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May 31 Informational meeting on the Department of Natural Resources' Road Maintenance and Abandonment Plan (RMAP) regulations to be held June 10 in Bremerton, WA


May 31 Elko, Nevada: Local protesters plan to picket BLM office - Elko Daily News

Threats claimed by rival livestock group - Elko Daily News


May 31 Plan unveiled to create new wilderness area - Seattle Times

The Wildlands Project


May 31 CA: Cypress invokes eminent domain to seize church land - Cottonwood center will seek an injunction to stop the forced $14.6 million sale meant to make way for a Costco plaza - Orange County Register


May 31

Political Terrorism: On a collision course with the Constitution - Government power should be limited; regulations and codes go far beyond reasonable exercise of government authority by Keith Allison, D.Dn.


May 30 Farm Bill includes billions of taxpayers' dollars to buy up development rights, "conserve" land - Liberty Matters

Farmland "protection" program emerges from 2002 farm bill - conservation easements to restrict land forever funded at more than a billion dollars - ENN


May 30 Federal government to buy up mineral rights in Florida with taxpayers' dollars - Washington Post


May 30 Washington State Farm Bureau's News Watch


Grassroots applying pressure to change broken RMAP rule - by Steve Appel, WA State Farm Bureau


May 30 BLM plans Friday auction in Reno for seized cattle - Las Vegas Sun


May 30 New Guidelines Open Up FBI Investigative Techniques - Fox News

FBI Given More Latitude - New Surveillance Rules Remove Evidence Hurdle - Washington Post

A New And Improved F.B.I. by Chuck Baldwin


May 29 Land-use plan gets new hearing-Citizens groups persuade board to make county revisit blueprint - Spokesman Review


May 29 Indicators show Washington still in recession last month - Seattle PI


May 29

‘Contentious’ river property owners unwilling to sell, 
but some feel they have no choice - by Sue Forde, Citizen Review Online


May 28 Anti-Defamation League Labels Conservative Event 'Extremist' - CNS News


May 28 Diverse recreation and government groups say Boxer/Capps Wilderness Bill is a bad idea


May 26 Cascades conservation group buys 4,000 acres - Spokesman Review


May 26 Citizens speak out against river buyout; county to proceed with grant application anyway - by Sue Forde, Citizen Review Online


May 26 Salmon recovery efforts killing Twin Lakes, group claims - Department of Ecology says lakes are returning to naturally sustainable levels - Methow Valley News


May 26 Methow Valley Irrigation District appeals Ecology order - Methow Valley News


May 26 U.N. report: World environmental outlook is bleak - King 5 News


May 26 Portland-area voters preserve urban growth boundary - King 5 News

Portland votes to grow like Los Angeles - UN model 'sustainable city' increases traffic congestion, air pollution and reduces urban open space - by Randal O'Toole, Thoreau Institute


May 26

From the North Olympic Peninsula: The Olympic Discovery Trail – helping create 'livable' communities at taxpayers' expense by Sue Forde, Citizen Review Online


May 26 Education 'Reform' and Agenda 21: It All Ties Together – Controlling the Opposition by Charlene Sanders


May 24 Seat Belt Infractions a Draconian Law - Politics in the Law, A Commentary  by  Keith Allison, D.Dn.


May 24 Seeking Justice: Ranchers, Indians appeal to county sheriff - Elko Daily News

Malevolent Government strikes again, and again - letter from Julie Kay Smithson


May 24 Skagit: Local entities applying for disaster-plan grant - Skagit Valley Herald


May 24 Nature Conservancy (TNC) Land Trust sets land auction to sell off holding

Land deal has something for everyone


May 24 Making RMAPs Work For Family Forests and Fish by  Pat McElroy, Washington State Forester


May 24 Act Would OK Snail Mail Searches - Wired News


May 24 Plenty of snow, but where’s the water? - Low reservoir levels leave boat ramps high and dry - Skagit Valley Herald


May 22 Grant County passes measure allowing cutting timber without permission - AP


May 22 Yakima Basin water program to be tested - Yakima Herald


May 22 Port Townsend: Council members defend private meeting - PDN


May 22 Growth boundaries will stay: - County report says cities big enough for next 20 years - Eastside Journal


May 22 Small forest owners cry foul about RMAPS - The Olympian


May 22

Politics in the Law, A Commentary by:  Keith Allison, D.Dn.


May 22

Kansas Republican leadership sells out on Constitution - TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.


May 22 Youngest competitor, age 10, wins National Geographic Bee - AP


May 21 Action Alert! Land Grab Vote on Wednesday!  Heritage Areas Act would create a new form of federal land use control - from American Land Rights Association - Land Rights Network


May 21 BLM prepares to rustle more cattle - cowboys and Indians say 'No' - press release from Nevada Livestock Assn.


May 21 Leaving the Delivery Business - Insurance costs drive away baby docs - Skagit Valley Herald


May 21 Agency changes tack on threat to fish - Regulators: Dredging okay for salmon - The Columbian

Dredging won't hurt salmon, NMFS says - Spokesman Review


May 21 Growth Management: County's comp plan withstands legal appeal  - An appeals court finds no error by Kitsap County in drafting the 1998 document - Bremerton Sun


May 21 Wyoming: Controversy erupts over state land access - AP


May 21 Arkansas:  Sustainable Development brought in through Community Development Dept. vis-a-vis the Dept. of Agriculture  by Charlene Sanders, Sierra Times


May 21 UN Secretary-General Names five key areas for advancement of Sustainable Development worldwide

UN Agenda 21 and its ties to the local communities - from Charlene Sanders

May 20 North Carolina:  Citizens Decry Rules on River Buffers - Carolina Journal


May 20 Conservation Easements: “Century 21” of the Environmental Movement;IUCN and IRS - by Jay Zane Walley


May 20 Inslee wants to protect roadless areas in state forests -58 MILLION acres would be "protected" from roads and logging - nearly 1/3 of all national forests  Bremerton Sun

Socialism by a landslide - by Henry Lamb from WND


May 20 Property Rights - a great new site to check out! 


May 19 Texas: Valley farmers plot out bridge 'tractorcade' - The Monitor

Leading lawmaker says Mexico has no water to give to the U.S. - The


May 19 Ecology will scrap wetlands 'banks' - The Olympian


May 19 Some schools are rethinking federal dollars for education: it's costing twice as much as we're getting, they say - John D'Aloia Jr.

Complaints force revisions in 'school climate survey' - Seattle P-I


May 19 Park Service Plans Massive New Land Grabs! Appointees in the National Park Service are hatching a new attack on private property rights! from American Land Rights Association

See The Wildlands Project


May 19 Property rights under assault in Arizona - By Vin Suprynowicz-Sierra Times


May 19 ACLU Says Standardized Driver's License Proposals Walk and Talk Like National ID Schemes


May 19 Writing on the Wall - Big Brother goes after vitamins - Health Sciences Institute


May 19 Streamkeeper calls for building up instead of out to save fish - Daily Herald of Everett, WA


May 19

Politics in the Law, A Commentary By Keith Allison, D.Dn.


May 18 The Olympic Peninsula in Washington: UN mountains and UN sustainability - by Sue Forde, Citizen Review Online (as published in the Sierra Times)


May 18 Lands Commissioner proposes new trust to pay for recreation - King 5 News


May 18 Private Land Lockup: Rural Washington faces another onslaught - Federal and state agencies are, in essence, pulling the land right out from under the feet of private property owners as part of the United Nations’ radical Wildlands Project - New American


May 18 Arena challenge last thing to get knocked down - A judge rules that a petition opposing the event center site was invalid, weeks after buildings on the site were razed - The Daily Herald


May 18 U.S. & Canada: Too Many People for West Coast Health from Environment News Service


May 18 Crying Wolf Again - The Federal Cover-Up By Montana State Rep. Joe Balyeat 


May 18 "Livable" Delaware plan - one of many varieties of the same across the U.S.


May 18 Revolution via home schooling - WND


May 16 Farmers want county to keep fighting buffers - Skagit Valley Herald


May 16 Methow Valley farmers seek funds - Irrigators raising money for court battle against federal government - Spokesman Review


May 16 The card game: As more grocery chains deal out discount cards, shoppers take sides: savings versus privacy - Seattle Times


May 16 Initiative 6 gets a minor win by Sue Forde, Citizen Review Online


May 16 Growth Management: How Dense Is Dense Enough? - Thoreau Institute


May 16

Clallam aide discusses dike concerns - Official dismisses link to flooding on Kinkade Island - PDN


May 15 Global Warming Models Labeled 'Fairy Tale' By Team of Scientists - CNS


May 15 State weighs turning away federal funds for schools - CS Monitor
May 15

Social Security numbers need legislative protection
By Rep. Ron Paul

May 15 Police/community partnership hand selects appointees, prevent citizen participation by Niki Raapana
May 15 Freedom County files their case with the State Supreme Court
May 15 Washington State jobless rate inches up - Seattle Times
May 15

Cattlemen and The Nature Conservancy Jointly Hail New Grassland Reserve Program - Liberty Matters

May 14 6 new UN environmental treaties go to Senate by Henry Lamb - WND
May 14

Charter Review Commission takes up changes to county ‘constitution’ – Key issues surround strengthening initiative process and citizens’ involvement in their own governanceby Sue Forde, Citizen Review Online

May 14 Governor Locke promotes a "sustainable Washington" - Unable to define the word, this article is quite revealing - from Governor Locke's website, "Toward a Sustainable Washington"
May 14 'Smart Growth' - or 'dumbed down by consensus politicians - by Betty Freauf  

'Smart growth' plan's perils - WA Times

May 14

'NO AMERICAN LEFT ALONE! The trail of control over U.S. lives - Charlotte Iserbyt

May 14 Public Lands Commissioner Doug Sutherland addresses RMAPs and other land issues - by Mary Swoboda
May 14 Ballard to end 20-year career in House
May 13 Agenda 2002: Census 2000 shows unsettling trends - South Sound growth stressing communities, families - News Tribune
May 13

Denial of Water and What it Provides - from Paragon

May 11 Delay likely on buffer deadline - Skagit Valley Herald
May 11 Lawmaker seeks Ritalin recommendation ban - Palm Beach Post
May 11 A dangerous game - Orlando Sentinel
May 11 Teachers support EFF's efforts to hold union accountable - EFF
May 10 Home Rule Charter Commission gets down to business in changes needed - KONP
May 10 “I’m not about to be run out of town by a fascist law with no constitutional basis!” says law instructor about RMAPs - by Mark Alan
May 10 Buying up the land and water rights - 510 acres along Nooksack River gets bought up - Governor Locke's "Salmon Recovery" Funding Board
May 10 Eden Revisited - The Darker Side of the Environmental Movement - from Sierra Times
May 10 ‘Willing Sellers’ sought along Dungeness River –Agencies work to rid river of private ownership by Sue Forde, Editor
  Rural America Under Siege -from OC3 newsletter
May 9

"How Smart Is It? "Smart Growth: Tight state budgets may reduce funding for anti-sprawl efforts, and that has some fretting. Not us.- Defenders of Property Rights

May 9 Salmon recovery aid drying up - $2 to $3 billion needed to restore viable Puget Sound chinook runs - The Olympian

Dwindling salmon funds predicted Officials urge more bang for the bucks - News Tribune

May 9 CA: Boxer bill would set aside 3,800 sq. miles for wilderness Mountain Democrat Online

See The Wildlands Project

May 9 Desert storm: Lines drawn in battle over storage of nuclear waste - Seattle Times
May 9 Forest Service accountability needed, says Sen. Cantwell - Wenatchee World
May 9 Is it a gate, or a trap? Blanchard tide gate project streams into political snag - Skagit Valley Herald
May 9 Environmental group to sue for Libby Dam water release
Corps should already have implemented higher spring flows, center contends - Spokesman Review
May 9 King County jurist announces bid for high court - AP
May 9 Casino to give tribal members $2,000 a month - King 5 News
May 9 DNA banking and do-it-yourself DNA kits - King 5 News

First Humans to Receive ID Chips - Technology: Device implanted under skin will provide identification and medical information - LA Times

May 8 Changing the 2nd Amendment - Journalists hope that only a collective right to guns through state and federal militias, not an individual's absolute right will be affirmed by courts - Seattle Post-Intelligencer

The individual right to bear arms Editorial from Washington Times

May 7 EDITORIAL: Property rights under assault
Arizona case has national ramifications
by Vin Suprynowicz
May 7 Committee formed to figure out how to pay for watershed plans - DOE news release

Ecology Department issues orders to measure water, offers assistance -DOE News Release

May 6 Public Lands Commissioner to appear at Belfair, WA to answer questions about RMAPs
May 6 Letter to the editor:  Secret on-campus encounter sessions violate families, children; coming to a school near you - Andrew Madison
May 6 Texas Farmers Claim Mexico Is Stealing Water
Blockade Of International Bridges Planned by Thomas D. Segel
May 6 THE PERFECT CRIME: How psychology and high-tech marketing have "deformed" education - by Beverly Eakman
May 3 Water Fight: U.S. Farmers plan to blockade three bridges from Mexico; Farmers Betrayed by USDA & IBWC
May 3 County, tribe try to resolve land dispute - County again appeals status of marina site - Skagit Valley Herald
May 2 Columbia dredging won't harm salmon, agency finds
Tribal groups worried project could be setback for fish -
May 2 Skagit County applies to federal buffer program - Skagit Herald
May 2 Grant PUD faces suit over fish protection - Wenatchee World
May 2 State steps up decisions on water rights - Permit backlog is still a problem - Olympian
May 2 About the Klez virus - from
May 2 As the Wildlands Project continues to grow, carnivore encounters occur more frequently - Bend Bulletin
May 2 Mayday, Mayday - Marx lives on — in America, National Review
May 1 Initiative 6 presses forward in the courts to defend constitutional government - GMA-related local ordinance repeal stopped before going to voters - by Sue Forde, Citizen Review
May 1 Senators Fighting Federal Zoning Bill - American Land Rights Assn.
May 1 Justice wants halt to coho salmon action - Department says boost in flows would cost farmers, wildlife - L.A. Times
May 1 The Many Facets of The Endangered Species Act  by Julie Kay Smithson
May 1 Another Federal Court Okays Forcible Administration of Mind-Altering Drugs- Alchemind Society
May 1

West Virginia landowners fight viewshed plan - eco-logic

May 1 Bill would push driver's license with chip - UPI
May 1

Hinton, West Virginia: Same Old Government Land Grab
By Tom DeWeese

May 1 Coalition fights critical habitat designation - Fish & Wildlife has violated ESA by failing to conduct a proper economic analysis, says group -Amarillo Globe-News
May 1 Bill to Give Feds Control of  Zoning Kept Private - Washington Times
May 1 Tahoe Case Leaves Door Open for Property Owners - Liberty Matters
May 1 What's happening in U.S. schools - by Henry Lamb, WND
May 1 Sequim, WA: Ecology holds Clean Water Strategy public hearing; 2nd version focuses on ‘human’ caused problems for the watershed - by Sue Forde, Citizen Review Online
Apr. 28 State Agency issues "Model" Critical Areas Ordinance"

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