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Water, water every where – Nor any drop to drink

The Whatcom Excavator


WE suppose you know that northwest Washington is a rain forest. What you may not know is that some people are trying to gin up the idea that water is scarce around here; that we’re on the brink of a water shortage (or something), and (wait for it) that water needs to be rationed by a cadre of self-appointed busybodies and shake-down artists. Radical curtailment of both access to water and land use are being actively discussed right here in Whatcom County.  Is there a target on private landowner’s backs?  Yes, indeed there is.WE suppose further that you know water isn’t consumed; it’s recycled. Every drop of water that has ever been drunk, polluted, used to generate electricity, irrigate crops, or anything else – is still present on planet Earth. We’re drinking the same water that was swallowed and subsequently “recycled” by millions of people over the centuries.  Mother Nature is the greatest recycler of all.

Well (no pun intended), WE were alerted to this story (it’s about Skagit County, but don’t think Whatcom County is very far behind; it isn’t):

Got WATER ? Maybe Not

Private water well owners’ rights were just usurped by a WA Supreme Court case decision. For now, the Department of Ecology says they will not shut down anyone’s private well. What about in the future? If the State controls private water rights they control much, much more.

This petition may make it around to various lists, but sign it once and pass it on through email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  A maximum number of signatures is needed to impress upon our state senators and representatives that corrective legislation is needed.  Our neighbors in rural Skagit County and throughout the state have a right to the water on their land. 

Please sign the petition in support of basic legal access to water for rural citizens in the Skagit Watershed. We support a balanced approach, but it must include water for tax-paying citizens!

Please send this to everyone (including organization membership lists) you know that are supportive of water for rural farmers and landowners across the state. While our problem here presents a unique set of past circumstances, it is a statewide issue. Let our legislators know we need a legislative solution now.

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