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Questions raised about grants for WA Wildlife Recreation Program – recreation for ‘wildlife’?

Commentary and information from Pearl Rains-Hewett
Posted 4/20/2013
Public access to WA State Parks 
Perhaps YOUR last public hearing opportunity on the topic of our request legislation and the Discover Pass is set for Monday, April 22 at 9 am before the House $$$$$ Appropriations Committee.
To: Daniel Farber, Director
Policy and Intergovernmental Affairs
Washington State Parks
I am a WA State Park VESTED Stakeholders
This my comment on YOUR Policy and Intergovernmental Affairs Washington State Parks andYOUR  requested $$$$ legislation.  

Washington Wildlife Recreation Program (WWRP)

The Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program provides funding for a broad range of land protection and outdoor recreation, including park acquisition and development, habitat conservation, farmland preservation, and construction of outdoor recreation facilities.

I find the title and description of the , WWRP program DISTURBING? It this WApark broad range of land protection, acquisition, development habitat, conservation program designed to provide outdoor recreation facilities for WILDLIFE?

Capital Budget (Doesn’t include a possible $5 – $10 million infusion forremoval of fish passage blocking culverts)
Governor Inlsee – $46.6 million (plus $8.3 million in WWRP Grants)
House – $56.9 million (plus $7.9 million in WWRP Grants)
Senate – $50.7 million (plus $3.3 million in WWRP Grants)
Commission October Request – $67.8 million (plus $11.5 million in WWRPGrants)
Per Rep. VanDeWege, $20 MILLION SPENT for removal of fish passage blocking culverts this year.
Last summer families in Port Angeles were putting up tents and camping in their back yards.
The abysmal failure of the WA State Discover Pass? The cost, Families simply can not afford to use WA State Parks.
Also if there is going to be a gas tax increase, NOVA needs its appropriate share.

Do you really think raising the gas tax and grabbing a piece of the pie, is the solution to increasing park attendance, for the jobless, working poor, economically starvedpeople in Clallam County?
Is the solution  to  providing free Public Viewing of WA State Parks just as aNOVA image on Television?




From: name removed
Sent: Friday, April 19, 2013 11:58 PM
Subject: FW: State Parks Legislative Report – April 19, 2013
Bills regarding State Parks funding are coming fast and either moving or dying.   The session is winding down.   I am okay with SB5897 and SHB1935 (scheduled for public hearing on Monday).   It is hard to state support for SHB1935 since it may be an entirely different bill when it is heard on Monday.   This is the problem with these bills.   They are amended on the spot in Committee with no prior review by the public so you may say you like a bill on minute but it is an entirely different bill the next.
We still want $27million for State Parks from the General Fund, at least $60 million for WWRP (and no games with cherry picking projects), and no sweeps of NOVA.   Also if there is going to be a gas tax increase, NOVA needs its appropriate share.
Well one bill we supported passed both houses.   Increasing the size of the Horse Park Authority.   At least it is something!!
name removed
From: Farber, Daniel (PARKS) [mailto:Daniel.Farber@PARKS.WA.GOV]
Sent: Friday, April 19, 2013 10:50 AM
To: Farber, Daniel (PARKS)
Subject: State Parks Legislative Report – April 19, 2013
Dear Park Stakeholders,
For your information, below is the latest report to park staff of issues affecting State Parks in the legislature.
From: Farber, Daniel (PARKS)
Sent: Friday, April 19, 2013 10:45 AM
To: Parks DL All Employees
Subject: Legislative Report – April 19, 2013
Dear Colleagues,
I want to provide you a brief update on legislative doings since last week’s report.
A.      The Discover Pass and Agency Request Legislation: 
There is no change on the status of SB5897, which combines four major state parks related elements:
1.       The core of our agency request legislation (SB5653) which works to expand partnerships, expand the role of the Park Foundation, and link us more soundly to cultural celebrations, ethnic heritage and the arts.
2.       Discover Pass reforms (SB5289) that formalize existing practice of not requiring/enforcing the Pass when accessing through DNR and WDFW lands.  There is no such change on State Parks lands.    The bill also allows for wholesaling of the pass, if all three agencies agree.
3.       Establishing a set of performance measurements for state parks, and a reporting function to the legislature.
4.       Provides $5 million per year funding from the litter tax for 4 years to state parks.
The bill passed the Senate Ways and Means Committee and now sits in theRules Committee.
Perhaps the last public hearing opportunity on the topic of our request legislation and the Discover Pass is set for Monday, April 22 at 9 am before the House Appropriations Committee.  SHB1935 is set as the first bill up for a public hearing in the House Hearing Room A. At this time we do not know or any amendatory language for that bill.  But here is the most reasonable expectation:
1.       It will be similar to SB5897, however it is unlikely to include the litter tax provision.
2.       It may include some provision related to legislative oversight of the potential State Parks-Public Development Authority Co-Management at Fort Worden.
B.      Boating Safety
SSB 5437 passed the Senate and the House, but in slightly different forms.   It is now on the concurrence calendar in the Senate. The bill provides some law enforcement teeth when it comes to operating a boat while under the influence of intoxicating alcohol.
C.     Snowmobile Funding
        HB2002 has passed the House and now sits in Senate Ways and Means.  It wouldincrease fees for snowmobile registration and allow our Commission to set other fees; enabling funding and services to improve to historic levels.
D.  Horse Park Authority
        A bill to expand the Authority from 7 to 11 members passed both chambers and is scheduled to be signed by the Governor on Monday.  Our Commission appoints members to the Authority Board, but has little other relationship to the organization.
E.  Budgets  
There are no differences to report from last week. The latest versions of the budget proposals are:
Operating Budget (General Fund or Other Tax Supported Funding)
Governor Inlsee – $23.7 million
House – $23.7 million
Senate – $16.4 million
Commission October Request – $27.2 million
Capital Budget (Doesn’t include a possible $5 – $10 million infusion for removal of fish passage blocking culverts)
Governor Inlsee – $46.6 million (plus $8.3 million in WWRP Grants)
House – $56.9 million (plus $7.9 million in WWRP Grants)
Senate – $50.7 million (plus $3.3 million in WWRP Grants)
Commission October Request – $67.8 million (plus $11.5 million in WWRP Grants)
I hope you find this report helpful.  Please let me know if you have questions or comments.
Take care,
Daniel Farber, Director
Policy and Intergovernmental Affairs
Washington State Parks
P.O. Box 42650
Olympia, Washington 98504-2650
Mobile: (360) 701-5326
FAX: (360) 586-6580
This email and any responses may be subject to state public disclosure laws.
Have You Discovered Washington State Parks?
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Give the WA State parks back to the counties and provide employment for the local people.
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This is my comment on public access to public land, the WILD Olympics – Wilderness Scoping Plan and to all Federal State Agencies, elected officials, and appointed government agencies including the ONP and the US fish and wildlife service.
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Paid parks entry can be purchased using an on-line guide, an automated telephone system, or through an automated non-customer service representative.
Government park PAY PER VIEW events often include, restricted use, excessive other restrictions, quotas, conservation, no jogging, no horses, road blocks, reservations, limited campsites,closed trails, permits, more permits, closed roads, denied access, no off road vehicles, no campfires, no fishing, no hunting, no shooting, no pets, no bicycles, and adding additional new enhanced features like surveillance, law enforcement, ticketing, court appearance events and exorbitant payment of non-negotiable fines on you, for your entertainment.
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Sacramento, CA; July 17, 2012: On behalf of off-road motorized recreational users of the Tahoe National Forest, attorneys with Pacific Legal Foundation today sued the federal government for illegally closing off more than 800 miles of roads and trails that have been used for decades by the public for environmentally responsible off-road motorized recreation, access to camping and fishing, and to assist in the prevention of forest fires.
Support Pacific Legal Foundation “We are filing this lawsuit to stop the U.S. Forest Service from illegally padlocking vast areas of the Tahoe National Forest and blocking the public from enjoying responsible recreational use of public lands,” said PLF attorney Brandon M. Middleton.
The Federal Courts will decide.
You decide.
Pearl Rains Hewett


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