Tribe Fights Dams to Get Diet Back - Karuks Trying to Regain Salmon Fisheries and Their Health -Washington Post

The Truth About Those Canadian Wolf "Re"introductions -The Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Accidents point up dangers of rail transit - Randal O'Toole

January 29, 2005

John Stossel Takes on Myths, Lies and Nasty Behavior - Think Gas Is More Expensive, Urban Sprawl Is Bad? Think Again - ABC News 20/20

January 26, 2005

Pro-Rossi group finds felons voted in county - The Olympian

Murray tries again with Wild Sky wilderness bill - Seattle P-I

Proposal would ease creation of new county - King County Journal

Legislative support grows for road and bridge tolls - King 5 News

Eyman will try to guard initiatives - The News Tribune

Cascade Land Conservancy preserves part of Middle Fork - Snoqualmie Valley Record

January 25, 2005

Rural rage festers in King County -Seattle Times

January 24, 2005

Olympia talks nervously of tax hikes - King County Journal

Performance Audits make tax hikes unnecessary by Tim Eyman

Cattle producers firm on keeping border closed - CPoW group calls for crucial regulations to be met before cattle trade resumes - by Jamie Henneman, CPoW

House focusing on Priorities of Government (POG) - editorial by Evergreen Freedom Foundation

Scores of felons voted illegally - GOP works to compile list of felons who voted - Man learns his votes were illegal for years - Seattle Times

GOP had lousy year with Vance at helm - The Daily Herald opinion piece

"There ought to be a law..." TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.

January 22, 2005

Rancher wins $600K in suit against enviros -Arizona Daily Star

Land trusts get into the 'landlord' market in Seattle - Program can lop $70,000 off cost of home - Land trust procedure gives certain buyers a chance in pricey Seattle market - Seattle P-I

Water outlook for summer getting bleak, say 'water managers' -King 5 News

January 21, 2005

Vying for chair of the State GOP: Experience is Important to Sharon Bumala by Lois Krafsky-Perry

Permit required to collect rainwater in Washington State? News with Views

Judge keeps governor's suit trial on same pace, will hear arguments Feb. 4 - The Olympian

No Place to Hide: Freedom and Identity - Peter Jennings and the Fight Against Terrorism in the Digital Age - ABC News

Beyond the UN - by Henry Lamb, for News with Views

January 20, 2005

Presidential Inaugurial Ceremony - The White House

Challenges to CAO remain despite referendum ruling - Snoqualmie Valley Record

Republicans in court to contest governor's election - King 5 News

Vance to seek second term as state GOP chairman - King County Journal

Electronic tax filing now free for all at IRS Web site - USA Today/Yahoo News

January 16, 2005

Driver's Licenses Spark Privacy Debate -Yahoo News

Wind farms in rural West Virginia and Pennsylvania slay hundreds of bats by Gretchen Randall for ecologic Powerhouse

Book Review: Environmentalist Propaganda for Kids

January 15, 2005

Dungeness Drama: Commentary about the Dungeness River, the endangered salmon and the fisheries and the people -commentary by Pat Neal for the Sequim Gazette

GOP seeks criminal records - Seattle Times

'Personal legacies' and our new governor - Opinion by Robert L. Jamieson, Jr., Seattle P-I

McKenna off to good start -Opinion by The Olympian

Federal Court Says Endangered Species Listing Of Klamath Coho Is Bogus -Report by Pacific Legal Fountain

Klamath Falls Farmers Destroyed by Illegal Specis Listing - opinion by Devvy Kidd for News with Views

Bush issues executive order forming advisory committee on income tax reform - News with Views

Reject Environmentalism, Not DDT - DDT could help prevent malaria among tsunami survivors, but environmental ideology forbids its use - By Keith Lockitch for Eco-Logic Powerhouse

January 14, 2005

Hearing on Rossi's election challenge postponed - King 5 News

Pomp, circumstance and shadows at Gregoire inauguration - King 5 News

January 12, 2005

Gregoire sworn in as Washington's governor: Text of Gov. Christine Gregoire's inauguration speech - King 5 News

Statement from Dino Rossi - News Release

Locke gives farewell speech -The News Tribune

Judge rules out ballot fight on land-use rules - Seattle Times

Senate Report on Environmental Organizations

January 11, 2005

Protesters turn out for, against Gregoire certification -King 5 News

U.S. 95 project arrives in court - Transportation officials denounce Sierra Club lawsuit - LV Review Journal

Eyman's I-900 will be the 900 pound gorilla in 2005 - "I-900 will forever revolutionize government in Washington"-Press Release from Tim Eyman

Performance audit bill drafted in Senate - Modeled after EFF's performance audit pledge

January 10, 2005

One issue consumes fractious Legislature - The News Tribune

Surveillance camera catches TSA employee rifling luggage - Eyewitness News 4, Arizona

January 9, 2005

Deadline for comments around the corner on Clallam County comprehensive plan and critical areas code amendments

Rossi will challenge election in court -King 5 News

Rossi files suit for a new vote - Trying to nullify Gregoire win, Republican cites series of errors - Seattle P-I

Book Review: STATE OF FEAR by Michael Crichton, reviewed by DON AMADOR

Northern Idaho: Wolves coming closer - Spokesman-Review

January 7, 2005

Deadline for comments around the corner on Clallam County watershed management plan

State lawmakers urge probe into $58 million graving yard abandonment - PDN

Hold off confirming governor's election until serious questions are resolved, says Farm Bureau

Two men file court challenges to governor's election - King 5 News

January 6, 2005

GOP alleges 'illegal' votes in governor's race -Democrats dismiss calls for revote -Gregoire: Join me in the middle -King 5 News

Kretz appointed to essential committees during first term -New state representative has unique chance to address the issues in Eastern Washington - News release

Tennessee: No more freebies for him, councilman says - The Tennessean

January 5, 2005


January 4, 2005

Votes tallied, but where are voters? GOP charges there are more ballots for governor than people registered in five counties -The News Tribune

GOP questions vote discrepancies: 8,500 and counting - King 5 News

January 3, 2005

King County shows gap in voters - Officials stress that report is preliminary - The Olympian

Revote Washington - Citizens call for a simple revote on governor's election race

Questions about the Rossi/Gregoire election process -Revote Washington

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