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Tax Invasion?

by Jay Sekulow
Chief Counsel, ACLJ

Posted 10/2/2013

The IRS has targeted citizens for their beliefs. It has misinformed and stonewalled Congress. And now it’s in charge of ObamaCare.

How did a government agency that is supposed to collect tax revenue become an abusive monstrosity used to target conservatives and pro-life citizens?

It is time for this story to be told.

In addition to leading the largest lawsuit against the IRS on behalf of targeted Americans, we put together a short movie telling the story and explaining the high stakes of our fight against IRS abuse.

Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, Doctor Ben Carson, and many national leaders sat down with me to tell this critical story.

Click the link below:

Watch ACLJ Films’ brand new documentary, “Tax Invasion.”

The American Center for Law & Justice has argued many cases on behalf of individual rights before the US Supreme Court, and won.  Their website is at

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