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December 30, 2004

Regarding "Invasive Species" and Trojan Horses By Fred V. Grau, State College, Pennsylvania

It's Governor-elect Gregoire, but Rossi seeks 'do-over' - Counties opposing GOP call to reopen vote counts - Seattle Times

No, Attorney General Gregoire, this isn’t ‘golf’ - With so many disenfranchised military voters, how can this be a fair election? - Press release

EFF requests election-related public records from Secretary of State

Democrats Poised to Seize Water (and Power) in Washington - commentary by James Buchal

December 29, 2004

Snohomish County faces state sanctions because of "unwillingness to comply" with hearings board - King 5 News

Rossi has no plans to concede, says spokesperson -King 5 News

December 27, 2004

New program helps slow readers - King 5 News

December 23, 2004

New examples emerge of disenfranchised Rossi voters - If we can't change the rules for our military and others, why should we change the rules for Gregoire's King Co friends?

U.S. District Court dismisses Michael New - Says laws don't have to be obeyed if Congress doesn't object!

December 22, 2004

Democrats Say Gregoire Wins Recount By 8 Votes - KOMO News

Box of ‘ballots’ dropped off in Chehalis - The Chronicle

December 21, 2004

County land rules could head to ballot - King County Journal

Global warming will cost Americans... There is NO man-made global warming - by Tom DeWeese for eco-logic Powerhouse

Ohio's Regula raises ire in West over park fees - The Plain Dealer

MORRISON: The struggle to keep our American Heritage - Illinois Leader

Washington State minimum wage increases again in 2005 - MSNBC

December 14, 2004

Commissioners to hold public hearing to change the meaning of "rural" - Change in definition would create inability of landowner to utilize their property

The people have spoken out on the proposed watershed management plan: Overwhelming numbers tell commissioners to "send it back" for major changes - by Sue Forde, Citizen Review Online

High Court rejects Washington Democrats' request to reconsider disqualified ballots - King County finds 561 uncounted ballots -King 5 News

December 13, 2004

A fling at helping fish- Carcasses return nutrients for future salmon runs - The Daily Herald

Feds propose 80 percent reduction in "critical habitat" - Methow Valley News

Ron Paul Denounces National ID Card - Lew

Why you can't trust the Trust - by Toni Thayer, for Range Magazine

December 10, 2004

Salmon recovery money awarded - The Olympian

Washington Farm Bureau Newswatch 12/10/04

Corps ready to dredge river -The Columbian

Unemployment tax rates to change -King County Journal

December 9, 2004

Rossi gains three votes as counties launch hand ballot recount -King 5 News

Critical Areas Ordinance is not needed and based on bad science - Snoqualmie Valley Record guest column by Rodney McFarland

December 8, 2004

Take a Ride to Exurbia - New York Times Op/Ed

December 7, 2004

Oregon's Property-Rights Revolt - Commentary, Christian Science Monitor

Election officials prepare for second recount -King 5 News

The Philosophy of Liberty - a flash presentation by Ken Schoolland

December 2, 2004

Water boards sift through backlog -Tri-City Herald

Gregoire says recount the whole state or don't recount at all - Seattle Times

Volcano now the state's top polluter - The Daily News

December 1, 2004

MORRISON: The disappearance of private land by Joyce Morrison for Illinois Leader

Oregon urging new test for home-schooled - Seattle P-I

Law Of The Sea Treaty threatens sovereignty by Paul M. Weyrich for Enter Stage Right

No Child Left Unmedicated by Phyllis Schlafley for Eagle Forum

'Critical areas ordinance' provokes bitter 'rural vs. urban' dispute - Seattle P-I

Critical areas a critical matter - Seattle p-i


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