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Media Ridiculed for Hyping “Antarctic Collapse” Amid Record Ice

Written by  Alex Newman | New American

Posted 6/2/2014

For the one in five Americans who still express confidence in the establishment media, recent headlines probably suggested it was time to start building an ark to prepare for the supposed upcoming surge in sea levels — all of it allegedly brought about by the imminent “collapse” of an ice sheet in Antarctica. Back in the real world, though, sea ice levels in Antarctica are off the charts, covering more area than at any point since records began and still going higher. The mischaracterized “mainstream” media, meanwhile, only solidified its reputation in recent days as an increasingly ridiculous source of fear mongering, propaganda, and unwarranted hysteria rather than credible reporting.

Without going past the headlines, Americans might have been excused for thinking imminent doom was just around the corner. “Irreversible collapse of Antarctic glaciers has begun, studies say,” blared the ridiculous headline of the Los Angeles Times story. TheChristian Science Monitor’s was even more absurd: “Catastrophic collapse of Antarctic ice sheet now underway, say scientists.” At theNew York Times, the headline was only slightly less unhinged: “Scientists Warn of Rising Oceans From Polar Melt,” it cautioned, ominously. The Boston Globe, meanwhile, claimed: “Antarctic ice sheet rapidly collapsing, studies contend.”

Virtually every major U.S. newspaper ran similar deception in its headlines and on its front pages. The problem, though, is that there is no imminent collapse of any Antarctic ice sheet. Period. Even the “scientists” and the “studies” referenced in those articles sounded wildly tame compared with the alarmist headlines emitted by self-styled “news” agencies. Indeed, the two controversial papers that formed the basis of the latest round of delusional media fear-mongering predicted that some glaciers could eventually go into the sea — hundreds of years from now, maybe, or perhaps even a thousand years from now or more.

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