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More grants to restrict shorelines, bring owners “into compliance”

Commentary by Pearl Rains Hewett – an SMP [Shoreline Management Plan] comment
Over one and a half YEAR VOLUNTEER member
Clallam County SMP Update Committee.
Posted 11/5/2012

Clallam County, WA – If you are a concerned shoreline private property owner? Please open and read the following preliminary information packet for the meeting about the Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) Additional Funding: BOCC 11.6.2012


ESA ADOLFSON’S Shore line Update, consultant/compliancy experts, contract has been extended to Dec. 31, 2013. The NEW $69,940.00 cost is covered by GRANTS from the EPA and WA State Dept of Ecology.

Bringing the GRANT TOTAL to ESA ADOLFSON up to $669,870.00.

Another $69,940.00 to bring the 3300 affected SMP shoreline private property owners into compliance with the EPA, Clean water act etc., Army Corp of Engineers (wetlands NOT yet identified)) WA State APPOINTED DOE, Clallam County Critical ordinance areas, NO NET LOSS, RESTORATION (NOT REQUIRED BY LAW) and (2) more meetings with the SMP Committee where Margaret Clancy will explain how the SMP Committee and comments are reflected in final draft. And, of course Tribal input (the tribes are not affected by the Shoreline Managenment Update

WHO? is going to READ and respond to the (329 as of 10/27/12)SMP PUBLIC COMMENTS written and submitted on line and are reflected in the final draft?

Who decided that the PUBLIC FORUM Comments are of greater significance than the 329 SMP Public comments?

Have we, the private property owners on the SMP Committee of Clallam County, been USED? for INTEL? We, the financial stakeholders, have legally challanged, questioned, objected to and demanded answers?


ESA Adolfson, Clallam County and the Appointed WA State Appointed Dept. of Ecology, do not answer our questions? They justify their actions.




The SMP Committee work will be completed by Dec. 2012.


Pearl Rains Hewett

Over one and a half YEAR volunteer member

SMP committee.

Shoreline Private property owner

Straits of Juan De Fuca

Bagley Creek

Sol Duc River

Little River

Indian Creek

Stake holder Dungeness River

ONP inholder Elwha River

Lake Sutherland


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