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By Lois Krafsky-Perry
Citizen Review Online

(Ed Note:  Written first in 2001, this look at the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State is a good reference point to what has been happening here and in other places over the years.)

Clallam County, WA – 6/28/01 – The North Olympic Peninsula is gripped with alarm, while citizens continue with their daily plans of building, remodeling, and simply living.

Something is different, and most tax-paying citizens do not realize what it is until they apply for permits with county planners.

Looming in front of the unexpected applicants is a list of specifications that would make their forefathers wipe their brows in dismay.

That list is joined together with something called the Critical Areas Ordinance (CAO). Not only is this an onerous ordinance but, suddenly a team of non-elected bureaucrats have leaped over the rules of county government (The Home Rule Charter) and are making demands that many of their elite don’t understand. Since their demands by- pass reason and logic, and play upon the whimsical perceptions of the latest designer, most ordinary citizens do not have a clue about what is happening to their beloved community.

Long before Ernest Callenbach’s books, “Ectopia”, and “Ectopia Emerging,” an extensive appetite for control was calculated by a diverse legion of schemers; and this new way of thinking was developed.

“This is what they have planned for your area up there,” declared my friend and author Constance Cumbey. After publishing, “The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow” in the early 70’s and “A Planned Deception”, she spent some time lecturing in this part of the Northwest, which was and is a seat for the movement. Of interest to her was Chinook Learning Center on Whidbey Island, where many of the national connectors networked.

Cumbey was especially interested in Sequim, in that this is where the leading New Age magazine, “In Context”, by Robert Gilman was being published. She encouraged me to take a look at these books and organizations, which I did. Now, 17 years later, many of the concepts in those books are coming to fruition not only here, but across this nation.

Marilyn Ferguson’s book, “The Aquarian Conspiracy,” chronicled many of these dreamers. She listed a myriad of players and network teams. Some of them are still out there, and some are not, but their euphoric dreams march on.

As these high- minded conspirators continue to plot their course, they call anyone who disagrees with them, “conspiracy theorists”; and yet it was one of their very own who chose to place the conspiracy label upon their own heads.

The mention of The Wildlands Project, is scoffed at by its administrators, while they wield policy in their hand and pitch it to any group of citizens they have targeted. That target is now the area in which we live, where we continue to strive for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, guaranteed by the United States Constitution. Many of the local land -acquisition projects drip with the ludicrous plots of the elusive players.

As local people and tax-paying citizens are told that they have to prepare their land to match the unproven and preposterous landscape of pre-man/pre-glacier days, one would have to laugh at its absurdity. However, as funny as it may seem—this is not a laughing matter.

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