"Local liberty is a rare and fragile thing...Among all liberties, that of townships, which is established with such difficulty, is also the most exposed to the invasions of power... [T]he strength of free peoples resides in the local community. Local institutions are to liberty what primary schools are to science..." —Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America


Dec. 2003

"Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake,
since history and experience prove that foreign influence
is one of the most baneful foes of republican government." ---George Washington, 1793*




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Congress has not unlimited powers to provide for the general welfare,
but only those specifically enumerated."
-- Thomas Jefferson

"Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases:
If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it."
-- Ronald Reagan

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Nov. 2003

Rural Cleansing

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Thoughts for the day:

It is irresponsible for [The Department of the Interior] to keep buying more land. We already own one out of every five acres in the country. Before the government buys more land, it must learn to take care of what it already controls.

-Secretary Gale A. Norton, U.S. Department of the Interior


"After working with this law (the Endangered Species Act) during my 22 years in Congress, I've concluded it's the most powerful law in the land. It can be used to thwart everything from the training of our fighter pilots to the farmer's simple desire to plant a crop in his field so he can feed his family."

House Resources Committee Chairman James V. Hansen discussing a bill to restore the original intent of the ESA [Endangered Species Act]


"There is a deliberate and quite outspoken attack on the whole idea of people owning private property. Mr. William Reiley, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, has said publicly on a number of occasions that he does not believe that people should have the right to own private property. To use his words, "The ownership of private property is a quaint anachronism." He has called for a repeal of the fifth amendment as it affects the right of private property. There are two laws that have been passed by the Congress that are being used to take property away from people. one is the Endangered Species Act, and the other one happens to be the Clean Water Act. The Clean Water Act has a section, 404, which allows the Corps of Engineers to regulate the water that is navigable. By a series of very twisted definitions, the Corps has adopted the idea, which the Fish and Wildlife and EPA are also following, that any body of water, or any moist land, anything that they can call "wetland" constitutes navigable water." -Dixie Lee Ray, scientist, recipient of the United Nations Peace Prize - 1992

"According to a recent study by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, simply limiting 'unreasonable' jury awards could cut health care costs by five to nine percent, saving $70 - $126 billion each year and allowing an additional 2.4 - 4.3 million Americans to obtain medical insurance." - May 6, 2003 press release of Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse, as cited by sickoflawsuits.org

*All of The Federalist Patriot quotes have been thoroughly researched
and authenticated. For complete citations, visit Heritage Foundation's
Founders' Almanac website. Link to:
and enter a key word by author.

December 30, 2003

Announcement: The State Department of Fish & Wildlife Want to Assess Kitsap Habitats - from KAPO

Plan to save Northwest salmon falling short, says agency - The Olympian

Latest Eyman initiative seeks large property tax rollback - Seattle Times

Southern Nevada: Yucca Mountain - DOE seeks land for rail corridor -Las Vegas Sun

Ohio: Residents question new sewer district -The Columbia Dispatch

Most Americans believe 'environmental' groups are 'Too Extreme'

December 29, 2003

Species Act reform may be possible -Billings Gazette

Methow Valley Irrigation District ordered to cut back water use - Methow Valley News

Wind turbines and property rights -TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.

Rossi stirs GOP hope in bid for governor - 17-day state tour ends with campaign stop in Olympia -The Olympian

Pacific Legal Foundation takes Pilgrim family case to the Ninth Circuit - Precedent-setting case asks court to affirm the rights of Alaskans to access federal lands - The Sierra Times

December 27, 2003

Bainbridge Island, WA : Commission: Land deals halfway there - Open space acquisition group nets almost 100 acres in 2003 - Bremerton Sun

State workers' wages 14.6% below average - Idaho seeing more budget woes and turnover, lower employee morale -Spokesman Review

State reopens health plan -The News Tribune

Business owners declare war on smoking ban - The News Tribune

On the establishment of religion: What the Constitution really says - by Alan Keyes, for WND

December 26, 2003

Bonneville salmon returns hit record high -Tri-City Herald

U.S. Quarantines Calves From Diseased Cow -Yahoo News

Water 'for a sustainable and secure future' international conference to be held in January 2004

December 25, 2003

Dairy farm is disease source -Tri-City Herald

Complex growth rule a recipe for conflict - How much growth is too much? -Seattle Times

The continuing removal of dams - from Save Our Dams

December 24, 2003

State L&I needs to clean up its own act, not raise rates -The News Tribune

Clallam County Comprehensive Plan Hearings to begin on Jan 6th

Snohomish County business - Reardon's 'business approach' -Seattle Times

December 23, 2003

River buffers worry farmers -Tri-City Herald

The Myth and Cost of Recycling by John D’Aloia Jr.

Grant for fiber-optic line to valley lapses - Methow Valley News

Hemispheric summit sets its agenda - WA Times

Another reason not to live in a big city - Baltimore Sun

America's Forgotten History by Debbie O'Hara for News with Views

Locke's budget amnesia -Jason Mercier, EFF

December 21, 2003

A lesson from history? - submitted by Lee Jones

December 20, 2003

RMAP rules still an issue despite law’s clear intent - WA State Farm Bureau

Eastern Washington sees rrise in illegal immigration -Bremerton Sun

Court affirms foster kids have right to be safe while in state custody - Seattle P-I

Regional forester to step down - Missoulian

Yellowstone still open to snowmobiles Judge's Ruling Limits Access- BlueRibbon appeals the Judge's Decision

Maine: Park plan may be headed for Congress -Press Herald

Clark County: Rural land division must wait -The Columbian

December 19, 2003

Government gets into the hotel-building business - Washington, D.C., Phoenix, Arizona, each to build a hotel for their cities - WA Post; Arizona Republic

The joys of not having a state income tax -Seattle Times

Critics: Convicted felons worked for electronic voting companies - The Oregonian

$24 million more sweetened Boeing offer - Seattle P-I

Governor abandons "Priorities of Government" - Supplemental budget proposal would double state deficit - EFF

State purchases almost 600 acres of forest for preservation -Tacoma Tribune

A reprieve for free speech - The scourge of the greens wins a round - The Economist

December 16, 2003

Washington's $3.2B deal that won Boeing over -King 5 News

Illinois Governor announces $1.9 million in projects for local conservation grants - Funds to be distributed across state

United States Reaches Free Trade Agreement With Four Central American Countries - Tampa Tribune

December 15, 2003

Growth plan is costing millions - The Columbian

One creek as a test of Western land use - CS Monitor

Open or closed? ... Parties dispute status of Jarbidge road - The Times-News

Reservations at Yellowstone Park drop - Concessionaires blame confusion about new rules - Billings Gazette

Test taps frozen gas in Mackenzie Delta - Find estimated at 55,000 times proven reserves - Calgary Herald

Plant boss dismisses pollution allegation - Billings Gazette

Carbon County takes aim at wolves - Billings Gazette

Study: Snake River salmon not helped by drafts - Reservoirs too far upstream for flows to aid migration -Idaho Statesman

Court: No logging of burned forest - Panel slams feds for not considering owl's plight - The Daily Camera

December 14, 2003

Coveting the Future: Exercising the "Ultimate" Private Property Right: Conservation Easements - Eco-Logic Powerhouse

Crab protest message caught by state fisheries officials - PT Leader

State safety inspectors told to get owners' permission before entering property -The Olympian

Sen. Rossi steps down, starts governor's bid from scratch -The Olympian

Amid Dying Towns of Rural Plains, One Makes a Stand -NY Times

Not So Smart Growth -Wall Street Journal

December 13, 2003

Studying cougars can be dangerous business - King 5 News

Ohio Concealed-Weapons Bill Faces Veto -AP

71-year-old man arrested in gun attack on his friend's attackers - The Miami Herald

December 12, 2003

Car-tab bills dropping by $15 -King 5 News

DNA will tell: Are cougars in decline or more of a nuisance than ever? Biologists plan to find out via state study -The Wenatchee World

Nooksack dam may be closer to removal - Locke might budget funds to build fish-friendly system to divert water to lake - Bellingham Herald

Legal fight brewing over Lake Roosevelt - EPA to conduct $10 million pollution study, then take B.C. smelter to court -Spokesman-Review

Wilderness deals held hostage in salmon struggle - High Country News

Ranch access upheld - High court refuses to revisit fight over San Luis Valley tract - Rocky Mountain News

To flight flu, boost your immune system -King 5 News

Iraq behind the cameras: a different reality-Scripps News Service

Voters balk at sales tax hike for roads -The Herald

December 11, 2003

Board hears arguments on timber harvest -The Columbian

Growth plan attacked by activists, chamber - The county had hoped to adopt the 20-year plan by the end of the year, but many groups say it's flawed -The Oregonian

Fees have big impact on budgets, politics - Impact fees drive up cost of housing, say residents - Bremerton Sun

More money for more government: Bellingham OKs higher building impact fees -Bellingham Herald

Rossi Simplifies - Giving up senator seat was the right call - The Columbian

Social Security checks could go south of border-Arizona Republic

Straight Out of the Communist Manifesto: Richland County’s Town & Country Plan - Commentary, The Columbia Star

December 10, 2003

Washington, Idaho agree to study aquifer used by 400,000 people -King 5 News

Washington Mutual to cut 2,900 jobs -The Daily Herald

Xinhua Finance to buy U.S.-based Market News

Judge OKs fuel-dumping fine - Environmental penalties charged against farming businesses - TriCity Herald

High court debates whether we have right to remain silent -LA Times

Gary Locke tours irrigation system - KVNews

December 9, 2003

Licensed to Drive - But Who Is It? - Yakima-Herald

Fewer folks visit state parks Fee shoos away day patrons -The News Tribune

Hood Canal remains restricted - The Olympian

Board repeals impact fee hike - Most of those at a public hearing were against doing away with a planned increase in development fees - Bremerton Sun

Reardon fires planning director as he begins transition-The Herald

December 8, 2003

UN Global Warming Panel Preparing to Scare Again - by Dennis Avery, Center for Global Food Issues

Methane quandary - Advocates hail resource as an economic boon; foes fear impact on water supply - Great Falls Tribune

December 6, 2003

Who owns 'public' land? by Henry Lamb, for WND

Growth Management Board wants Stevens County tax money withheld - KOMW News

Sump blasts Forest Practices Board's adoption of emergency rules for RMAPS - KOMW News

December 5, 2003

Rossi resigns Senate to run full-time for governor -King 5 News

Canada acts to protect 1.3 billion acres of forest - Large-scale plan to guide land use would safeguard a billion birds - Seattle PI

The high cost of busybodies: Part III - by Thomas Sowell for Townhall

Transit links to rural Nevada are considered - Las Vegas Sun

Board wants Stevens County tax money held - Panel cites failure to comply with Growth Management Act - Spokesman-Review

City wants rail tracks to take hike - Stretch of BNSF line could become part of City Park if deal approved -Spokesman-Review

December 4, 2003

Fourth flu fatality in Washington -King 5 News

Sound Transit on track but costs again rising -King 5 News

80,000 Seattle-area homes still lack power -King 5 News

Boeing tanker deal put on hold - The News Tribune

Kretz receives leadership award for work on RMAP

December 3, 2003

Verdict overturned because jurors consulted dictionaries -King 5 News

Snohomish Tribe denied federal recognition -King 5 News

Texas land commissioner becomes more active on water policy - Patterson pushes changes in rule of capture - American Statesman

L&I adopts 9.8 percent rate increase for 2004 -King 5 News


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VIRGINIA - Gaia Forum series at the College of William and Mary to stimulate ongoing cross-campus dialogue, instruction, and research on what they claim is the most crucial question of our time: "[H]ow to work together to transform a cancerous global economy predicated on the infinite expansion of production and consumption of commodities into a socioeconomic order that is compatible with a finite, perishable planet?" - "We plan to establish autonomous chapters or "nodes" on college campuses throughout the world. . " - Question Presented: Does this sound like a program likely to enlist students opposed to free-enterprise and the private sector?


"[T]he Endangered Species Act, like Frankenstein, despite the good intentions of its creators, has become a monster..." _ The Honorable Paul Kelly, 10th Circuit Court of Appeal, Dissent, Silvery Minnow Decision

Letter to the editor in The Daily News, Longview, WA:

Who pays the wages?
When you are at the courthouse, do you have the feeling that you are working for them, instead of them working for you? Who is paying their wages?
Monte G. Hamer
Castle Rock


Regarding the redistribution of your income...

When is a pay raise not a pay raise? When it's written up as a law, amazingly. "This is not a pay raise. This is an increase that's required by law," claimed Senate Appropriations Committee chair Ted Stevens, on the "not a pay raise" that raised pay for members of Congress from today's $154,700 to $158,000 in 2004.

And now that they got theirs, how are they spending yours? For starters, this week's 60th annual National Peanut Festival in Dothan, Alabama, received $202,500 for the event.
from The Federalist, 10/31/03


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