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July 2004


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July 31, 2004

Hanford plant undergoes emergency shutdown -News Tribune

Hundreds evacuated in Eastern Washington wildfires - King 5 News

July 30, 2004

ESA Challenged in Congress and Supreme Court -LMNS

Property rights advocates work to restore Oregon's Property Rights - LMNS

Florida Aqua-farmers Face Extinction -LMNS

Judge rules against dam spill reduction - Report shows that move would endanger Snake River chinook - Spokesman-Review

Court ruling favors fish over more electricity from river dams - Seattle Times

Bloggers: The new media or a fad? - Seattle P-I

Port Angeles, WA: Fluoride hearing concludes on contentious note - PDN

July 29, 2004

Capitola Council Downsizes New Homes Unhappy with Growing Number of Bigger Homes, Council Adopts New Zoning Ordinances - The Mid-County Post

Scenic byways are a global occurrence - Brainerd Dispatch

Fluoride opponents make their case to Port Angeles City Council - PDN

July 28, 2004

State restricts water from Little Spokane - 136 properties with ‘junior' water rights lose supply - Spokesman-Review

Senior Leaders Highlight Day One at Dem Convention - Talon News

MORRISON: Kerry's dance partners should concern property owners - Opinion by Joyce Morrison for The Illinois Leader

11,400-Acre Klamath Valley Ranch 'Protected' -Environmental News Network

Opinion: Universal mental health screening would be a waste of resources - Illinois Leader


July 27, 2004

Judge faces a fight for job - A challenger will try to unseat a Snohomish County jurist whom lawyers often avoid - The Daily Herald

Boise Cascade selling timber and paper assets -Bloomberg News/Seattle Times

July 26, 2004

Government agency spends tax dollars on 'artist in residence'? We should pay attention to New Zealand! TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.

Farr co-authors sweeping ocean bill - Santa Cruz Sentinal

Partners and Agendas - by Jim Beers for Alliance for America

Conservationists work to salvage forgotten prairies - Burning invasive plants, reseeding all part of effort - The Columbian

Slow-down offense: Can Gregoire hang on to win governor's mansion? - AP

Minimum wage hike waits in the wings - Puget Sound Business Journal

Texas Speaker Preaches Politics From the Pulpit - Yakima-Herald

State DOT fined $171,000 for destroying wetlands - Tax dollars move from one agency to another - King County Business Journal

Up from the ooze, into the mud -- a brief history of American political evolution -WA Post

July 25, 2004

Letter to the Editor: Educate yourselves about presidential candidates

Kerry Trails Bush in Electoral Votes - AP

July 22, 2004

Lawmaker says Wild Sky too big - Wild Sky bill hits House roadblock- The Daily Herald / Seattle Times

Regional EPA director quits - He takes legal job in private sector -Spokesman-Review

Bill to Protect Rare Cats Worldwide - U.S. taxpayers to fund international endangered cats, dogs as listed by United Nations & Endangered Species Act - LMNS

Does Anyone Have a Flyswatter? - California city trying to provide land for 'flyways' for the benefit of endangered flies - LMNS / Press-Enterprise

July 22, 2004

Environmentalists File Record Number of Lawsuits - LMNS

S. 2543 - National Heritage Partnership Act - Heads to Full Senate - Property rights advocates argue against the bill - LMNS

July 21, 2004

One family’s history of the Hoh River Valley and changes from yesterday to today from Marilyn Lewis, Hoh River Valley

Land-use wars brewing in rural King County - King 5 News

Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights - speaking out against the Critical Areas Code in King County

Letter to the Editor: Why stem-cell research?

Archbishop warns Catholic politicians on abortion - Supporters' view at odds with faith, Brunett says - Seattle P-I

The truth about global warming - it's the Sun that's to blame - UK Telegraph News

July 20, 2004

WA: Wild Sky bill has Sax worried - The Republican county councilman will testify this week before Congress - The Herald

Wild Sky Wilderness Proposal -Letter to the Editor from Sharon Shumate

WA: Stevens County planners get time for study - Commissioners again impose six-month development moratorium - Spokesman-Review

WA: Pierce County revamps habitat rules - Over 600 pages of proposed ordinances up for review - The News Tribune

Recent Congressional Votes - July 2004

Internet Explorer besieged by hackers and critics - Seattle Times - RELATED STORY: Is another MSBlast attack on its way?-ZDNet

Pastors working to register voters -King 5 News

Hood Canal Bridge work will sever crucial traffic link - Bremerton Sun

Judge denies Republican lawmakers intervenor status in marriage definition lawsuit - Longview Daily News

Deadly Fairfax Fire Shows Growing Peril - Fire experts say houses built too close together highlight danger - WA Post

July 19, 2004

How treaties trump the Constitution by Henry Lamb for News with Views

National Governors Conference Begins - KOMO News

Pumas versus humans - Reintroducing dangerous animals where they no longer exist -TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.

Oroville council OKs miners' rally - Omak Chronicle

Car tab refunds postponed - News Tribune

Attorney general strains to withhold public information - Opinion, The News Tribune

July 16, 2004

Sump endorses Kretz for State Representative - Long time legislator notes Kretz as the best choice for the Seventh District

Rossi: Business climate 'terrible' - The Columbian

Surrender to Wildfire

New Texas Wildlife Refuge in the Planning Stages - ENS

State rejects Premera Blue Cross' for-profit plan- Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler issued ruling - Seattle Times

Premera case highlights lack of competition in region. Options limited for health care - Opinion by Spokesman-Review

Stormwater, Sequim UGA top list of planning recommendations - Sequim Gazette

Firefighters will let some blazes burn this summer - Reno Gazette-Journal - along with reader comments, letters to the editor and related stories

State study revives idea of new Western Washington highway - Seattle Times

July 15, 2004

Mount Rainier Park can add 800 acres, Senate panel says - News Tribune

It takes a tree-hugger to raze a forest - Editorial, Seattle Times

Separating Church and State by Fred Gielow f or eco-logic Powerhouse

Where will we get our food? by Joyce Morrison for eco-logic Powerhouse

Nethercutt opposes constitutional change to ban gay marriage - Seattle Times

Verdi, Nev.: Kerry proposes $100 million for Forest Restoration Corps - News Tribune

How to Eat an Elephant: "Think Globally, Act Locally" by Betty Freauf for News with Views

July 14, 2004

FREEDOM 21 National Conference opens in Reno, July 21-24 - News with Views

Voting Machine Critics Rally Across U.S. - Voting Machine Critics Rally Across the Nation, Seeking Paper Trail by November - ABC News

Decision on washed-out Dosewallips rebuild pits environmentalists against local economy -PT Leader

Juy 13, 2004

Marching under a socialist flag - Smart Growth, via the GMA, erodes private property rights in Washington stateby Henry Lamb for News with Views

Buffer debate returns - A proposed critical areas ordinance renews debate over the need for buffers to protect fish and wildlife - Bremerton Sun

ACTION ALERT: S. 2543 - the National Heritage Partnership Act Committee Vote Wednesday - Liberty Matters News Service

Bush plans to relax 'roadless rule' - Governors could get wilderness areas opened to development - San Francisco Chronicle

Plan expands national forest logging - States would have to petition for protection; proposal miffs conservationists - The Olympian

July 12, 2004

Tax deduction limited - A proposed deduction for sales tax on federal income taxes would apply to people who itemize their deductions. Only one-third of Washington residents do so - The Olympian

Double-digit growth in health-care rates expected for 2005 - Early results of a survey of health insurance providers show that rates will increase by double digits again in 2005, though at a lower rate than last year - Puget Sound Business Journal

The truth about Canada's ailing health-care system -Opinion for The Seattle Times

July 9, 2004

Forest Service offering policy of putting up off-road blocks - Concerned about environmental damage, the government plans to restrict where vehicles can leave the beaten forest path -The Oregonian

Hoh valley residents not happy with new neighbor - Owners balk at Western Rivers Conservancy, Hoh River Trust's involvement with river - Forks Forum

DCD director fires county planning manager - Sequim Gazette

Nation's economy on track for best growth in 20 years -News Tribune

Crabbers will vote again on federal buyout plan - Boat owners to decide on same issue, but with corrected figures - Seattle P-I

Urban-rural split divides officials - Growth management debate ongoing - Bremerton Sun

BPA plan for salmon approved -Seattle Times

July 8, 2004

Wheels of justice slow down car-tab refunds to motorists -Seattle Times

Smart Growth Principles Achieved: Walkable Neighborhoods - from EPA's website

Flow is slow, Graham residents say - News Tribune

Judge Punts Pygmy Owl De-listing Decision to Fish & Wildlife Service -NAHB

July 7, 2004

Enviro report sounds alarm on wilderness - The proposed Wild Sky Wilderness is one of a dozen places considered in trouble by the Campaign for America's Wilderness - The Herald

Everett's water tops group's tap survey - Everett Herald

Danger for off-roaders in the Burro Mountains - Eco-terrorists trying to hurt people with off-road areas strewn with nails, wires, says ATVer - Silver City Daily Press

Open letter to King County about Critical Areas Ordinance from Julie K. Smithson

Full ballot of initiatives makes filing deadline - I-884 education measure in; Eyman-sponsored I-864 out -The Olympian

July 6, 2004

Microsoft security = oxymoron -Opinion, News Tribune

County promises more safety monitoring if city cuts off water to PUD, while PUD slams city's latest water contract offer - PNN

Citizens' Group Loses Pass-Through Appeal - Yakima-Herald

Off road, off limits - King County Journal

July 4, 2004

State will pay $325,000 in settlement with attorney -Tribnet

Developers pray Christian video games succeed - Tribnet

Sales tax, primary likely on ballot -News Tribune

Americans to pay millions for UN's standing army by Cheryl Chumley for News with Views

Black Rock Rally Draws a Crowd - Yakima Herald

US lawmakers request UN observers for November 2 presidential election - Yahoo News

July 2, 2004

Critters first - humans considered last? TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.

Everybody Loses - Bill Aims to Increase Feds' Property Taxes - Americans may be required to purchase an $85 pass before accessing any public land - LMNS

Environmentalists Blame Bush for Babbitt Policy - Critical-habitat benefits distorted, group claims - Bush officials accused of trying to limit protected areas -LMNS/Denver Post

July 1, 2004

Ducks top salmon predator, study says - Seattle Times

Private Property May Become Preserved -Fox News

Rossi calls for crackdown on government red tape - Longview Daily News

State visitors can hide their guns - Herald Tribune

'Top two' system likely on fall ballot -News Tribune

The Law of the Sea Treaty - a Done Deal - by Joan Veon, for News with Views

Pull the Plug on the U.N. by Henry Lamb for News with Views


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