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Meeting scheduled in Pacific Beach on Navy War Games


Posted 11/12/2014

Grays Harbor Fire District #8 Community Liaison Stephanie Allestad, an active … Pacific NorthwestEW Range Environmental Assessment.

Meeting scheduled in Pacific Beach on Navy War Games November 11, 2014 By KXRO Leave a Comment The Navy will be coming to Pacific Beach to answer questions about planned testing in Grays Harbor. The Navy has announced that they plan to conduct training using electromagnetic radiation emitting trucks on 15 sites on the Olympic Peninsula, including 4 sites in Grays Harbor. Along with sites in local forestland, and increasing air traffic, they would be installing a larger emitter at the Pacific Beach Naval Annex.

Commissioner Wes Cormier will host a Public Meeting on Electronic Warfare Operations at the Pacific Beach Elementary School on November 19th at 5:00 pm. The United States Navy will be on hand to provide a presentation and answer questions. Grays Harbor Fire District #8 Community Liaison Stephanie Allestad, an active proponent for a local meeting announced, “We got it!“ Allestad says that along with Cormier, there will be several agencies from the county there to voice their concerns. She asks residents to “Please try to keep your comments and questions to 5 minutes so everyone can have a chance to speak.”


Local training would occur throughout the year, an average of around 11 exercises each day the emitters are used, for a total of approximately 2,900 training events a year. According to the draft environmental assessment, the project would cause no significant impact to the public. The Navy hopes to begin the training in September 2015.

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