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June 2004


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June 30, 2004

The Wizardry Behind Fishery Management by Sid Preskitt

Business In The Beltway - The Pork Report 2004

Turtle Bill ooozes U.N. Agenda By Cheryl Chumley for News with Views

Resources Committee to hold ESA Hearing on The Klamath Project

Wells running dry - Snohomish County temporarily shuts down a gravel pit near Gold Bar that residents say is ruining their water supply - HeraldNet

June 27, 2004

McKenna Endeavors to Change the Direction of Washington State by Lois Krafsky Perry

June 26, 2004

Final countdown begins for Wash. initiative campaigns - King 5 News

McLean, VA:Why “Smart Growth” Doesn’t Dissolve Region’s Traffic Jams -NVTA

Follow the Elections: Project Vote Smart

June 23, 2004

Supreme Court rules you can be arrested for withholding your name -The Columbian

Pres. Reagan's Son Preserves Father's Pro-Life Legacy, Says Focus on the Family; Michael Reagan Decries 'Junk Science' of Embryonic Stem-Cell Research - US Newswire

Critical Habitat Proposed for Washington's Coastal-Puget Sound Population of Bull Trout Proposal will publish in the June 25 edition of the Federal Register - US Fish & Wildlife News Release

City Council debates charter changes -Tacoma News Tribune

June 22, 2004

Global warming sceptic says Kyoto money a waste - Reuters

Guest columnist: Conversion to athletic fields gives farmers time to regroup -Seattle Times

Idaho Democrats, like State Republicans, unite against Patriot Act - State platform calls for repeal of contested sections in anti-terrorism legislation - Spokesman-Review

June 21, 2004

Businesses lobby for full funding for Columbia River dredging - Seattle P-I

Crews battle brush fires in W. Washington - King 5 News

Paul Allen's SpaceShipOne makes history -King 5 News

Mudflow risk grows with valley population -Tacoma News Tribune

Opinion: Gain bipartisan support for Wild Sky by fixing its flaws - Everett Daily Herald

Proposed bill would reward whistle-blowers in tax cases - Seattle P-I

Western states face debilitating drought - Air tankers reconsidered for fire duty -The Columbian

June 20, 2004

Tough, new ferry security rules to take effect - King 5 News

Recent Congressional Votes - Washington State Representatives and Senators

Living in danger's path - In the valley beneath Mount Rainier - Tacoma News Tribune

It's grand ol' Grange - Members of grass-roots society, more than a century old, gather for convention at WSU - Spokesman-Review

June 18, 2004

Schiavo case to highest state court - Florida Supremes bypassing 2nd District to decide fate of 'Terri's Law' - Sarah Foster, for WND

June 17, 2004

Norwood can seize properties - Judge OKs eminent domain but criticizes city's method -Cincinnati Enquirer

Stevens County refines land-protection ordinance Tentative draft wins cautious praise from all sides; public meeting Tuesday - Spokesman-Review

Separate school and state, suggests writer - TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.

Endangered Species Act: Salamander endangers education, threatens property rights - Freedom 21 Santa Cruz

The Mouse That Never Was - Research: Endangered mouse never existed - LMNS

June 16, 2004

A Hoax to Raise Our Consciousness by Art Carden for Ludwig Van Mises Institute

Initiative would seek malpractice-suit caps - Seattle Times

Abundance Ecology: Private Property and Ecological Health -by Michael Shaw for Freedom 21 Santa Cruz

Supreme Court rejects anti-access group's suit against BLM - Unanimous decision upholds ruling in Utah District Court made by BRC

Ronald Reagan - Through the lens - Santa Barbara News Press

Clallam County: Commissioners draft management plan for River's End - PNN

June 15, 2004

17 Little League fields endangered - The diamonds were built on farmland, and the county says they'll have to go unless the law can be changed to allow them - HeraldNet

Little League asks for community help in saving playing fields - Letter to the Editor

Court Allows 'Under God' on Technicality -AP/Yahoo News

Washington Farm Bureau Newswatch

Dam spill plan pits salmon against power -The Olympian

June 14, 2004

Groups says federal funding need to repair damaged trails -Spokesman-Review

Major revisions to 14-year-old wetland rules sought -Seattle Times

Eyman initiatives: Will he meet deadline? Some doubt signature strength for tax cut push - Spokesman-Review

Yakima farms get priority for water -Seattle Times

Salmon-barging experiment is promising -Spokesman-Review

June 13, 2004

Text of Michael Reagan's Remarks at Ronald Reagan's funeral - Newsday/AP

County judge rules bear-baiting initiative unconstitutional -King 5 News

Property owners discuss Critical Areas Ordinance - Snoqualmie Valley Record

TV special targets judicial activism - Roy Moore, Pat Buchanan, David Limbaugh, David Barton featured - WorldnetDaily

Environmental radicals shift target to streets -Seattle Times

Reprieve for barbecue, Christmas tree bans -King 5 News

State rainfall rises in May, easing drought concerns- King 5 News

Give educational responsibility back to parents-TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.


June 12, 2004

Look at buying Eastside rail corridor, region told - Seattle P-I

Water Users Being Left High and Dry - Yakima Herald-Republic

State Sen. Sheldon will run for county commission - The Olympian

Everett turns down help with monument fight - Everett Herald

FBI sends bulletin on environmental group -The Olympian

Court clears way for new primary - State's voters will pick candidates from one party -The Olympian

Judge halts ‘no surprises' rule; agencies must get more input Endangered Species Act ruling attacked by builders - Spokesman-Review

More than 200 new Wash. state laws take effect Thursday - King 5 News

Green housing crosses income levels - King 5 News

June 11, 2004

High court clears way for partisan primary ballots - Seattle P-I

FBI issues eco-terror warning for Northwest cities - King 5 News

Mourning the loss: Tens of thousands view Reagan casket - King 5 News

Global Rapid Deployment Force gets G8 backing by Joan Veon for News with Views

Veon Interview with high level treasury official Group of Eight by Joan Veon for News with Views

Jefferson County, WA: Project pits jobs, ecology -Bremerton Sun

Extremes miss boat on salmon recovery -Editorial from Tri-Cities Herald

June 10, 2004

Ronald Reagan
1911 - 2004

Experts ponder latest menace to the spotted owl - LMNS

Enviromentalists announce new plan to 'save the earth': Earth Legacy Campaign -LMNS

June 9, 2004

Swede and Sour - A Lesson for America - Tech Central Station

Greenpeace opens first U.S. forest rescue station in Oregon to monitor 'crimes' against the forest - The Olympian

Guest opinion from BLM: Firefighters can do jobs without large air tankers -Billings Gazette

Washington Farm Bureau Newswatch

June 7, 2004

'Thank you for changing the world', President Reagan - King 5 News

Memorable Ronald Reagan Quotes

June 5, 2004

Report: More money needed for weather-ravaged trails - King 5 News

Critical Areas Code: Proposed county ordinance already drawing disdain - Snoqualmie Record Online

Port Angeles To Be Home To State's First DUI Court - KOMO 4 News

Washington Farm Bureau Newswatch

Apartment, condo deck barbecues to be banned in Washington -King 5 News

Child-protection programs stir controversy - Parents complain state agency oversteps law, acts like Gestapo - Austin American-Statesman

June 4, 2004

Water Woes as District Goes to Court Over Water Rights - Yakima Herald-Republic

Economy is starting to mend; no, really - Seattle P-I

Park looks at saving historic backcountry building - PNN

Meteor lights up Northwest skies - Heraldnet

Life and Death Tug-of-War: Schindler family reunited with Terri - Parents, siblings see brain-disabled woman after 2-month separation by Sarah Foster for WND

Steelhead listed as “threatened” in new proposal - Most ESA listings for regional fish, including spring Chinook, left alone - Methow Valley News

Grassley, Baucus Continue Review of The Nature Conservancy - News Release, U.S. Senate

Fishy Business Authors to Speak at Rural Development Meeting

June 3, 2004

Rossi raises GOP hopes of taking governor's seat - Republican's style seen as unifying for often splintered party - Seattle P-I

Hollywood's religion -- fundamental environmentalism - S. F. Chronicle

Bush policy equates hatchery, wild salmon - King 5 News

The battle between good and evil TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.

June 2, 2004

Federal Judge Says Women's Right to Abortion Trumps Unborns' Pain Ban on Partial-Birth Abortion Ruled Unconstitutional - Agape Press

Education: Files describe 'irregularities' by WASL givers -Tacoma News Tribune

Environmentalists file suit over Northwest Forest Plan changes - Seattle P-I

Marriage is way bigger than social conservatives commentary by Anne Paulk for The Oregonian

Nethercutt has own plan for Wild Sky - Spokesman-Review

June 1, 2004

New land acquisitions leave State Parks areas closed, unmanaged - Santa Cruz Sentinal

It just won't die: CARA (Get Out Act) will kill rural America -Chuck Cushman for eco-logic Powerhouse

Riders shaken when fire breaks out on Seattle Monorail - King 5 News

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