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April /May 2004


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April 30, 2004

Pombo hearings start on environmental law -Contra Costa Times

The ESA at 30: A Mandate for Modernization by Richard Pombo for Alliance for America

Bush switch on salmon protection stirs outcry - Proposal includes hatchery fish in count for listing - Salmon stocks may be taken off endangered species list -Seattle P-I

April 28, 2004

Change policies from watersheds to oceans, says commission -Capital Press

Resolution Combats Use Of International Laws in U.S. Court Decisions - Talon News

Sustainable Development, The Constitution, and What You Can Do - from Advance Bulletin, Santa Cruz Freedom 21

Sustainable Florida by Erica Carle for News with Views

April 27, 2004

Wasting Billions on the Green Agenda by Alan Caruba for Capitalism Magazine

A bold cougar prompts closure - Big cat showed no fear when confronted by mule riders at Caspers park Orange County Register

Metropolitan Pima Alliance Breakfast to Discuss Proposed City of Tucson Impact Fees

Fall flood damage hampers forest access - The Forest Service says it will be 2005 before it has money to start fixing numerous washed-out trails, roads and bridges near Darrington - The Daily Herald

Bush seeks permanent ban on Internet taxes - King County Journal

April 26, 2004

Stopping Time for Future Generations by Henry Lamb for News with Views

April 25, 2004

UN Plan for Internet control inches forward by Cheryl K. Chumley for News with Views

Government Is Not Reporting Billions Spent on Endangered Species Act, Study Shows: PLF Calls for True Accounting of Economic, Human, and Social Costs of ESA - Pacific Legal Foundation

April 24, 2004

Grange sues to block Locke's veto - Organization attacks primary on multiple grounds -The Olympian

Builders plan initiative on workers' compensation - Seattle P-I

April 23, 2004

County's planned restrictions anger rural property owners -Seattle Times

Evidence points to eco-terrorists in Snohomish County arsons -King 5 News

Performance Audits: Blueprint for Government Accountability -EFF

Preserving the American Dream Conference a 'great success' says O'Toole

April 20, 2004

Sustainability group reacts with surprise to full-page ad - In the ad, a writer from Southern Oregon says environmentalists operate with a "covert plan" -The Oregonian

Eye on Watsonville, CA - City’s future takes shape through residents’ visions - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Portland-style 'smart-growth' policy called just plain dumb -Seattle Times

April 19, 2004

Redefining Sovereignty by Henry Lamb for News with Views

Where or where do my tax dollars go? TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.

An America without Farmers?

April 15, 2004

Bush Wants National Heritage Area Law -LMNS

Interior Department Seeks Legislation for Establishing a National Heritage Area Program - News Release

It's land use control...National Heritage Areas: The war over words - By Cheryl K. Chumley for eco-logic

Eyman bashers tacitly concede his ideas are popular -News Tribune

US Fish & Wildlife proposes Columbia, Klamath river basins as 'critical habitat' for bull trout - Wants to designate 532,721 acres of lake and reservoirs, 18,471 miles of streams for protection at close of $230 million - LMNS

Land trust gets into the home building business in Whatcom County - Bellingham Herald

How they vote at the U.N. -Ecologic

April 14, 2004

Judge kills Washington state's blanket primary - Longview Daily News

Idaho Judge Drains Irrigators' Ditches -LMNS

$37 Million to Protect Scrub Jay in Florida county - LMNS

The German Crack in Kyoto's Wall - Chancellor says Europe should not rush into enforcing Kyoto treaty if Russia fails to sign - Tech Central Station

President of UW gets $590,000 pay package -Seattle Times

April 13, 2004

BLM officer detains family 5 hours for picking up rocks - Sierra Times

A fading generation: Number of loggers in Northwest has plunged -Seattle Times

Plywood hits the roof with record-high prices - Low supply meets increased demand from home building -The Olympian

Resort plans at Rayonier site scrapped - Peninsula News Network

Peninsula: Voting just got costlier - PDN

State population growth levels off -Bremerton Sun

Locke Cites Lack of Water-Law Reform as Legislative Setback - Yakima-Herald

April 12, 2004

Perspective: Disabilities, infirmities, ONF - Opinion By Bob Mollerus for PT Leader

U.S. backs U.N. plan to control land by Henry Lamb for News with Views

'No Child Left Behind' and UNESCO -by Tom DeWeese for News with Views

Dozens share views on wolf reintroduction program -KOBTV

April 10, 2004

Corps of Engineers expands wetland protection - Deal covers ditches in 9 Western states -LA Times

Northwest Forest Plan still stirs debate 10 years later - King 5 News

April 8, 2004

World Has Enough Water for All, Experts Say—But Only if People Pay from National Geographic

CARA now called "Get Outdoors Act" - More acquisition of private land proposed so people can 'lose weight on government land' - LMNS

Fish vs. power on the Columbia -Editorial, Seattle Times

American Dream conference set - Speakers to cover impact of 'smart growth' on low-income people, more

Retired minister sues to get off federal `no-fly list' - King County Journal

Air Force sergeant joins suit over 'no-fly' list -Bremerton Sun

Weak accusations against Justice Sanders -News Tribune

April 7, 2004

GOP fails again to curb malpractice suits - Seattle P-I

Ridge met by tough crowd - Audience at homeland security meeting questions Bush administration policies - Seattle P-I

April 6, 2004

Judicial Ethics and Washington State Supreme Court Justice Richard B. Sanders - Former Justice, ethics professor and attorneys say Sanders did nothing wrong - News Release

Quilcene: County commissioners irked over state snub of proposed water system - PDN, plus commentary by Ken Shock

Washington state lists Puget Sound orcas as endangered - King 5 News

TV linked to kids' attention problems - King 5 News

Bank of America to Cut 12,500 Jobs -Reuters

Some Doctors Turn to Cash-Only Policies - AP News

Sewage suits rile East Side towns - Spokesman-Review

U.S. Justices debate their role in land-use issue - SLC Tribune

April 5, 2004

US State Dept. supports socialist "enterprise" by Henry Lamb for News with Views

Fire 101: The 'national' fire plan - Commentary by Sharon Shumate

Citizens concerned about city's theft of private homes by Becky Blanton for Sierra Times

April 3, 2004

WATERSHEDS commentary by Ray Simmons for The Mustard Seed

Mayors of 65 western Washington communities support proposed 106,000 acre wilderness - WSFB

'Reinventing Government' - letter to the editor from Sharon Shumate

Wolf politics make NWC skittish; Intern program at college suspended over safety issues -Billings Gazette

April 2, 2004

Locke vetoes 'Top 2' primary in Washington state -King 5 News

OLYMPIA: Sanders seeks second term on state Supreme Court -News Tribune / Seattle P-I

Professor Predicts 'Hispanic Homeland' - AP

What is the Smoking Ban in the State of Washington Really IS About? Letter to the editor from Kent, WA

State study sets goals to clean up Dungeness Bay - WSDOE

Instream flow debate continues over Dungeness, Elwha Rivers

Pathways to Sustainability: A Comprehensive Strategic Planning Model for Achieving Environmental Sustainability - from WA State Dept. of Ecology website

April 1, 2004

Smart Growth is here - God help us by Joyce Morrison, for eco-logic

Coming to your town: Comprehensive planning - by Don Casey for eco-logic

Gold miners called to rescue precious salmon -Columbian

Presidential Politics Overshadows Rise Of State-Level Stars - Dino Rossi of Washington State and Barack Obama of Illinois examples of politicians 'breaking the mold'-Wall Street Journal


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