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May 2004


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May 30, 2004

GOP leaders stress unity, turnout at WA state convention -News Tribune

Washington State Republicans pass 2004 Platform

Supporters say National Parks are in trouble - King 5 News

May 29, 2004

New ordinance requiring porous trails affects Burke-Gilman plans -Seattle Times

May 27, 2004

Land purchase approved for heritage park in Kitsap County - Seattle P-I

May 26, 2004

Agriculture Seeks Out From Stormwater Bill - Yakima Herald-Republic

Home invaders beware, may soon be safe to defend castles-Illinois Leader

Insurance tops small-biz concern - American City Business Journals

Dredging up federal support to deepen our river channel -The Daily News, Longview, WA

Larsen prods House leader on Wild Sky Wilderness area - Everett Daily Herald

Wildfire Forecast for the West Goes From Bad to Worse - AP

Complaints dismissed on Bothell growth guidelines -Seattle Times

May 25, 2004

Washington Farm Bureau Newswatch

Florida: DEP's exchange offer with Hardy may be problematic - When an 'unwilling seller' becomes a 'holdout' and may be forced to sell - Naples Daily News

Gov. Gary Locke Endorses Wild Sky Wilderness Area Proposal

May 20, 2004

Appeals, counter-comments filed on Dosewallips Road decision - PT Leader

Washington Governor Signs Costly Global Warming Bill - ENN

May 19, 2004

Russia's top scientists tell Putin to kill Kyoto - Reuters

The 65-10 rule: a bad way to preserve rural land -Seattle Times

Church welcomes tent city, Bothell officials do not -Seattle Times

One thing's a lock for primary: Ballots will make it interesting -News Tribune

10 Commandments lapel pin gets man fired - Birmingham News

May 17, 2004

Who has a right to your property? by Henry Lamb for News with Views

U.S. Sea Treaty supporters feel the heat by Cheryl Chumley for News with Views

Final battle in the war for the West? Result of property fight could spell end to ranching on federal land - by Henry Lamb for eco-logic powerhouse

Low academic expectations at far too many schools -Seattle Times - Guest Opinion

Form response letters from Congress... TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.

May 16, 2004

Florida Eminent Domain Law Defeated Pass - LMNS

May 15, 2004

Westerners Fight Proposed Federal Takeover of Sage Grouse Conservation Efforts - Task Force Draws the Line -LMNS

Judge, Jury, ... Editor? - Yakima Herald-Republic

Wasting Billions on the Green Agenda - LMNS

May 14, 2004

Supreme Court rules against Pierce County fluoride order - King 5 News

USS Isle Royal reunion scheduled

Wash. State High Court Bars Private Companies From Using Prison Labor - AP

Update on Law of the Sea Treaty in the Senate - The Liberty Committee

EFF hires former legislator to run Health Care Reform Project

May 13, 2004

'Wild salmon' different than 'hatchery salmon'? No genetic difference - Letter to the editor from Gary L. Wiggins

The argument over hatchery fish and 'wild' salmon continues despite scientific evidence - 8 species could be delisted from the ESA by June - Washington Farm Bureau

Sand Dune Buggy group to hold protest rally for amendment of the Endangered Species Act

The problem with the 17th by Bruce Bartlett for Townhall

Outsourcing: Is Your Job Moving Overseas? Banking Industry, Software, Engineering Jobs At Risk - The San Diego Channel

BlueRibbon Coalition's open letter to request denial for fed's ESA listing of butterfly

May 12, 2004

Summer gas supply looks tight -News Tribune

Security shakeup at Sea-Tac - Seattle P-I

People vs. Fish - We Choose People -Yakima Herald Editorial

Logging Truckers Gather At Tacoma Dome To Protest Fuel Prices - KOMO News

Sustainable Developers invade Santa Cruz County - Advance Bulletin

The Santa Cruz Housing Element: False Promises?-by Susanna Lynton Jennings for Advance Bulletin

Community Plans = Sustainable Scams - Commentary by Joanne Nathan from Freedom 21 Santa Cruz

May 11, 2004

'New Urbanism' - Close to bus stop, far from happy - Denver Post

Skagit lake purchased for preservation - Seattle P-I

Initiatives may jam fall ballot - Signature hunt is on around the state for dozens of proposed laws -The Olympian

Nature vs. industry - Opponents of a proposed gravel mine contend that the development would damage the nearby ecosystem - The Olympian

May 10, 2004

Building Resistence to Government Control - by Henry Lamb for News with Views

“The Only Losers Appear to be the Environmental Litigation Industry” Omak/Okanogan County Chronicle

The Badlands Get Bigger - BLM Purchases Additional Land Within El Malpais National Conservation Area

Open letter to Olympic Peninsula Audubon Society about Dosewallips Road Repair - from Ken Shock

Watch out for 'global dimming' - World may be darkening as clouds, air pollution dim the sun's rays, says climate researcher - Monterey Herald

May 6, 2004

Federal Agency Using Fire Code to Attempt Land Grab by Nick Vrolyk

Capitol Campus rally aims to harness power of prayer - Hundreds gather as part of national effort to influence leaders, groups - The Olympian

Colorado Town Rejects No-Growth - LMNS

Ted Turner Gets Free Pass -Sacrifices 'green' goals for 'greenbacks'-LMNS

Agency to Reduce Toad Habitat -LMNS

Court of Appeals refuses to issue a decision on pest-control use - WA Farm Bureau

Seattle: Homeless to pitch tents for first time on Eastside -The Seattle Times

States have no business selling booze -
Oregon has embarked on an experiment to let large supermarkets in five cities sell hard liquor. If it goes well, Washington should consider a similar plan - Editorial by Walla Walla Union

Florida: Land seized for private use possible - Legislation would help developers - News-Press

May 5, 2004

Salmon Recovery is Fishy Business, says biologist

Irrigators lose, Supreme Court refuses to hear appeal that Forest Service was illegally interfering with state-granted water rights - WA Farm Burea/Seattle P-I

Citizens group targets Gregoire - Gubernatorial candidate accused of `ongoing and systematic misconduct'-King County Journal

UN Crime Fighting Treaty spells disaster for America by Cheryl Crumley for News with Views

Ecology gets skeptical review about redistribution of water rights, creation of regional water bank - 'How much water do fish require' question left unanswered - WA Farm Bureau

Klamath farmers in trouble - Wells begin to falter after agency shuts off water from river - WA Farm Bureau

May 4, 2004

GMA: 35/65 rule a Draconian measure -Commentary in the Seattle Times

Reform ESA - Costs are too high! TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.

Report pegs cost of species protection in billions - Washington Times

Reflections on Earth Day 2004 By Gretchen and Tom Randall for eco-logic powerhouse

Sustainable communities in Alabama by Don Casey for eco-logic

May 3, 2004

Global taxation rear its ugly head by Joan Veon for News with Views

Rising gas prices hit drivers, farmers hard - During the peak growing season, Valley farmers are spending $80 to $100 more a week to run equipment - Walla Walla Union Bulletin

Wisconsin: Ino logger has close encounter with wolves -The County Journal

It's about land: The rest of the picture and The Nature Conservancy by Jim Beers, for eco-logic powerhouse

May 2, 2004

The WASL -- What's All the Fuss? Yakima Herald-Republic

Sierra Club exec laments loss of federal land - Claima Teddy Roosevelt's 'legacy of a common national destiny' will be lost - The Columbian

Subtle assassin: perfect description of fly ash by Julie Kay Smithson

Cost of compliance - a 6th generation farmer speaks out about price of freedom-by Trent Loos for eco-logic powerhouse

May 1, 2004

Council pushes energy saving - previous measures like weatherization barely measure, says council - Tri-City Herald

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