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Open letter to Ecology: Show us where you are authorized by law to follow UN Agenda 21 policies

Posted 1/30/2013

The following is an “open letter” to the Washington State Department of Ecology, calling into question the policies as set out on their website in compliance with the United Nations Agenda 21 (Sustainable Development) and the UN Earth Charter.  Click here to see the Ecology “What is Sustainability?” page. (See screenshot here – What is Sustainability? in the event the Ecology website should ultimately remove the page.)

Department of Ecology PDA Request for Documents
Ms. Polly Zehm, Acting Director

State of Washington
Department of Ecology
P. O. Box 47600
Olympia, WA  98504-7600
Dear Ms. Zehm:
For several years, thousands of Washington State property owners have believed that the Department of Ecology (DOE) is operating outside the scope of its legal authority.  That suspicion not only arises out of the information that can be found on the DOE website, but on many of the actions taken by the DOE against property owners, especially rural landowners.  One of those areas was illustrated when the State Attorney General had to stop the DOE from enforcing reductions in the Supreme Court authorized 5,000 gallon per day withdrawal of well water for certain landowners.
Much of what DOE does, seems to be driven by radical environmental policies that are the product of United Nations Agenda 21, the Earth Charter and Sustainability, none of which can be found as legal authority in the United States.  These policies are adopted by local and state agencies by color of law and appear to have no U. S. and/or state constitutional, or statute authority.
Consequently, we have attached a Washington State Public Disclosure Act request, in Microsoft WORD format, for the production of documents to determine if any legal authority exists for DOE to insert United Nations or other international policies, into Washington State law.
As you may know, there have been bills introduced into this session of the legislature to stop the practice of Washington State agencies from using international law as a basis or foundation for state law.  Whether these bills pass the legislature or not, the issue is not going to go away and many Washington State landowners will get behind legislation or legal action to stop such practices.
Ron Ewart
P. O. Box 813
Fall City, WA  98024
Click here to see letter mailed to Ecology: DOE PDA request 1.28.2013

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