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Politically correct light bulbs requires pages of new regulations and fines

Posted 7/20/2012

by Marguerite Glover


How many of you have ever gotten really hurt, from an incandescent light bulb? Did it work? Did you receive light from it?

Well, now that we are all using the new, energy-saving, politically correct light bulbs, Ecology has to come up with new regulations!


WAC 173-910-010 Purpose.
(1) Washington state law requires establishment of a convenient and environmentally sound product stewardship program for mercury-containing lights throughout Washington state by January 1, 2013.


These new regulations would apply to any producer, transporter, retailer, processors/recyclers, etc., of Mercury-containing lights. There are requirements and fines for non-compliance, for all of these groups. The producers will get to pay DOE an annual fee; pay “all administrative and operational costs associated with their program or programs, except for…”; “participate in a fully implemented plan;” and “take actions required to correct violations,” among other things. The producers FIRST violation notice, for not implementing an approved plan is an “automatic penalty of up to $5,000, plus warning letter…”

These new regulations include requirements and fines for stewardship organizations, and their collection processes. The new WACs are 27 pages long.

The public comment period ends August 14, 2012. Here is a flyer about the regulations and the process for submitting comments:

You will note that, “discarded mercury-containing lights can release toxic mercury vapors.” But, this proposed Rule has received a Declaration of Non-Significance, under the State Environmental Policy Act. If the lights can be toxic/harmful, would this Rule have a significance? It will certainly make for more fees, increased prices (sent on to the consumer), and more employees needed, in DOE.

More rules and regulations, every week.

Marguerite Glover is a Sequim, WA realtor who has been actively involved with following the WA State Dept. of Ecology rules and regulations for over 15 years.

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