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State Candidate Hopefuls Share Ideas

By Lois Krafsky-Perry
for Citizen Review


June 25, 2016


Port Angeles…The Republican Women of Clallam County (RWCC) hosted two candidates who are seeking public office, for the 24th Legislative District on Saturday, June 25, 2016.


Danille Turissini, from Port Ludlow (Jefferson County)  and John Alger, from Sequim (Clallam County)  spoke to a small group of  ladies, Saturday, June 25th, at Republican headquarters.

Turissini is running for the State Senate as an Independent GOP (Grand Old Party) candidate.

John Alger also an Independent /GOP, is vying for Position 2, in the House of Representatives.

Turissini, a public relations consultant, with over 30 years of policy experience, has been very active in community and legislative affairs.


She will work towards improving our local schools.  “We need to fulfill our funding obligations to public education, as well as support vocational training to prepare our kids for a broad range of careers in today’s global economy,” states Turissini.


She has a strong interest in creating jobs and growing the economy.  Holding government accountable and protecting our freedoms is paramount to the candidate, who will work to cut wasteful spending, improve efficiency, and not impose unnecessary laws and regulations.

Turissini is married to her husband Dave, for 33 years. They have five children and 3 grand-children.


John Alger, running for the first time, is a decorated military veteran with 22 years U.S. Air Force service.  He is concerned for the future of our Olympic Peninsula and decided to run for the House of Representatives.


The candidate is former small business owner and also a CPR/First Aid Instructor.


Alger is active in many community services such as Council Member at Sequim Valley FourSquare Church and member of Board of Directors.  He is the former Board Chair for My Choices Pregnancy Medical Resource Centers of Clallam County.


The economy is a concern for Alger, who states, “It’s the economy…  we all know in a weak economy, everybody suffers: small business owners, wage earners, home owners, social program and services lack funding. This shouldn’t be!” affirms Alger.


The candidate understands the county, in that he grew up in Grays Harbor County and now lives in Clallam County.


The 24th District covers Clallam, Jefferson and Grays Harbor Counties.


Alger notes that jobs are important. “We need jobs! An environment favorable to business startups and growth of existing business is essential to finding our way out of this mess,” he stated, while listing economic numbers, such as unemployment figures for the 24th District.

Education is another priority for Alger.


He is married to his wife Linda, for 29 years, and has lived in Sequim since 1998.


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