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February 2005


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February 27, 2005

Kretz bill would increase fuel access in rural areas - North Cascades Broadcasting News

Get rid of spyware on your computer -King 5 News

February 26, 2005

Opponents of Critical Areas Ordinance stage protest - King News

Property-rights initiative being explored - Seattle P-I

Makah's fish take angers anglers - Governor asks state to look into high chinook catch - Seattle P-I

Legislature look at better defining 'best available science'

Taking a wrecking ball to property rights - Seattle Times

Bill in Montana State Legislature to keep feds in line - News with Views

February 25, 2005


February 23, 2005

Vote-by-mail gains steam - The Olympian

February 22, 2005

Plan proposes splitting Washington in two - Sponsors cite ideological divide for need for new state - The Olympian

February 21, 2005

How to Keep Government Accountable by Henry Lamb, for News with Views

Americans can get out of the WTO in 2006 - News with Views

Attorney General Speaks to local GOP by Lois Krafsky-Perry, Citizen Review Online

Insurance scams leave thousands with unpaid medical bills - King 5 News

February 20, 2005

'Secret Laws' reason for withheld authorization on pat-down searches? TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.

Changing numbers call state's election accuracy to question - Idea of closer scrutiny met with mixed reaction-Seattle Times

Couple fights deportation to South Africa - Gormleys view return as a 'death sentence' -King 5 News

Deadline set for Strongs' departure, family has two weeks to leave country - Sequim Gazette

February 19, 2005

Prosperity in the West Meeting - Strategies by Enviro Group for Southern Utah by Toni Thayer

Judge signs order in election challenge -Trial date uncertain - King 5 News

Land prices skyrocket as NW building accelerates - KATU2

RURAL RAGE - Some king county residents look at secession as the answer - The News Tribune

Lawmakers Must Not Mess Up Workers’ Compensation Programs - AWB Opinion

February 18, 2005

Has Salmon Science Become a Cargo Cult? An Address to the Oregon Chapter of the American Fisheries Society by James Buchal

Another try for Wild Sky bill - Legislation to create the wilderness area in eastern Snohomish County is expected to pass the U.S. Senate, but it then heads to the House, where it has died twice before - The Daily Herald

Group Using Polar Bear to Force Greenhouse Gas Reduction - CNS News

Cattlemen's Beef Association Remains Firm in Opposition to Grazing Permit Buyouts -News Release

February 16, 2005

States Mull Taxing Drivers By Mile - CBS News

Washington Lawmakers Should Preserve Unemployment Insurance Reforms - Editorial from AWB

February 14, 2005

Judge quashes Secretary of State recall attempt - King 5 News

News on the Endangered Species Act, & More - from WA Farm Bureau Newswatch

Promoting Smart Growth - Latest studies and papers - the "stick" and the "carrot"

February 12, 2005

Watershed planning process frustrates landowners - Commissioner, agencies attempt to guide focus session toward concensus on proposed plan by Lois Perry for Citizen Review Online

Sequim requests more water plan data - Council members worried WRIA project lacks details - PDN

Election hearing turns into revote rally - Vancouver residents give a task force ideas on reforming the system, but the loudest request is to hold the governor's race again -The Olympian

Lake Whatcom new homes ban sends builders scrambling - King 5 News

February 11, 2005

Wolf Ruling Threatens Livestock - Wolf rule found in violation -Liberty Matters News Service

Whose land is it? - Rural landowners are livid over King County's Critical Areas Ordinance - King 5 News Report

High court strikes down Pierce County smoking ban -King 5 News

Activists' new cause: restoring their clout - The president's re-election shows environmentalists have lost favor with the public, and groups are divided on how to win it back - The Oregonian

February 10, 2005

State proposes 50-year conservation agreement - The Daily News

Activist promotes protest to overturn rural land rules - King County Journal

Washington Farm Bureau News Update

Washington State Bill Review

House approves electronic ID cards - CNET News

February 8, 2005

Election choice: None of the above - King 5 News

WA State Senate Bill to expand meaning of 'tourism promotion' - Hotel tax would be diverted to funding private land for 'habitat management'

Ruling halts downgraded wolf protections - ESPN News

February 6, 2005

No revote for governor, but case proceeds -King 5 News

`Environmental movement has lost its way' - Scare tactics, disinformation go too far, says former Greenpeace founder - editorial by Dr. Patrick Moore, Special to the Miami Herald

February 5, 2005

Concerned community wants answers about proposed WRIA 18 Plan - Majority still want it remanded for further work by Lois Krafsky-Perry, Citizen Review Online

Legislative Alert issued: Rim of the Valley Land Grab Re-Introduced - ALRA

Questions raised about enviro's push to limit people's activities around the Columbia River - responses to opinion in Seattle Times

No new election, judge says - Republicans still can take governor’s race contest to trial -The News Tribune

UN Convention on the Law of Sea keeps rearing its ugly head - TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.

February 4, 2005

Judge dismisses 39 counties from election lawsuit, but lets case go forward - King 5 News

Security Beefed Up For Both Gregoire And Rossi - Move comes after Gregoire receives death threat and emotions over contested election run high - KOMO News

Gregoire's visit: Help for small business pledged -The Columbian

Makah Tribe defends its larger-than-expected chinook salmon catch; state officials worried - PDN

Court's victory for family business - Good riddance to state estate tax - Seattle Times editorial

February 3, 2005

Leaders meet in North Bend to discuss new county plan - Snoqualmie Valley Record

North Bend introduces sensitive areas law - Snoqualmie Valley Record

1000 Friends of Washington changes it name: Becomes 'Futurewise'

Transcript and Video of Pres. Bush's State of the Union Address - Fox News

House passes restrictive performance audit bill by Jason Mercier, EFF

February 2, 2005

Realtors offer constructive suggestions for changes on WRIA 18 Plan

The mud puddle preservation plan - Opinion by terence Jeffrey for Townhall

House not for sale - Can the government force you to sell your house in the name of new development?- CNN / The Norwood, Ohio Eminent Domain Trial By Scott Bullock, Institute for Justice

February 1, 2005

Commissioners irked by Realtors' information letter about upcoming meetings - Citizen Review Online

Realtors tussle with county commissioners over Dungeness watershed plan - PDN/PNN

Secretary of state recall hearing moves to Superior Court - Judge will hear Reed case Friday - The Olympian

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