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Overpopulation: A fact or a myth?

June 2012 –

So much of the promotion of environmentalism is based on the premise of “overpopulation”.  Every time I get into a conversation with someone, I hear “well, everyone knows the earth is over-populated.” Yet this statement is directly contrary to the facts.

Consider some basic math:

Take the population of the entire globe (as of June 2012) – 7,019,963,964. (Click here for the population clock)

Then divide that number into the square footage of the state of Texas. (Texas includes 267,339 square miles, or 7.4% of the nation’s total area.) Click here for this and other information about the State of Texas. (To find out how many square feet are in the state of Texas, multiply 5280 x 5280 – to find out how many square feet in a square mile), which equals 28,944,400 square feet. Then multiply that number by the number of square miles (28,944,400 x 267,339), which equals 7,737,966,951,600 square feet in the state of Texas.

Every and every man, woman and child would have 1,102 square feet of space, with the entire rest of the earth empty.

Do your research.  Question the statements.  Don’t buy the lie.

Margaret Sanger was one of the pioneers in birth control and promoting the idea that the world would be overpopulated if something drastic wasn’t done.  The Negro Project was just one of several in which she played a major role.  Click here to read the article:

1491: The Pristine Myth – How many people populated America before the ‘European settlers’ arrived?


Watch the video, “Overpopulation, the Myth” at

Also, are we reproducing enough children to continue? – see some alarming statistics.

Then, based upon the facts, YOU decide.

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