USA Today's Voter Map by County 

The Rio Grande Corridor Final Plan - US Dept. of Interior

Northwest Forest Plan - Ecosystem Analysis - Bureau of Land Management

Historical analysis of the electoral college -  GreenPaper

Beware of Regional Planning

Global Warming: A Political, Economic & Scientific Backgrounder

Selected Works on Tyranny

Origins and Meaning of the 'real' Earth Day

White Rose: A Lesson in Dissent - Freedom Daily

The Great Salmon Hoax - by James Buchal

The real facts about Habitat Conservation Plans -
by Congresswoman Helen Chenoweth-Hage

Nature, Not Man, is Responsible for West Coast Salmon Decline

State agency trails leads to United Nations, and back again 
to U. S. Federal Agencies - follow the links!

About Concensus and Facilitation - by Lynn Stuter
  (Learn how you are being manipulated!)

The Consensus Process: Developing an appropriate response

Sustainable Communities Under Construction Everywhere

What's going on with "Sustainable Communities" - Gov'ts perspective

Critical Areas Code of Clallam County

Critical Areas Code Buffer Summary (Draft)

Clallam County Home Charter


Research by Topic - North Western Research Institute


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