November 2002

Congress has not unlimited powers to provide for the general welfare,
but only those specifically enumerated."
-- Thomas Jefferson




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October 2002

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November 28, 2002

Around Washington State

11/28/02 State water meters a hard sell - Despite paying little themselves, irrigators shy away from devices - Spokesman-Review

11/28/02 Conservation grant available for stream-side landowners - Hangman Creek, Little Spokane targeted areas over next five years -Spokesman-Review

11/28/02 Bush proposes more logging, fewer environmental reviews -King 5 News

11/28/02 A Conversation about Education with Kitsap County Area Legislators, School Board Directors, Superintendents and Community Members Notes by Carrie Riplinger and Mary Swoboda

11/28/02 Kitsap Transit to buy foot ferry for $1.5M -Bremerton Sun

11/28/02 WA State: Logging group eyes Wild Sky - Timber interests hope to alter boundaries -The Daily Herald

11/28/02 GMA: Commissioners clash over legal counsel - Islands Sounder

11/28/02 Former GMA Hearings Board Lopez officer to speak at planning workshop - Islands Weekly

11/28/02 A bull's eye for shooting range plan - But, with no money, it's no closer to being built -Skagit Valley Herald

The Nation

11/28/02 Sensenbrenner: GAO Report Finds Justice Department Not Providing Effective Oversight of Key IT Systems -US Newswire

Around The West

11/28/02 Tucson, AZ: Grazing Banned Temporarily on Lands Affecting Endangered Owl - AP

11/28/02 Official: It's illegal to permanently retire grazing permits - Capital Press

11/28/02 EPA stand could trigger the loss of some pesticides - Capital Press

11/28/02 A look at the Farm Bill and its effects on small farms - E&E Pub.

11/28/02 Forest management changes take root - The Missoulian

11/28/02 Oregon: Budget takes another wallop - The Oregonian

11/28/02 AZ: Group turns in signatures for recall - Sierra Vista Herald

11/28/02 In light of debates, P&Z commission reviews development code - Sierra Club states that it's best to increase density of housing - SV Herald

November 27, 2002

11/27/02 The Conservative Crisis: Failure to expose Sustainable Development - Conservative

11/27/02 Bush signs security bill -Bellingham Herald

11/27/02 Plan alters salmon protection - White House aims to fire up timber sales in Northwest - The Olympian

11/27/02 Logging rules may be eased - Plan calls for less scientific study before cutting in national forests - Seattle P-I

11/27/02 Stormwater removal facility may slow future progress - KONP Radio

11/27/02 'Speed Kills' - Bike loses control on the Sammamish trail - Users express concern over no policing - KOMO-4

11/27/02 Higher fees could plug county budget gap -Shelton-Mason County Journal

11/27/02 Pierce County weighs higher fees- News Tribune

11/27/02 Income tax advised for state, but no time soon - News Tribune

11/27/02 Smaller zone for mining? Public comment opens Dec. 5 -PT Leader

Thanksgiving Day in History -

November 25, 2002

11/25/02 State builders' group packs fierce political punch -The Olympian

11/25/02 Minorities Impacted by Smart Growth Policies - by Jim Hauser, GOP USA News

11/25/02 Climate change is natural - Believe the science, not the rhetoric: We aren't causing global warming, say scientists - The Globe and Mail

11/25/02 Property owners worried about critical habitat designation - Merced Sun-Star

11/25/02 The Wildlands Project – The Nature Conservancy – Strategy for the 1990’s - The Wildlands Project Comes to Hidalgo County (Part 9) A Country Girl’s Musin’ by Judy Keeler

11/25/02 Private property zoning, regulations, erodes freedom and individuality TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.

November 24, 2002

11/24/02 Klamath water crisis painful government betrayal lesson - Western Farm Press

11/24/02 Wild Sky hopes dashed in House - Time runs out for state wilderness measure - Seattle P-I

11/24/02 Irrigators, state settle water rights case - Tri-City Herald

11/24/02 NM: Counties Rally Around Forest Health Petition - Sierra Times

11/24/02 Investigators: Burned by fees -as a sluggish economy drags tax revenues down, more local governments are charging hefty fees for basic services such as health and fire inspections and building permits - King 5 News

11/24/02 County loses in growth management case - Thurston County court ruling could limit local governments' ability to extend basic services to rural areas - Spokesman-Review

11/24/02 Verizon Sues Over Wash. Phone Privacy Rules - AP

11/24/02 Sheriff supports right of private citizens to buy guns - Commentary by Sheriff John McCroskey

11/24/02 WA State House Republicans chose new leadership team

11/24/02 1 in 10 Washington residents now without health insurance -Seattle Times

11/24/02 Medical savings accounts can cut health-care costs - Seattle Times

11/24/02 Better access to health care advocated - Panelists at forum say healthy workers make for healthy system -Spokesman-Review

11/24/02 Sound Transit won't sue yet against I-776 -Seattle Times

November 23, 2002

11/23/02 Pierce County challenges I-776- The News Tribune

11/23/02 Eyman, grassroots taxpayer organization, issue statement about I-776 & I-800

11/23/02 Tax cuts among plans for nation's economy -The Olympian

11/23/02 WA: It's time to rebuild the state's tax system - Current tax system hurts small business, the little guy --Seattle Times

11/23/02 Feds propose bull trout critical habitat -Methow Valley News

11/23/02 Stewardship grant deadline extended to Jan. 15 - The Daily Press, Wisconsin

11/23/02 Methow Valley: Cougar shot near residential area - Methow Valley News

11/23/02 Children flee homeschool cop - Parents warned: 'I could have your kids taken away' - WND

November 22, 2002

Around Washington State

11/22/02 Good news for Hood Canal fishers - King 5 News

11/22/02 State Senate assembles new committee lineup -Seattle Times

11/22/02 Eyman gets to work on new tax initiative - Spokesman-Review

11/22/02 Agencies debate car-tab strategy -Seattle Times

11/22/02 State Needs More Time on Workers' Comp Rates - Yakima Herald-Republic

11/22/02 Water rights litigation likely headed for courts-Tri-City Herald

11/22/02 Snohomish County, WA: Group sues to force vote on Sultan's form of government -Everett Herald

11/22/02 Lawmakers lobbying for Wild Sky passage - Everett Herald

11/22/02 Boeing plans to cut 5,000 jobs in 2003 -The Olympian

11/22/02 West's water woes could get worse, global warming alarmists say - The Olympian

11/22/02 Global warming to hit rivers hard, analysis finds -Tacoma Tribune

11/22/02 Global Warming Models Labeled 'Fairy Tale' By Team of Scientists - CNS News

11/22/02 Another Study Debunks Global Warming - Liberty Matters

11/22/02 Fish, rivers, environmentalists win in dam removal -News Tribune

11/22/02 A Black Day for Black Rock Dam: Water programs may be put on hold - Yakima Herald-Republic

11/22/02 Senate approves groundfish buyback - Fishers would relinquish permits to fish, boats couldn't be used for fishing anywhere in the world - The Olympian

11/22/02 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by Berit Kjos

November 21, 2002

Around The Nation

11/21/02 Unnamed senators block enviro bill - Lobbyist calls result 'a huge victory for grass-roots activists' - WND

11/21/02 The Wildlands Project – The Nature Conservancy’s land acquisition program - A Country Girl’s Musin’:The Wildlands Project Comes to Hidalgo County (Part 8) by Judy Keeler

11/21/02 It's Spending, Stupid! or, Why There's No State Budget Quagmire - In the past decade, state budgets increased by 88 percent, which led total state government spending to eclipse $1 trillion in 2001 -by Jason M. Thomas, Staff Economist, Citizens for a Sound Economy

11/21/02 Increases in housing costs are outpacing wage hikes -News Tribune

11/21/02 Deal saves homeland legislation - Senate OKs landmark bill; extra provisions to be revisited- The Olympian

11/21/02 The Iraqi infiltration - by Michelle Malkin, Townhall

Around WA State

11/21/02 State Taxpayers, Take Cover! State governments across the country get ready to raise taxes in 2003 -CSE

11/21/02 State's water a necessary investment, wants "proper water management" Locke tells state and county agencies and tribes - News Tribune

11/21/02 Gov. Locke halts $1.8 billion Black Rock waterworks project-Tri-City Herald

11/21/02 Fairhurst wins race for state's top court -Seattle Times

11/21/02 State's 'Wild Sky' area nears U.S. protection - Seattle P-I

11/21/02 Department getting set to ask Legislature for fee increases - WDFW looks for ways to make up for general fund deficit-The Spokesman-Review


November 20, 2002

11/20/02 WA State: Income tax advised for state, but not this year - News Tribune

11/20/02 Kitsap County gives state bill for $2.65 million for 'unfunded mandates' -Bremerton Sun

11/20/02 L&I releases files on ergonomics inspections -The Olympian

11/20/02 Key foster care case for state justices - Verdict on reforms will have 'huge national implications in pinball lives children suffer'-Seattle P-I

11/20/02 WA State: Rep. Kessler once again in No. 2 spot -The Daily World

11/20/02 Guardians of the Sound: He wants kids to see salmon in creeks-Seattle P-I

11/20/02 Congress Overwhelmingly Passes Terrorism Insurance Bill - AP

11/20/02 Washington State: Common sense budgeting . . . coming soon? - by Bob Williams, Evergreen Freedom Foundation

11/20/02 Senator places hold on bill to amend ESA -E&E Daily

11/20/02 Senate okays Homeland Security Bill- Fox News

11/20/02 Elements of legislation to create a 170,000-employee Homeland Security Department - Fox News

November 18, 2002

11/18/02 More lame-duck mischief: S 990, aka the Confiscation and Relocation Act by Henry Lamb, WND

11/18/02 S-990 - The Condemnation and Relocation Act (CARA): The Immediate Threat to Property Rights by Alan Caruba for Sierra Times

11/18/02 House Passes 15 Resources Bills by Unanimous Consent

11/18/02 How much do you really pay in state and local taxes? -Seattle Times

November 17, 2002

11/17/02 San Juan County, WA: Committee says county should abandon GMA -Islands Weekly

11/17/02 Localized transportation plan in the works -King 5 News

11/17/02 Credibility test looms for WASL- Bellingham Herald

11/17/02 AZ: Debating debris: Two properties condemned; Nerhan questions why investigation occurred - Sierra Vista Herald

11/17/02 Should cities convert one-way streets to two-way? by Randal O'Toole The Thoreau Institute

11/17/02 Doctors: Bill allows forced vaccinations - Physicians' group decries legislation establishing new Cabinet agency - WND

11/17/02 Cities should be made beautiful, but not at the expense of freedom -TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.

November 16, 2002

News Alert! Contact your Legislators with your opinion!

11/16/02 Son of CARA on fast-track through Congress - Call your Senators today! - from American Land Rights Association

11/16/02 Homeland Security Bill raises troubling civil liberties questions, says US Rep - Almost 500 pages will cost more than $3 billion, grants major new powers to governement agencies by Ron Paul

Around WA State

11/16/02 WA: Belfair planning group chooses MAKERS to assist with efforts - Seattle company will use consensus process to 'shape future for the next 100 years' -Belfair Herald

11/16/02 Pend Oreille County, WA: Bull trout recovery may cost $500 million - Draft plan suggests fish ladders at some dams -The Spokesman-Review

11/16/02 Yakima River Basin: Saving a Trout Can Change Our Land - Plan would lead to changes in irrigation, local land use, grazing and timber harvesting - Yakima Herald-Republic

11/16/02 Plans to recover bull trout listed - 5 dams called 'primary impediments to recovery' - Tri-City Herald

11/16/02 Yakima County, WA: Judge OKs City Water Settlement - Yakima Herald-Republic

11/16/02 Puyallup schools develop diversity office - Reader questions why ten-year-olds are wearing police-like vests and running interference for the 'implementation' of 'tolerance for all' policies - News Tribune/Julie Kay Smithson

WA State Government

11/16/02 Locke on budget: new approach, maybe new taxes - Seattle Times

11/16/02 WA: Organizational changes in store for state government - Everett Herald

11/16/02 R-51: Panel, agency will strive to keep taxpayers informed - The Columbian

11/16/02 WA: Coalition asks court to throw out Referendum 53 -Bremerton Sun

11/16/02 In the Northwest: As a leader, Locke looks an awful lot like a loser - Seattle P-I

11/16/02 L&I ordered to air ergonomic data - Thurston judge tells state agency to release full, uncensored records - The Olympian

Around the Nation

11/16/02 NV: Fair Comment: Spat Over Federal Takeover Has Latin America Watching - Insight Magazine

11/16/02 "Anti-Sprawl Fervor Meets Backlash" USA Today

11/16/02 FLA: Gun distributor levied $1.2 million in landmark lawsuit - AP

11/16/02 TRAFFIC CHECKS: Random stops begin today in Michigan - Federal agents will ask passengers for their citizenship, conduct searches - Detroit Free Press

Around The World

11/16/02 Heady march of China's property revolution - Property moves from 'public' to 'private' ownership - Strait Times

November 15, 2002

11/15/02 Government agencies plans to ignore people, will continue to collect taxes - Changes to be made to I-800 to strengthen citizens' rights - Tim Eyman

11/15/02 Washington State plans to buy land to support existing forests -Omak Chronicle

11/15/02 EDITORIAL: Suit over Snake River dredging masks green elite's intent - Tri-City Herald

11/15/02 Salamander surveys trip up timber sale - The Columbian

11/15/02 Lions and Wolves and Bears, Oh My! When is enough, enough...? By Candace Oathout, Eco-Logic

11/15/02 Court says USFWS must tell where the species are - NHBA

11/15/02 Squirrel-friendly highway in Pierce County could cost millions extra -Seattle P-I

11/15/02 Salmon Is Back on Menu as governments, tribe move closer to working on recovery plan - Yakima Herald

11/15/02 What can be done about it? How to stop government land grabs - HenryLamb, Eco-Logic

11/15/02 Issues affecting so-called 'global warming' - Position paper for U.S. Climate Change Science Program Workshop (Dec 3-5, 2002) - by S. Fred Singer, eco-logic

11/15/02 Conservation Easements and Title Insurance:What Land Trusts Don’t Tell You -Sierra Times

November 14, 2002

11/14/02 'Trails and Greenways: Designing for the Future Workshop' planned by Sue Forde, Citizen Review Online

11/14/02 Hansen Files Landmark Bill to Restore Original Intent of Endangered Species Act -Sierra Times

11/14/02 WA State Supreme Court, legislative races remain tight - News Tribune

11/14/02 Pierce County, WA: Protecting squirrels may raise - Tribune

11/14/02 Judge lifts controls on red-legged frog lands - Settlement opens 4.1 million acres in California to development while feds draft new plan to protect species - Alameda Times-Star

11/14/02 Ecotourism Is All Very Well, but $3 a Day Isn't - NY Times

11/14/02 You Are a Suspect - William Safire, NY Times

11/14/02 Bill Would Limit Damages for People Injured by Smallpox Vaccine-AP

November 13, 2002

11/13/02 I-800 will be the 800 pound gorilla in 2003, says Eyman

11/13/02 Everett, WA: City defends shoreline plan: Environmental groups and Tulalips challenge it - Daily Herald

11/13/02 Idaho: Water users group praises flow plan - Capital Press

11/13/02 Keeping a legacy of farming alive - County buyout plan dedicates farmland to agriculture - Skagit Valley Herald

11/13/02 Negotiators fine-tune homeland security deal -King 5 News

November 12, 2002

11/12/02 Colorado: State touts logging as way to increase water - The Pueblo Chieftan

11/12/02 State Program Spending Money on Itself, Instead of Its Clients - Kiro News

11/12/02 Methow Valley: Families with arsenic in water now on their own - Methow Valley News

11/12/02 Chilling News: The earth isn't warming, it's cooling, says NASA - Tech Central Station

11/12/02 Scientists conclude there are no harmful environmental effects of increased atmospheric carbon dioxide Oregon Institute of Science & Medicine

11/12/02 Pentagon Plans a Computer System That Would Peek at Personal Data of Americans - NY Times

November 11, 2002

11/11/02 Lands commissioner to ask Legislature for $100 million -News Tribune

11/11/02 Federal judge reverses frog habitat plan - King 5 News

11/11/02 Conserving animals may not be worth it - Protection may be costing human lives - Kenya's Daily Nation

11/11/02 Seattle, WA: Saving the Sound: Tall order for Army Corps -Seattle Times

11/11/02 WA: Senate Democrats choose Brown to succeed Snyder- King 5 News

11/11/02 School surveys ask children very personal questions TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.

11/11/02 Florida's pig amendment puts pressure on farmers -- in other states - Orlando Sun-Sentinal

11/11/02 A Bigger, Grander US "World Capital Building" - UN lacks funds to fees starving children, but can renovate its NY building costing billions - Tom DeWeese, News with Views

November 10, 2002

11/10/02 Let's stop being manipulated! The Delphi Technique by Albert Burns

11/10/02 Selling out government: From 'citizens' to 'customers, the reinvention of government costs us our Constitution - by Joan Veon, WND

11/10/02 MT: Liquid assets: The question of 'who owns the water' continues - The Missoulian

11/10/02 OR: When wolves move in -The Oregonian

11/10/02 GOP victory could hasten Supreme Court retirements -The Olympian

November 9, 2002

11/9/02 Washington state Senate swings to Republicans - King 5 News

11/9/02 Court boosts effort to block Tahoe-area logging - LVRJ

11/9/02 Whidbey Island: Land Trust hires a full-time director - Whidbey Island Reporter

November 8, 2002

11/8/02 The Riparian Area Protection Ordinance, Acquisition and Relocation, 'For the Public Good' by Sharon Shumate

11/8/02 Agency not necessary - County should learn from failure of central planning schemes elsewhere - Las Vegas RJ

11/8/02 Montana: State, owners seek to block power plant suit -The Missoulian

11/8/02 Federal Way, WA: Poverty in the Hylebos woods - Transients move to the forests, parents concerned for children because of network of trails nearby - News Tribune

11/8/02 Hospital battles spread of whooping cough - King 5 News

11/8/02 Author offers his theories on how salmon affect PUD rates - Buchal offers possible remedies for high rates -Everett Herald

11/8/02 Thousands of pigs to be fenced in, killed on Santa Cruz Island - Sacto Bee

11/8/02 Workers Comp proposal draws ire - L&I plans 40.5 percent increase next year - The Olympian

11/8/02 County tries for country on highways - Oregon County plans for 'Green Corridors' to limit development -The Oregonian w/commentary by Julie Kay Smithson

11/8/02 U.N. Panel OKs New Iraq Resolution -AP

November 7, 2002

11/7/02 GOP Harbors Hope of Olympia Takeover - Yakima-Herald Republic

11/7/02 WA Supreme Court hopefuls await final vote count-Spokesman Review

11/7/02 Clark County, WA: Home Rule Charter goes down to the wire - The Columbian

11/7/02 Tallahassee, FLA: Charter to bring 'big changes' - Possible differences include new utilities tax, lower property tax - "Citizens can petition their government now," says commission chair "And they couldn't do that before. That's an exciting thing."-Tallahassee Democrat

11/7/02 Late election news: Both Dohertys losing; SARC levy fails-Sequim Gazette

11/7/02 Corps of Engineers to build concrete wall to keep river in its channel - State accepts SM floodwall plan - Grant provides $400,000 for $1.1 million project - Gazette Record

11/7/02 Everett, WA: Environmental impact statement on Brightwater has few surprises - Modeling used instead of gathering detailed airflow information "It's not the same," one activist says.- Everett Herald

11/7/02 Land trust home owners must make many sacrifices - Islands Sounder

11/7/02 Building costs too high? Residents question whether high costs are result of 'more critical areas' or inefficiencies -With its open spaces, miles of shoreline and environmental consciousness, Bainbridge Island's building costs are almost 10 times higher than other cities in the region - Bainbridge Review

11/7/02 Digging down, building up in Winslow - Half of Bainbridge's growth to go into town's boundaries - Bainbridge Review

11/7/02 Chico Creek: Salmon face upstream battle after storm damage - A fish ladder break creates a question of priorities - Biologists are at odds with a local committee over the order of funding for area programs - Bremerton Sun

11/7/02 Idaho: County rejects Lost Creek development - Idaho Forest Industries plan was opposed by neighbors - Spokesman-Review

11/7/02 In the End, the Issues Matter Election 2002: the candidates that stressed taxes, energy security, and Social Security reform won -Paul Beckner, CSE

11/7/02 Twisp, WA: Community garden connects children with community - Capital Press

11/7/02 Johnson withstands Kitsap challengers -Write-in candidate Steve Alexander garners less than 5 percent of the vote - Bremerton Sun

11/7/02 - Voters approve Tim Eyman's car-tab initiative -Bremerton Sun

November 6, 2002

11/6/02 Republicans recapture Senate, hold the House, bucking historical trend for party in White House - 9am News

11/6/02 Seattle: Voters say no to taxes, but monorail gains - King 5 News

11/6/02 Panel proposes curtailing springtime flow for salmon -The Columbian

11/6/02 The Wildlands Project Comes to Hidalgo County (Part 6) - The Wildlands Project – Dave Foreman - A Country Girl’s Musin’ by Judy Keeler

11/6/02 You can't have it both ways - the changing meaning of words
'Sustainable development', 'smart growth', 'diversity' - all terms now have new meanings - by Julie Kay Smithson

11/6/02 Smart Growth hurts poor people, minorities, says Community Planning Expert Wendell Cox in Bremerton talk by Mary Swoboda, editor, Common Sense Kitsap

11/6/02 Snohomish County, WA: The Delta: Living outside the mainstream - The battle between resources and people's lives - Seattle Times

11/6/02 Washington State: Vancouver adopts law for water protection - The Columbian +--+

11/6/02 Republicans score virtual sweep of Nevada - Las Vegas Sun

11/6/02 California: 'Humbling' win for Davis - Democrat too tough for Simon - Sacto Bee

11/6/02 Marijuana measures up in smoke; Cigarette taxes jump; Oregon defeats universal health care - The Missoulian

11/6/02 Should shoplifters be given life terms? Three-strikes arguments begin in Supreme Court - The Missoulian

11/6/02 Protester showed disregard for environment -Record Searchlight

11/6/02 Furor over absentee ballot delay - King County takes heat as state GOP chief blasts 'gross incompetence' - Seattle P-I

November 3, 2002

11/3/02 Washington State: Workers rally against worker's comp increase

11/3/02 Irrigators file intent to sue WA State Department of Ecology over water rights - it's farmers versus fish under mandated ESA

11/3/02 Clark County, WA: Home Rule opponents object to freeholders' brochure - The Columbian

11/3/02 Whidbey Island: Unhappy about trails, residents stop plans-Whidbey News-Times

11/3/02 Government agencies are given the green light to compete unfairly with private business -TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.

11/3/02 McKeown defends her record through advertising

November 2, 2002

11/2/02 Growth management bill tops $1 million - Commissioners threaten lawsuit against Growth Hearings Board, say decisions are 'arbitrary and contrary' to will of the citizens - Islands Sounder

11/2/02 What is 'wild'? by Candace Ricks-Oathout from Eco-Logic

11/2/02 ESA: an excuse to stop mining in San Bernardino National Forest by Don Fife from Eco-Logic Online

11/2/02 Conservation Easements and Title Insurance - What Land Trusts don't tell you by L. M. Schwartz for eco-logic online

11/2/02 Task force tries to save those who save too much - Hoarding, a growing problem, is a nuisance to neighbors and can create dangers in the home; government involves itself in 'taking care' of such people -Seattle P-I

11/2/02 State Senators Endorse Steve Alexander for Position 4, Supreme Court

11/2/02 A Sign Of The Times: Dismal Economic Reports-KOMO TV

11/2/02 Belt-tightening States can raise taxes - or cut costs - Wall Street Journal

11/2/02 Funding A Centralized Federal Workforce - MREdCo

November 1, 2002

11/1/02 Washington: Weird weather threatens apple, wheat crops - The Olympian

11/1/02 Folsom voters get a water warning - The Reclamation Bureau says the city's supply will be cut if Measure P is approved Tuesday - Sacto Bee

11/1/02 Low rainfall could mean big problems -The News Tribune

11/1/02 Scorecard Released - Champions Named - Voter group releases Senate & Housing 'scoring' index

11/1/02 State sues for Internet cig dealer's customer list -AP

11/1/02 Steve Alexander Campaign Releases “Judicial Criminal Scorecard”

11/1/02 A Brotherhood of Taxes: IRS gears up a regulation that would threaten financial privacy, further the goals of an international tax cartel, and deal a blow to the U.S. economy, all in one fell swoop - CSE


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