January 2003

"Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases:
If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it."
-- Ronald Reagan

Congress has not unlimited powers to provide for the general welfare,
but only those specifically enumerated."
-- Thomas Jefferson



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Dec. 2002

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January 31, 2003

Seminar Alert! Your Home, Your Town, Your Freedom - Freedom 21 Santa Cruz

The Wildlands Project Comes to Hidalgo County (Part 14) -A Country Girl's Musing, by Judy Keeler

Farm Bureau asks people to join rally against RMAPs - The Chronicle

Water bills' chances remain murky -Bremerton Sun

Seat belt law targeted for repeal -News Tribune

Trust's deal to buy tree farm languishes - Seattle P-I

Kitsap County Burn Ban: Property advocate suggests alternatives -Bremerton Sun

January 30, 2003

Greenhouse theory disputed -Theories based on 'modelling', speculation, says scientist- The Press, New Zealand

Farmers warn: Ag doomed if regulators ignore common sense - Capital Press

Skagit farmers protest salmon recovery plan -News Tribune

County has rogue lions in its sights - Stevens County to push for state action on cougars - Spokesman-Review

Town cuts check for water lease - Council expresses concern over heavy financial burden; Dept. of Ecology assures 'no problem' - Methow Valley News

Douglas County, NV: Plan proposes buffer zone - proponents claim important because of pending "Sustainable Growth Initiative" and trails plan - Record-Courier

Federal Judge Blocks Government's Discount Pharmacy Card Program for Medicare Recipients - AP

Eyman gets early GOP support on I-807 - AP

Former U.S. Rep. Linda Smith of Washington State helps in women and children rescue

Habersham Heroes- Habersham County throws out land regulations -Julie Kay Smithson

January 29, 2003

Tharinger, Chapman support trail north of 101 - Sequim Gazette

When the Last Farmer is Gone -Opinion by Joyce Morrison, Illinois Leader

Farmers' trade association suing L&I on searches - Puget Sound Business Journal

Bush's 2003 State of the Union Address (Text of his speech) - WA Post

Washington State's Governor Locke speaks for the Democrats in response to State of the Union Address (Text of the speech) - WA Post

Washington State among worst business climates -Bellingham Herald

Western job scene still bleak -News Tribune

Water issues boil to the top - Local water managers hope legislation will break a water-rights logjam - Bremerton Sun

Legislators should be reminded of channel project's importance - editorial by Longview Daily News

Ocean boundaries redrawn - CBC

January 27, 2003

Macon, GA - Lawsuit targets 'water grab'-Macon Telegraph

Senate passes Everglades bill that may be key to implementing plan -Naples Daily News

State to decide this week whether to pursue Estates land purchase to dislodge resident -Naples Daily News

Locke uses soft butter to cut Gorge Commission funding - Klickatat County Monitor

Kennedys take up alternative energy battle -SF Chronicle

January 26, 2003

Citizens hold rally, wave signs and flags to support troops by Sue Forde & Lois Perry, Citizen Review Online

Instant Wilderness: When a Road is not a Road - by Don Fife and Ralph Pray

The Wildlands Project Comes to Hidalgo County (Part 13) A Country Girl’s Musin’ by Judy Keeler

Christians have a right and duty to participate in government-TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.

King County locked in debate over wetland ordinance - King County Journal

January 25, 2003

Port Angeles to look at fluoridation of city water by Sue Forde, Citizen Review Online

January 24, 2003

I-807 renews Initiative 601’s policies & stops a state income tax by Tim Eyman

Budget-balancing plan teeters right - Conservative group suggests ending state's liquor monopoly, selling off surplus lands, prison privatization - The Bellingham Herald

Prying Eyes: The End of Medical Privacy - Fox News

The first two taxes on state businesses Seattle Times

Accountability: What is it? by Jason Mercier, Budget Research Analyst, Evergren Freedom Foundation

Charter Schools bill SB5012 an unconstitutional trap, removes oversight of legislators and elected school boards from Cris Shardleman

Game board focus shifts to hunters, trappers - Good-bye buffer zone. Hello wolf control - Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

What price freedom? by Lyn Stuter

Governor’s water adviser takes cooperative approach to water reform -Capital Press

Locke's water bills would create watershed or regional 'water banks', simply process of transferring water rights to state trust, and fund watershed planning units - Bellingham Herald

Flooded out by silt buildup, Upper Klamath marsh changes reach far downstream - Capital Press

Dams & Fish: The Next 30 Years - Idaho Statesman

Teachers' Union Scandal Rocks Capital; Democrat Party Official, Mayor's Aide Resign Under Pressure - GOPNews

January 23, 2003

Securing Your Property - Hage to present seminar - The Paragon Foundation

Washington Governor proposes water supply legislation -King 5 News

Farm Bureau questions Wild Sky -Everett Herald

Identity theft tops list of consumer troubles -Everett Herald

Auditing the auditors - from Evergreen Freedom Foundation

Ports to bide their time over land use -The Columbian

Banks are reaping billions from stealth overdraft charges - Seattle P-I

Agencies reach accord on plan to protect spotted owl -The Columbian

Logging near Olympia delayed -The News Tribune

Malpractice insurance rates jeopardize health care for all -The Daily Herald

Bush looks to boost budget for fisheries - Interior secretary tells Fish and Wildlife staffers of plans to fight invasive species - AP/Seattle P-I

Port Angeles: Graving yard channel faces fish-habitat hurdle, gets shoreline permit - PDN


January 22, 2003

Moffat County asserts rights over roads on public lands - Caspar Star-Tribune

Lawmakers take aim at immigration - Arizona Republic

Civilians patrolling the border - by Kelly Patricia O Meara, Insight on the News

United States leaving first world by Paul Craig Jacobs,

January 21, 2003

Panel seeks ways to guard state's biodiversity-The Olympian

Future of the Gorge - Public to get say in review of scenic area rules -Columbian

Oregonians In Action puts focus on property rights -Capital Press

Owner of gravel pit fights closure order -The Columbian

Change in grouse management proposed by state agency - The Daily World

Annexation: Rules are uncertain - State Supreme Court's decision has cities, developers in limbo with the GMA - Skagit Valley Herald

Control of land use is outrageous by Paula Easley

I have a dream, too - Joseph Farah, Worldnet Daily

Bull trout recovery proposal hits road - Capital Press

EPA Releases Innovative Approach to Cleaner Water - 11 Pilots Receiving More than $800,000 in Funding -EPA press release via Family Farm Alliance website

The endless range war -commentary from Free Market Net

ESA tells what you can't do - King County Journal


January 20, 2003

The Anti-Sprawl Movement: Hazardous to Our Wealth by Wendel Cox

Smart Growth Funding Sources - EPA Website

House RMAP Hearing on Jan. 22 and Feb. 4

The Wildlands Project Comes to Hidalgo County (Part 12) A Country Girl’s Musin By Judy Keeler

Bumper stickers around Grand Staircase Escalante warn against the Grand Canyon Trust - The Range Magazine

Gubernatorial appointments circumvents rights of the electorate -TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.

Precedent-Setting Victory For Property Rights: Local Historic District Abolished By L. M. Schwartz, Chairman, The Virginia Land Rights Coalition

Swecker supports private funding for parks - The Chronicle

Letter to the Editor: Swecker proposes private funding for parks - why not go a step further, and return land to the private sector

Eyman heads into the lion's den - AP

January 16, 2003

Senator says rodents harmful to prairie-Lincoln Journal-Star

Energy Abundance—Bane or Boon to Human Health? Commentary by Tom Randall, Acton Institute

20,000 rally for better teacher pay, smaller classes - Seattle Times

State of the State: Taxpayer protest targets demonstrating teachers -The Columbian

Let the American People Be Heard - The President's tax plan is the start of a new debate about the size of our government by Paul Beckner, CSE

Why Do We Regulate Insurance? Markets, not government regulators, provide consumers with better services at better prices by Wayne T. Brough, PhD. CSE

Chelan County, WA: Hey, pard, this ain't latteland - City slickers, you have been warned - Seattle P-I

January 15, 2003

Douglas County, Nevada: Trails plan tried at private property forum - The Record Courier

Smart Growth: It doesn't just threaten urban areas by Randal O'Toole, Thoreau Institute

Group names 10 most 'endangered' parks -King 5 News

BLM Set For An Illegal Raid of Dann Sister’s Private Horses While Letting Wild Horse Numbers Run Wild - Nev. Livestock Assn.

Oregon dam ruling a setback for environmental groups - King 5 News

Investigators: Burned by fees - as sluggish economy drags tax revenues down, local governments charge more for basic services - King 5 News

Locke: We cannot do everything -AP

Locke offers new school levy law - although he isn't proposing any new taxes himself, would allow districts the authority to raise more moeny from local property owners-The News Tribune

Remodeling restricts access to lawmakers - Tight quarters leave no room for public - The Spokane-Review

Republicans break with tradition, name Democrat chair of Senate committee - Puget Sound Busines Journal

Washington State Legislature - Standing Committee Assignments

Zarelli champions 'homegrown businesses' -The Daily News

Bull Trout Plan Met With Skepticism - Yakima Herald

"Everybody knows they're not really endangered: We just need them to stop mining" by Don Fife

EPA to Allow Polluters to Buy Clean Water Credits -- Environmental Groups Say Policy Weakens Law -Washington Post

Ashland, WI: Forest Service to undertake road projects - May be completed in 2003 or 2004 - The Daily Press

Portland, Oregon: Corps cleared in Snake River case -The Seattle Times

Mel Gibson under attack for Jesus film? Actor-director believes enemies are trying to discredit him - Worldnet Daily

January 14, 2003

Bush mulls changes to Clean Water Act- Protection laws wouldn't apply to one-fifth of nation's wetlands - Seattle P-I

Idaho irrigators favor change in water rights law - U.S. Water News

Cities and farmers fighting Endangered Species Act - U.S. Water News

How to keep tabs on your WA State Legislature -AP

More money needed for education? Who knows? EFF

Minimum wage hike is bad for business - Yakima Herald-Republic

Smokies land owners donate 700 acres for preservation -King 5 News

Paragon Foundation presents "Securing Your Property" seminar with Hage & Chenoweth

Who's Leading the 58th Washington Legislature-The Olympian

RMAP Rally Scheduled for 1/23 - Proposed Legislative Changes Will Still Cost Private Landowners Millions, says Farm Bureau - flyer from Okanogan Co. Farm Bureau

Madison Commuter Rail: Let the Taxpayers Beware! by Randal O'Toole, Thoreau Institute

Oregon minimum wage hike kicks in - tree growers and nurserymen fearful of loss of competitive edge - Capital Press

Psychiatric drug use in young is exploding - Sacto Bee

Montana law on public use of waterways is upheld - Seattle P-I


January 13, 2003

Flood plan released; local control critical - Farmland will be turned into nature preserves, says task force member - Capital Press

BLM chief plans for cooperation - wants staff out on the land instead of in their offices, talking to people - Capital Press

Oregon Farm Bureau announces resolutions, including repeal of federal estate tax, fire protection policy, and removal of gray wolf from state endangered species list - Capital Press

Twisp mayor shying away from water lease - Methow Valley News

Roads snake across some roadless areas-Capital Press

Key issues of 2003 Wash. legislative session - King 5 News

Salem's new mayor moves quickly to aid business -The Oregonian

Nevada Attorney General files constitutional challenge over nuclear waste dump - Las Vegas R-J editorial

Consensus group promotes protection of Upper San Pedro River Basin - Sierra Vista Herald

EPA proposes to withdraw unworkable TMDL rule - EPA Press Release

Family Farm Alliance works for family farmers, ranchers, irrigation districts, and allied industries in 17 Western states. It focuses on ensuring the availability of reliable, affordable irrigation water supplies to Western farmers and ranchers.

January 12, 2003

The passing of a hero: Dick Carver, Rest In Peace - True Warrior of the Sagebrush Rebellion - Sierra Times

Peninsula: Area teachers to participate in Day of Action in Olympia - PDN

What's Wrong with Education? by Lyn Stuter, for News with Views

The Sign On The Church House Door - The only miner left in the Jicarilla Mountains has been ordered by the U.S. Forest Service to leave his home by Jan. 15 - by J. Zane Walley, for Sierra Times

Pence appointed to Land Bank Commission - San Juan Journal

Military seeks relief from laws on wildlife -The Oregonian

Justice Scalia says courts misinterpret constitutional church-state separation -AP

"Stop Identity Theft ­ Make Social Security Numbers Confidential"by Rep. Ron Paul

January 11, 2003

R-53 upheld, a victory for state's building industry - Seattle P-I

Okanogan Farm Bureau to host RMAP rally

Where does the state rank in its taxation? - Editorial, Skagit Valley Herald

Agencies overstep their legislative authority TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.

State water plan may pose local problems -Walla Walla Union-Bulletin

Miller to shut down historic brewery - Officials cite fiscal, environmental hurdles - The Olympian

Regulatory Costs Helped Kill Tumwater's Miller Brewery by Don C. Brunell, President, Association of Washington Business

City could add toilet replacement to the cost of selling a home - Santa Cruz County Sentinel

If you feel like buying a small town - river view included - you're in luck -The Olympian

Ladue residents seek relief as brazen beasts become pests - St. Louis Post Dispatch

KLAMATH: Get Ready for the Next Water Battle -Sierra Times

Timber policy tiff- Everett Daily Herald

January 10, 2003

Gas price to climb by spring -News Tribune

State growth hearings board rejects Everett's shoreline plan -The Daily Herald

Public comment sought on new water quality standards -DOE Press Release

January 9, 2003

Wild Sky proposal to rise again in Congress -King 5 News

Judge Reviews Keechelus Dam Repairs - may halt half-repaired dam because of Endangered Species Act - Yakima Herald-Republic

January 8, 2003

Taxpayer Action Day in Olympia, Tuesday Jan. 14th

Benham back with bid for civics lessons-Tri-City Herald

A Tale of Two Tax Plans - A look at competing tax plans from both the Democrats and Republicans. Which will really boost the economy? -CSE

Hearing to focus on bull trout plan - Agency will take comments on proposed recovery strategy- Spokesman-Review

Redmond land-use dispute continues - Farmland advocates will ask appeals court to reconsider decision - Eastside Journal

Sen. Morton to update farm bureau members on RMAPs

No charges for judge who cut trees - Prosecutor's decision angers park authorities - Seattle P-I

Environmentalists suggest ways to avoid budget cuts -AP

January 7, 2003

State ecology agency issues revision of water regulations -almost everyone involved hated the proposal - agricultural interests likely to challenge as "too fish-centric"-Seattle P-I

Federal rule change could endanger region's cheap power - The Olympian

EPA eases clean-air rules, 9 states sue -Seattle Times

The Northwest Economy: What price recovery? Some fear Northwest's culture is at risk -The Olympian

Eyman, foes pitch dozens of initiatives - While the Mukilteo activist looks to rein in state spending, opponents launch a counterattack -Tri-City Herald

Feds may limit protected waterways -Seattle Times

U.S. Rep states feds have all the power they need to acquire any land they want while federal agencies threaten court action for land owners who won't become "willing sellers"TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.

Letter to the Editor: A new endangered species in the Klamath Basin (tell me that I'm wrong)

"IN THE EYES OF GOVERNMENT, WE ARE . . . AMERICAN." by William Perry Pendley, President, Mountain States Legal Foundation

January 6, 2003

Overregulation limits growth, companies say - Time needed for approvals often more damaging than extra costs -The Olympian

Who Owns America? By Floy Lilley, J.D. Paragon Powerhouse

January 5, 2003

Potential rival Dunn says Murray's Osama comments `stupid' -King 5 News

WA: Senate schedules hearing on RMAP legislation

W. VA: Lawmakers cautious of forest protection plan - Some say proposal is hidden form of eminent domain - Daily Mail Capital Reporter

In a First, U.S. Puts Limits on California's Thirst - NY Times

Security loses bid to keep ID technology talks private -WA Times

Proposed Rule: Water Quality Standards a whole new aproach to monitoring and enforcement - from Washington Rural Civil Rights League

Darby, Ohio watershed still coveted by federal agency, despite news reports by Julie Kay Smithson

State legislators meet with locals about grizzly, cougar and deer - Report from Bill Riley

'So long, Seattle': More people are moving away -Seattle Times

January 4, 2003

BLM working on plan for San Juan Basin - discovery of natural gas bodes well for energy in the future - K-USA TV Denver

Ranch conservation easement draws scrutiny - Capital Press

Water users cheer effort to develop linked management rules - Capital Press

Water: Not enough to go around Growing demand on diminishing supply gets state’s attention, water users, too-Capital Press

Logging ruling lends weight to state's strategy - The Columbian

Trout die as Little Twin Lake drops - Group favors removing piping on irrigation ditch so water will return to the aquifer and help fish in the lake - Methow Valley News

Methow Valley residents speak out about Ecology's attack on water rights, while governor's board director says that the community has to "get beyond the ideology of water rights" - Methow Valley News

Pierce County: Farmer feels squeezed -The News Tribune

City of Monroe seeks to develop 100 acres -Seattle Times

City could put end to building moratorium -Bremerton Sun

Border Patrol finishes environmental impact study of its policies - Sierra Vista Herald

FLA: Bush aide to oversee growth - But governor plans merger of two agencies-Tallahassee Democrat

Coastal agency quick fix sought after court rules it unconstitutional - Democrats' Burton urges a special session to rescue the panel - Sacto Bee

Study finds nearly half of earth's land surface is wilderness - by Audrey Hudson for OC-3 newsletter

What's this business about 'restoring' rights? by Vin Suprynowicz
Las Vegas Review Journal

Commentary: Lessons from Reagan by Richard W. Rahn for WA Times

Bush to Propose $600 Billion Economic Stimulus Package - NY Times


January 3, 2003

Bull-trout plan could reshape Oregon watersheds -Seattle Times

States confront blown budgets - Legislative sessions around U.S. will feature scramble for dollars- The Olympian

Tribal fishermen charged in illegal harvest of fish - KONP

Commissioner named to panel on biodiversity - PDN

Propaganda Campaign continues for Biodiversity Treaty - Liberty Matters (from 1/14/02)

New Jersey Commits $100 Million Annually for Open Space - ENS News story w/commentary

Sierra Club's "plans" for Arkansas. Is your state next? from Julie Kay Smithson

An alternative to "sustainability"... A Free World by Henry Lamb, eco-logic

When unconstitutional laws are passed - "Goldwater & The 1964 Civil Rights Act" from Jackie Juntti

Willing Sellers? from Liberty Matters Newsletter

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