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‘Smart Meter’ commercial launched

Editorial by Mike Hazard

Las Vegas, NV

Posted 8/16/2012

Today we want to announce the roll out of a new “Smart meter Commercial.”  The commercial was produced by Liberty Media Pros. You can view the video at this you-tube link -or go to this  you-tube link  and search on the name ‘Smart Meter Commercial.’  It hasn’t made it to the top of the list yet on the left hand side, but in the roster of videos it was down about #6 and has the words ‘cyber attack’ across the face of the picture and description of “spreading the word about the issues of smart meters.” 

The purpose of the commercial is threefold.  First to help get the word out about smart meters and educating those who may not be aware of the issues associated with them or to convince those on the fence that the issues related to smart meters are real and not insignificant.

Secondly, it was to motivate citizens of this country to contact their legislators or governors to let them know we oppose the weakening of our national electrical grid to a cyber attack. We feel the only way we will change the direction of this movement is to let our state and local governments know that we the people will not tolerate this surreptitious interruption of privacy protected under the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution.

Third,  it was to help unite a movement that is growing in size and unity across this country. Some 56 counties and cities in California have now placed moratoriums on their installation.  Thirty states have anti-smart meter opposition groups with their numbers growing every day.  Fourteen states have adopted or are working on legislation that would limit their installation or are providing some sort of opt-out program.  In March of this year Vermont became the first state in the union whose governor signed legislation that allowed a no-fee opt-out for the ratepayers of that state who did not want a smart meter.

Finally, it was to aid in raising funds for the lengthy fight that lies ahead in each of our states to stop this massive invasion of privacy, compromise of security and impairment to a healthy environment. For further information, go to

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