'Junk Science'

Much of the environmental protectionism which is effectively locking up land use in the United States, especially in the Western states, uses "best available science" as reasoning behind the "protection" of plants, fish and animals over man. Following is a list of websites which offer arguments to 'junk science', the use of 'modeling', and others:

Junk Science.com - Moderated by Steve J. Malloy, who holds a B.A. in Natural Sciences from the Johns Hopkins University, a Master of Health Sciences in Biostatistics from the Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health, a Juris Doctorate from the University of Baltimore, and a Master of Laws from the Georgetown University Law Center. He is also an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute, and a columnist for FoxNews.com. Milloy's work on the Junk Science Home Page has garnered numerous awards, including: being named "One of the 50 Best Web Sites of 1998" by Popular Science; and designation as a "Hot Pick" by Science. The site has also been recommended by the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Times of London, Financial Times, Forbes and MSNBC.

The Misuse of the Private Junk Science - from the "Save our Dams" website. "The Model used for the PATH (Plan for Testing Hypotheses) program is the FLUSH (Fish Leaving Under Several Hypotheses) model which is the backbone used in the dam breaching recommendation. The FLUSH model is used by the Bonneville Power Administration, National Marine Fisheries Service and Tribes. The FLUSH model has become the BLACK BOX in this issue, as no one other than those involved in the PATH program have been able to have access to it. We have been told by individuals within the PATH process that the FLUSH model has major errors and flaws in it and should not be the basis used to plan for the next 48 years. A lot of the principles used in this process were also used in the spotted owl recommendations. The results of that modeling process indicated that the spotted owls needed old growth timber to live in and they predicted that the spotted owl would be extinct by now. We know today that spotted owls are doing fine and increasing in numbers, we also know they do not need old growth timber to live in. "

Still Waiting for Greenhouse - from Australia - "The last four years has seen the greenhouse industry in a state of frenzy exploiting one climate event after another (all the `warm' ones that is, the cooling ones like the recent northern freezes being hushed). We have had droughts, floods, bushfires in various parts of the world, and people would be forgiven for thinking that perhaps the `smoking gun' of global warming really had arrived. In each case the industry has seized upon each event either explicitly or implicitly as being caused by human agency, and using selective statistics to show each event was somehow unusual or unprecedented. And in all cases, the snake oil cure has been at hand - the Kyoto Protocol, that piece of paper which conned the European and Canadian governments, but not the U.S. or Australian.

- So why has the climate been so active in the last four years? We can put it down to Nature, not man."

Modeling Uncertainty: Quicksand for Water Temperature Modeling -(pdf file)by John M. Bartholow, US Geological Survey
Fort Collins Science Center

Bills proposed to amend Endangered Species Act "Proposals to modify the Endangered Species Act: Several bills that stem from the Klamath basin crisis have been introduced in Congress. Environmentalists believe that these will all significantly weaken the Endangered Species Act." from Department of Geography, University of Oregon, Eugene OR, 97403-1251

Global Warming: The Perversion of Science Commentary by Alan Caruba for eco-logic

Global Warming Petition - Research Review of Global Warming Evidence

Troubling Lack of Science Behind Global Warming Claims - eco-logic

There IS a problem with global warming... it stopped in 1998 - posted 5/2006

Critique of Draft Bull Trout Recovery Plan By Kenneth R. Williams, Fish Consultant

Use of 'Modeling'

Yreka, CA: Computer model for future restoration efforts subject of Conservation District meeting - Siskiyou Daily News

Modeling Uncertainty: Quicksand for Water Temperature Modeling -(pdf file)by John M. Bartholow, US Geological Survey
Fort Collins Science Center

DDT and Malaria - from access to energy.com

A Doctor and documentarian against the DDT ban -By Dr. D. Rutledge Taylor for eco-logic/Powerhouse (6/1/06)

Population Implosion - from access to energy.com

Middle Ages were warmer than today, say scientists -UK Telegraph

Throw Precaution to the Wind—Please! Although the science may not be in just yet, many environmentalists say the consequences may be so dire that we need to adopt tough new regulations "just in case." -CSE

How many times, in the context of the restructuring of our society, have we heard, "The research shows…"? The automatic response of the lay person to the term "research" is, "Wow; this individual must really know what he/she is talking about. After all, he/she is quoting the research." Few stop to ask for the research or if the research meets the usual standards of scientific proof and discovery. They take it at face value that this individual "must be an expert because he/she quotes the research."

People need to ask what the research is, who did it, is it replicable, instead of just taking it for granted that the research is credible because someone unknown to them says it is and supposedly quotes from it.

What is research if it is credible? The links on this page discuss research — what it is and what it is not. Too much of the research undergirding present reforms is nothing more than a gaggle of groupies of like mind quoting each others work, giving each other credibility, yet the work of each mixing just enough truth in amongst the assumptions, assertions and contentions that their work appears credible. Repeated often enough, and built upon, the truth becomes lost in the volume of reproduced "research".


What is "Validated" Research?

The Difference Between Qualitative and Quantitative Research (Dr George K. Cunningham)

The Influence of "Junk Science" and the Role of Science Education (Lee Ann Fisher Baron, Savona Professor of Natural Sciences, Hillsdale College)

The Spotted Owl Scam - American Loggers Solidarity

Owl data knowingly faulty - WA Times

Science, politics uneasy partners - "Sound science", "Best Available Science" subject to interpretation, politics - The Oregonian

Junking Junk Science -Tech Central Station

New Harvard Study Heats up 'Global Warming' Debate - CNS News (4/8/03)

'Alarmist' Global Warming Claims Unfounded Says Climatolgist - CNS News (7/16/03)

Fast Facts on the Environment - National Center for Public Policy Research (7/29/03)

Sorry, No Global Warming Catastrophe Looming - LMNS (7/31/03)

Nation's Leading Global Warming Experts Unveil New Findings on Climate Change - Groundbreaking new research shows political influence at EPA - The Independent Institute (7/31/03)

Federal Court restores sound science to salmon issues - 9/14/01

Facts and FICTION about the "impending death of the planet -Jean O'sullivan - a commentary by a reader (9/25/03)

Research debunks greenhouse theory...Proof exists (that greenhouse does not), but believers would rather denounce than debate - 11/21/03

UN Global Warming Panel Preparing to Scare Again - 12/03

Early farmers warmed Earth's climate - Special Report from New Scientist - 12/11/03

Science behind the times? Commentary b y Patrick J. Michaels for Washington Times - 12/23/03

Forget Global Warming, Prepare for an Ice Age - LMNS - 12/9/05

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