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Sequim, WA – Special meeting called for SARC

Thursday, October 29. 2015

by Lois Krafsky-Perry

Sequim, WA – The Board of Clallam County Recreation District 1, called a special meeting, Thursday October 29,  to discuss several issues.
Representing Sequim Aquatic Recreation Center, (SARC)  four board members met with their attorney, Craig Miller.

Approximately 20 people attended, including the board.

Chair Frank Pickering, Gil Goodman, Sherrie Nagel, and Jan Richardson were present with Melinda Griffith absent.

Pickering said earlier, that it was going to be a boring meeting.

“It is going to be a short meeting today,” said Pickering, who listed the three topics of discussion. Minutes from the last two meetings were not available and Pickering said the minutes would be ready to be approved, at the November meeting.

The first item was to take action, for the  termination. of the Executive Director, Scott Deschenes, to be effective October 30th.   Miller suggested an addition to the statement to include, “without cause.”  Pickering asked for a motion, which was submitted by Jan Richardson and seconded by Sherry Nagel,  Vice-chair. The yes vote was unanimous.

Pickering asked for a Board resolution to authorize  Deschenes to do some contract work,  allowing him to sell some equipment. “He can dispose as he sees appropriate,” announced Pickering.

The last item of business was a cancellation of a CD from the county Treasurer.  It is to be moved out of SARC reserve to a different account with no cost in penalties, according to Pickering. Miller said the Treasurer will purchase Certificate of Purchase.

Nagel asked about an item in their packet, which Pickering said would be discussed later. He later told me it had to do with another contracted employee.  Apparently they will settle fairly with him, at a later date.

Attendees were told there would be no public comment.

Some had expected that someone representing the YMCA would report on their survey.  The feasibility study was to be completed Saturday, October 24th.  SARC voted to spend $5,000 for the $36,000 study.  The City of Sequim also gave $5,000.

Individual board members stated earlier that a YMCA representative will submit their findings at the regular November board meeting, for SARC.  It is usually the second Wednesday of the month.  However, several special meetings have been called in the past couple of months. The last two special meetings have been announced 24 hours or more, ahead of time, as required by law.

Many citizens are concerned for the future of the SARC facility.
Another option could be another levy, but SARC needs several thousand dollars to submit that request, by December 11th, for the February levy.

It has not yet been decided by City of Sequim, to participate although they did submit funds for the feasibility study, which was to contact people by phone and internet for the survey questions.

SARC is closing its doors Friday, October 30th.  Refunds have been frozen until further notice.

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