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March 2001

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Mar. 31

Beware Initiative 769 - The Clean Water Investment Act - by Sharon Shumate

Earth Liberation Front Speaker Hits Stone Wall In Virginia -Timber Harvesting Magazine

Mar. 30 Local move to repeal land use code gains momentum - by Lois Perry
Mar. 30 UN prepares for global gun control conference - BBC
Mar. 30 Energy crisis or people control? - Infowars
Mar. 30 Church responds to growth management restriction placed on building additional churches in rural areas
Mar. 29 Property owners sue over trail - PDN
Mar. 29 City looks into restarting Morse Creek power plant - PDN
Mar. 29 Bush moves on Clinton monuments - MSNBC
Mar. 29 Once-touted "missing link" a fraud, according to forensic anaylsis - BBC
Mar. 29 U.S. abandons Kyoto Treaty pact - Yahoo News
Mar. 29 Salmon may lose out to generators - Oregonian
Mar. 29 Court: Anti-Abortion Posters and Website are considered free speech - Fox News
Mar. 28 U.S. vetoes UN force resolution - AP
Mar. 28 Interior Secretary criticizes national monument designations  CNS News
Mar. 28 Owners plants trees on his own property; lands up in jail  Fox News
Mar. 28 Governors oppose Missouri River Plan  Sierra Times
Mar. 28 Forest Service Chief Resigns  Sierra Times
Mar. 28 Are You Shirking Your Duty to Keep Us Free?  Vin Suprynowicz, LV RJ
Mar. 24 Drug task force settles claim for $100,000 in asset forfeiture case
Mar. 24 DOE instigates "drought hysteria" to control water - Commentary by Lynda Pheasant & Susan Rumble
Mar. 20 Norton backs monument stance - Denver Post
Mar. 20 Tribes' role in water use -land policies challenged - The Oregonian
Mar. 18 Shoreline Management Rules controversy heats up - Tribnet
Mar. 18 George farmers are relieved after bidding to forgo irrigation - AP
Mar. 15 Concern Rising Over Summer Blackouts, Gasoline Price Spikes - AP
Mar. 15 House votes to limit L&I authority  over factory-built homes
Mar. 15 Citizen group identifies 18.5 BILLION in Pork - US Newswire
Mar. 15 Federal Rule: Your medical records to be shared  - Newsmax
Mar. 15 Paul to stall privacy rules - New rules worsen medical requirements, say critics - WND
Mar. 15 'Greenhouse effect' purportedly proven - but study offers no scientific evidence to support the theory - Yahoo Daily News
Mar. 15 Judge throws out halt of Pima County's halt of owl-habitat projects -Tuscon  Citizen
Mar. 15 Radical enviro group calls for militant action against FBI - Sacto Bee
Mar. 14 Rewilding gets boost from merger of The Wildlands Project and Wild Earth - TWP News
Mar. 14 Landmark "re-wilding" plan unveiled for Southwest - TWP News
Mar. 14 Judge protects 220 logging projects - Liberty Matters
Mar. 12 Roadless Rage & Land Schemes - Montana Farm Bureau
Mar. 12 Congress investigates Ritalin and ADHD
Mar. 12 Devouring America's Private Property - by Tom DeWeese
Mar. 11 Jefferson County looks at nonmotorized transportation options - PDN
Mar. 11 Virginia: New rules would protect turtles - Hampton News
Mar. 11 The Road to Eco-Surfdom - Federal agencies lock up vast amounts of land in accord with UN Wildlands Project - New American
Mar. 11 Sierra Club critical of grizzly bear plan changes made by citizens in Wyoming -Tribune
Mar. 11 Park employee hospitalized after grizzly attack -Wyoming Tribune
Mar. 9 States' chief forester defends clear cutting in Senate hearing - Sacramento Bee
Mar. 8 Jarbridge Shovel Brigade wins - federal lawsuit dropped - Elko Daily Free Press
Mar. 8 Severe drought threatens Washington growers - Oregonian
Mar. 1 A call to repeal Clinton's last land-grabbing executive orders - Property Rights Congress of America
Mar. 1 Bush not seeking to overturn any new monuments - Oregon Live
Mar. 1 EPA Decides what you should pay for water -Sierra Times
Mar. 1 Jarbridge: A victory in Elko, Nevada -By Vin Suprynowicz
Mar. 1 The transformation of America -By Henry Lamb


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Receive a list of newly published stories (headlines only) about once a week.  
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