February 2003

"Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases:
If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it."
-- Ronald Reagan

Congress has not unlimited powers to provide for the general welfare,
but only those specifically enumerated."
-- Thomas Jefferson



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Jan. 2003

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February 28, 2003

To become law of the land... - Wildlands Project writ large - Henry Lamb, Eco-logic

House advances bill to preserve Snoqualmie forest - King County Journal

What high school students think...Need more federal land, or not? by Floy Lilley, for eco-logic

Invasive Species by Jim Beers

Special Report: Nature's Landlord - The story of the World's Most Powerful Environmental Group - The Nature Conservancy - Range Magazine

The consensus process...But I didn't give my consent by Joyce Morrison, for eco-logic

298 Hunting Camps to be demolished -PRF

Basic Health being abused, some say - Lawmakers: Big businesses sponge off plan -The Olympian

Taking stock of 150 years of Washington Territory -Seattle Times

Court Lets Stand the Ban on 'God' in Pledge - NY Times

February 27, 2003

APC President discusses Sustainable Development with Friends of Freedom 21 Santa Cruz

"Smart Growth" is "Agenda 21" by Henry Lamb, eco-logic

Smart Growth News across the U.S. -Smart Growth Online

UC professor says government underestimates impact of habitat designation -The Oregonian

N.C. - Property owners vow to fight - object to extreme rise in property values, taxes - McDonald News

The Wildlands Project Comes to Hidalgo County (Part 18) A Country Girl’s Musin’ by Judy Keeler

MORRISON Opinion on TNC: But I thought they were the good guys

February 26, 2003

Rep. Jim Buck to hold town meetings on North Olympic Peninsula

GOP plan would cut taxes on housing, skirt urban growth area limits -Bellingham Herald

Two items of good news: Bill introduced to require scientific evidence prior to ESA listings; move to reduce land acquistion for federal government holdings

Everett appeals shore ruling -Charges Hearings Board overstepped its authority in reaching the conclusion that all land within 200 feet of the state's major shorelines is automatically a 'critical area' under the Growth Management Act - Everett Herald

Legislature: Bill would give cities and counties right to seek more taxes -The Olympian

Buck poetically responds to Kessler's 'poet laureate' bill

Bush global-warming plan criticized - but his advisers have said that scientists' ability to create models for forecasting climate change is still not precise enough for the U.S. to agree to international mandates - Seattle P-I

Canada: Interim U.S. tax kills softwood lumber talks -Blames "excessive" demands - US imports approx. 1/3 of its timber from Canada - Bellingham Herald

The threat from within...Killing us gently - Our strength as a nation requires food, and fuel. Our ability to produce these essentials has become less important than protecting a red-legged frog, or a sucker fish - by Henry Lamb, eco-logic

Rural People to Protest Environmental Disaster and Forest Policies- Organizers predict that between 5,000-50,000 people will attend the rally - News release from FAL

Salmon, steelhead still rated at risk by NOAA - Scientists believe rise in numbers is temporary - Seattle P-I

UT: Kane, Garfield County Commissioners Challenge BLM, Grand Canyon Trust Sierra Times

February 25, 2003

The Wildlands Project Comes to Hidalgo County (Part 17) -A Country Girl’s Musin’ by Judy Keeler

Everett appeals ruling against its shoreline plan - Growth hearings board wrong, asserts city - Seattle P-I

U.S. unveils plan for Columbia basin - Local officials in 4 states will select projects - Loggers, ranchers say it will cost jobs - Seattle P-I

County Reduces Ag Land - Economics helped decision to aid farmers who can't make a living from the land - Yakima Herald

State, Ranchers at Odds Over Regulations - Yakima Herald

Kessler introduces bill to create 'state poet laureate' - News Tribune

Bill targets store 'club cards' - Some fear supermarkets may abuse consumer privacy -Spokesman-Review

Congressman Sings the Blues About $800,000 in Omnibus for the Grammy Foundation. Why Does the Grammy Foundation Need Taxpayer Money?

State must lift barriers to business - Opinion, Spokesman-Review

Public employment continues to grow steadily - Increase of nearly 1,800 full-time equivalent employees in 2002 - EFF

Politicians should look in mirror to see why trust is low -News Tribune

Viewpoint: Bill Robs the Public of Its Right to Know -The Olympian

Feruary 24, 2003

HB1194 requires schools to explain why we are "One Nation, Under God" -Hearing date set for Tuesday, March 4, 2003 at 6 p.m. - from Monte Benham

IRS tries to reach illegal workers - Undocumented immigrants often entitled to refunds - LVRJ

General Motors Issues Challenge Grant With The Nature Conservancy To Save Threatened Brazilian Forests - The Auto Channel

Faith-Based Initiative legislation heading through Congress is nothing more than a Land Grab by such as the Nature Conservancy - editorial by Julie Kay Smithson

Klamath tribes, feds talk water-land deal - Capital Press

Compromise rules in wilderness talks-Capital Press

How to give up some freedom today: Let corporate welfare thrive TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.

Engineer reports dairy odor progress - Capital Press

Federal Regulatory Update: Proposed Rule -- Special Uses Requiring Authorization on Forest Service Land may affect access to public lands -f rom ARRA

The Subtle Side of Gradualism by Betty Freauf for

Prairie preservation here slowly takes root -The Seattle Times

February 23, 2003

Governor's panel releases plan for 'sustainability' -K. Baril

Nature Conservancy buys land to protect Indiana's Lost River caves-Indianopolis Star

Has The Nature Conservancy Run Amok? Nate Dickinson, PRF

Move over, Saddam: Overzealous regulators also threaten Freedom - By M. David Stirling, PLF

IRS says homeless man owes $6 million -Seattle P-I

Thousands rally in Silverdale to show support for the troops - Seattle P-I

Senate spa gets pricey facelift: Lawmakers, staff tightlipped about exclusive luxury facility -WND

Wipe that brilliant-white smile off your face, says EU - UK Telegraph

Justice Dept. Drafts Sweeping Expansion of Anti-Terrorism Act
Center Publishes Secret Draft of ‘Patriot II’ Legislation - Center for Public Integrity

February 21, 2003

House OKs Linville business bill - Chamber also clears two other bills friendly to business - Bellingham Herald

Republic sawmill's life extended - Company President Duane Vaagen makes winning bid in federal timber auction -Spokesman-Review

UTAH: Kane, Garfield County Commissioners Challenge BLM, Grand Canyon Trust -Garfield Co. News

Giant ecosystem plan completed - Forest Service, BLM spent nine years on four-state project -Spokesman-Review

Minnow-water rule galls greens - Albuquerque Tribune

Calif. Woman Jailed for Feeding Deer -WA Post

Conservationists Halt Road Project in Arizona Wilderness -ENS

Dalton fined $137,345 for environmental violation - Portion of money may go to The Nature Conservancy to buy up land - The Ledger-Inquirer

$750,000 OK'd to study orca fatalities -Seattle Times

New Legislator Works To Save Lands From Wolves, Weeds, And Water Bugs by Henry Lamb

Comment sought on bull trout proposals

Letter and comment from Smithson on bull trout proposal

Foreign Drug Cartels In Our National Forests - "A Dangerous Epidemic" by Barry Clausen

K-12: Washington spends $9,594 per student - New NEA numbers beg question: Where is the money going? by Bob Williams, EFF

La Verkin now feels vindicated in declaring town "U.N.-free zone" -Deseret News

Secretary-General Clinton? Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

February 20, 2003

Spotted owl: Still at risk or out of woods? Timber industry wins federal review -- and some are suspicious - Seattle P-I

State Dept. of Ecology tries to 'sneak' in stormwater regs? Local councilman wonders - KONP

Families struggle to own homes - Lack of "buildable" land, fees and regulations add tens of thousands of dollars to new-home prices by Mike Flynn, guest editorial for Bellingham Herald

More arguments to air at hearing over Sammamish trail - Seattle P-I

People for a Liveable Community told to clarify Glen Cove appeal - Growth Hearings Board says 'be more specific' in challenge to land use policies - PT Leader

Government can't fund everything - editorial, Walla Walla Union-Bulletin

Wilderness plan back before Congress - Patty Murray re-introduces bill to place 106,000 acres into 'permanent protection' - Everett Herald

State agrees to review timber practices - Enviromentalists, tribes, want stricter regulations - Seattle P-I

The National Forest Ecosystem Protection Act of 2002 - H.R.652 - Implementing The Wildlands Project

Grazing on Public Lands: Here to Stay or Gone Forever? Out Front and Behind the Scenes - 3rd in a series by Toni Thayer

Council to recommend fish conservation budget -The Oregonian

Clallam readies for new planning chief - PDN

February 19, 2003

Citizen offers research to city council - council ignores evidence and votes in fluoridation

Port Angeles City Council votes 6-1 to fluoridate water - PDN

Voting Rights Under Attack - Ballot measures give voters a strong voice -The Olympian

Lawmakers mull green power mandates -Tri-City Herald

Brewery tax plan draws a bitter response - state excise tax would be raised by 495 percent-Seattle P-I

February 18, 2003

The Wildlands Project Comes to Hidalgo County (Part 16) by Judy Keeler

Montana pushes to take control of its wolves - Missoula Independent

KLAMATH: What caused salmon deaths? by Barry Clausen for Siskiyou Daily News

Whose land is it...A new defense against the feds by Henry Lamb, Eco-Logic

EDITORIAL: A valuable constitutional safeguard - Delegates should heed -LVRJ

A Sour Taste On The Farm: Longtime Dairy Farmers Look Toward Greener Pastures -The Columbian

Farmers Shouldn't Be Bound to Marginal Land - Restrictive zoning under GMA hold farmers hostage on their own land - Yakima Herald Editorial

Capital Views: Tax breaks get closer scrutiny in tight budget -The Columbian

Lawmakers need to tweak state's law on minimum wage - Walla Walla Union-Bulletin editorial

Tribe's Utility Fee Still Under Fire -Yakima Herald-Republic

Tax repeal could help equipment sales-Capital Press

Opinion - A Local View: State's decision unfair to farmers -The Columbian

Twisp mayor shying away from water lease - Methow Valley News

February 17, 2003

Proposed bill would limit state ownership of land - Methow Valley News

County declares state of emergency - Game agent disputes claim that cougar problem is worsening - Methow Valley News

Eastern Oregon Timber Sale Blocked by Judge - The Oregonian

The March America Missed byThomas D. Segel, MGSGT USMC (Retired)

Eyman seeks vote on light rail - Statewide initiative aims to halt central Puget Sound project - Seattle P-I

Grizzlies need protection, advocates say -King 5 News

Giving up a bit of freedom today: Expanding the intrusiveness of government which reducing the opportunity for citizens to express their wishes at the ballot box -TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.

Researchers Find It's Easy to Plant False Memories in Minds of Some People - AP

What is the FDA's Mission Statement? -Shane Ellison for News with Views

Kittitas County, WA - Water plan faces scrutiny - Watershed plan calls for both water storage and conservation projects - Daily Record

Workable water plan aids fish - Whatcom County farmers plan to take matters into their own hands - Bellingham Herald Opinion

Easement protects East Idaho farmland - Capital Press


February 15, 2003

Washington Watch: TAX FAVORITISM for the Nature Conservancy approved by a committee in the Senate! by Michael Hardiman for eco-logic

An Analysis of Community Oriented Policing: "Communist Oriented Policing?"

RMAP Legislation Moving in House - WA State Farm Bureau

Community rallies to support the troops by Mary Swoboda

Senator Murray promotes trail money for Olympic Discovery Trail; Clallam County's Robin Hill Park may grow by 40 acres - KONP Radio

Roach might leave GOP - State senator's move would alter balance of power at Capitol -The Olympian

New Discovery In Fight Against Cancer - KIRO News

February 14, 2003

New initiative stops Sound Transit’s Light Rail! - “Sound Transit is a jack-knifed semi-truck blocking all transportation progress” Eyman proclaims

St. Valentine - a Brief History - from

Blacks turn to home-schooling -WA Times

Congress approves coalition's purchase of Plum Creek forest - King County Journal

Area roads, runways, streams, salmon get funding from appropriations bill - Spokesman-Review

Skagit Watershed Council to remain 'lead entity' in acquiring funds for land purchases, other projects - Skagit Valley Herald

Public Lands: The endless range war

No-till practices conserve topsoil, water -Seattle Times

February 13, 2003

The Wildlands Project Comes to Hidalgo County (Part 15)A Country Girl’s Musin’ by Judy Keeler

Time to end autocratic hearings boards by Martha Ireland, for PDN

WA State: First-ever Statewide Biodiversity Committee Created - The Nature Conservancy says goal is to 'craft comprehensive blueprint for biodiversity protection' - TNC

The Nature Conservancy's "outrageous contradictions and sad lies"- "Twelve million acres in the U.S., an area the size of Switzerland, is controlled by the Nature Conservancy" -Review by J. Zane Walley

Committee formed to figure out how to pay for watershed plans - DOE News Release

Coyotes and Other Wild Animals "Introduced" in Illinois by Joyce Morrison, The Illinois Leader

Grazing on Public Lands: Here to Stay or Gone Forever? Broken Promises, Empty Words, Hiding in the Cracks of Laws by Toni Thayer

Coalition puts forth forest plan -The Olympian

Proposed buffer rule changes draw out farmers, ranchers - PT Leader

More spending: Locke announces plan to 'improve' Puget Sound - The Olympian

South Carolina Governor Sanford gets grits to help ease pangs from lean budget - The Greenville News

February 12, 2003

Pombo Comments on Fish and Wildlife Service Decision Regarding the California Spotted Owl

Bull trout habitat proposal comment period extended - Methow Valley News

WA Governor’s water legislation falls with a thud - Capital Press

Washington Higher Education: Part 1 in an ongoing series on questions legislators might ask - EFF

We're No. 1: WA State's broken tax system exposed -News Tribune

Sheldon Says State Can Boost Business Climate -The Olympian

Spending bill gets stuck on funding for farmers -News Tribune

Environmentalists announce intent to sue over Big Hole grayling - Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Data: Census missed 82,000 in Washington -The Olympian

Central Valley water supply favorable, says Keys, thanks to manmade canals and irrigation ditches - Capital Press

February 11, 2003

State agency holds last of public hearings to change surface water rules by Lois Perry, Citizen Review Online

WA State DOE's Proposed Water Quality Standards comment period ends March 7th - commentary by Steve Frank, President, WRCRL

Washington state to update, strengthen water quality rules - U.S. Water News

Coho boom of 2002 may herald recovery -The Olympian

Auditor IDs lost $1.2 million -News Tribune

Environmentalists plan to sue over California Spotted Owl ruling -King 5 News

No to "Smart Growth"... Smart Growth: Retarding the Quality of Life - Wendell Cox, for Eco-Logic

How to give up a bit of freedom today - TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.

HB1194-Who Would Oppose Teaching the Constitution? by Monte Benham

February 10, 2003

Hawaii Plantsman Confounds Greenies - Insight Magazine

California Spotted Owl Doesn’t Require ESA Protection, Wildlife Service Concludes -FWS News Release

Comparison of Wholesale Energy Prices - AP

King County judge rules I-776 unconstitutional -Everett Herald

More control: Marine Reserve Networks 'Key to Protecting Oceans' says commission - ENS

Minimum wage law squeezes jobs out Washington ag groups press for reform - Capital Press

Group develops riverfront property rights legislation - Capital Press

February 9, 2003

Grazing on Public Lands: Here to Stay or Gone Forever? New BLM Procedures to Stop Grazing on Grand Staircase-Escalante Monument-Garfield County News

Nisqually River Watershed Is Model of Cooperation, Action -The Olympian

Vessel security zone implemented - Washington State ferries considered "soft targets" -King 5 News

Animal Terror Organization Suspected of Cutting Brake Lines on Dozens of Delivery Trucks - US Sportsman's Alliance

February 8, 2003

Group Wants to Unbuckle Part of State's Seat-Belt Law - Yakima Herald-Republic

Ruling doesn't halt Everett's plans for shoreline -Seattle Times

Mill closing cuts to the heart of Republic - Seattle Times

Waste Watchers - EFF

Secretary Norton Announces $160 Million in State Grants from Land and Water Conservation Fund -U.S. Newswire

February 7, 2003

BLM begins roundup of Dann horses - Elko Daily Free Press

River isn't neighborly - South Fork Stilly spits logs, eats land -Skagit Valley Herald

Eyman launches lawsuit to enforce I-776's $30 car tabs -Everett Herald

Planners to hear agricultural exemption issue - Port Townsend Leader

Hundreds Assemble for Sake of Salmon - Group led by Bill Ruckelshaus crafting a recovery plan - The Columbian

Court of Appeals to hear local cases at Sequim High School February 12th

Another Victory in Hage v. United States - Stewards of the Grange

Senate GOP touts transportation overhaul -AP

German Giant Taking Over American Water Supply -AP

February 6, 2003

UNEP Looks at Making Green "Cool" - 'Sustainable consumption patterns' being promoted - ENS

World Court: U.S. Must Stay 3 Executions -Yahoo News

U.S. set to seize Indian horses on Thursday, February 6, 2003 -- Western Shoshone grandmothers brace for seizure of hundreds of Indian horses

Text of Colin Powell's Presentation to the United Nations

Does the due process clause protect property? - by William Perry Pendley

February 5, 2003

Ag Panel Head Looks to Protect Water Rights - Yakima Herald

Bill would make it harder to beat city hall - Senator's bill would affect growth hearings boards, court cases involving GMA -Skagit Valley Herald

Cabinet official pushes agenda in visit to refuge - 'Restoration - it's what we do every day', says Norton - The Olympian

Farmers to try to pool water rights, aid salmon - offered 'incentives' to place existing water rights into a 'bank' or 'watershed district', where water would be distributed from a 'collective pool' - Bellingham Herald

Clallam hit by 'Rivers' End' lawsuit threat -PDN

County Sues Landowners - Officials say septic tank sits in floodway, violates code - Sequim Gazette

February 4, 2003

Ecology Department acquires water rights to help Yakima basin flows

$1.1 Billion Allocated for National Parks' Maintenance Backlog -The Olympian

Funds cut to preserve Cascades forest land-King County Journal

Bush would spend more on forest fires, less on salmon recovery -Seattle Times

State health plan at risk - Critics say 'bad math' in Locke proposal could doom program - Seattle P-I

Nethercutt eyes U.S. Senate, Washington governor seats - News Tribune

Sims says he might oppose Locke - Governor hasn't disclosed any plans for running again - Seattle P-I

PIERCE COUNTY: Bill would give fluoridation authority to local groups -News Tribune

Rails-to-Trail proceeds with blessing of county commissioners - KONP

Taking a difficult path - Part of an eroding trail along the Snohomish River could be closed indefinitely - Everett Herald

Proposed salmon center would be one of a kind -Bremerton Sun

Salmon and agriculture: A quest to live in harmony - Local lawmakers spearhead effort to see that fish and farms survive - Skagit Valley Herald

Bush would spend more on wildfire prevention - Spending would be cut for salmon restoration -King 5 News

February 3, 2003

2004 Interior Budget Emphasizes Indian Trust Programs and Conservation Partnerships - US Newswire

The death of the 10th Amendment? TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.

February 2, 2003

Seatbelt Law Targeted for Repeal

Water Quality Standards for Surface Waters of the State of Washington - Changes in existing rules proposed by state Department of Ecology; public hearings in progress

When Water Rules Become Land Use Decisions by Jack D. Menendez

WA State Senate Considers GMA Reform-WA State Farm Bureau

Nature Conservancy set to buy up 10,000 acres of forestland for 'protection' near Yakima -Seattle Times

Endangered Species, or Endangered Farmers? - Farm Progress

February 1, 2003

Columbia: Official NASA Statement - Remembering Those Lost
By Sean O'Keefe, NASA Administrator

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the crew.
Citizen Review Staff

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