March 2003

"Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases:
If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it."
-- Ronald Reagan

Congress has not unlimited powers to provide for the general welfare,
but only those specifically enumerated."
-- Thomas Jefferson



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February . 2003

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It is irresponsible for [The Department of the Interior] to keep buying more land. We already own one out of every five acres in the country. Before the government buys more land, it must learn to take care of what it already controls.

-Secretary Gale A. Norton, U.S. Department of the Interior

March 31, 2003

Nature Conservancy purchases coastal rain forest land; now owns 7,400 acres in the watershed - The Columbian

Wyoming: "Valley" Is Environmental Ground Zero - "Restoring Wild Patterns" program seeks to close gap for Wildlands Project -Pinedale Online

Forks, WA: Russians tourism people visit West End - Russian Far East Social Partnership for Ecotourism Project partners with Vermont-based Institute for Sustainable Communities - The Forks Forum

Colo: In legal mire over lynx, judge lets cat out of the bog - Rocky Mtn. News

Wyoming: Attorney general prepared to battle feds - Casper Star Tribune

Oregon: Damascus waits to see how growth will proceed -The Oregonian

The Free-Market Approach to the Medical Malpractice Crisis by Dr. Ron Paul

Klamath Lake full - Federal managers order release of water, but could still be shortages later in the summer - Siskiyou Daily News

Landowners, Environmentalists Go At It In The Bottled-Water War -NY Times, via Liberty Matters

March 30, 2003

Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary coming of age - PDN

Daishowa, Nippon officially merge Tuesday - PDN

Advisers caution against U.S. smallpox program -King 5 News

WA State Senate to consider House shoreline management bill - Everett Herald

National Grazing Buyout Program - Proposal By California Rep and Enviro Coalition? by Toni Thayer

If you wonder why the cost of paper and wood products have skyrocketed, check this site to see how many mills have been affected by environmental regulations

March 29, 2003

Senator: Keep grizzlies in Canada - Plan to reintroduce bears to Cascades worries legislators - Bellingham Herald

Court nixes reconsideration request by DOE- Small nursery can use their well to water their plants without getting a permit from the state - Capital Press

Jamestown S'Klallam facilities set for expansion-Sequim Gazette

March 28, 2003

Broader input sought on salmon -Everett Herald

'Real conflicts' over world's water - Gorbachev tell Third World Forum that international law should become 'a more effective instrument' for 'infringement of water resources' - BBC

AZ: Barnard steps down at Grand Canyon Trust - Arizona Daily Sun

Olympic Peninsula, WA: Draft Watershed Plan to be previewed at open house - KONP

Sequim, WA: Tribe fears recovery will be hampered under closure plan -Bremerton Sun

Rangeland Restoration, Not Grazing Elimination by Toni Thayer

Top cop's anti-drug plan emphasizes treatment - Everett Herald

March 27, 2003

Senate poised to vote on huge land grab - News with Views

Locke offers 4-cent-a-gallon gas-tax increase, emergency clause to prevent voter referendum - AP

American Dream Coaliation opens new website

The growing health threat: TB and Immigrants by R. Cort Kirkwood

Republic mill needs timber to stay open - Operation hopes to hold on until possible July sale of Mount Leona timber -Spokesman-Review

March 26, 2003

Building a budget castle on quicksand commentary by Tim Eyman

Conservation Conflict -Tacoma News Tribune

AZ: Colonel says higher number of illegals is taxing resources - Sierra Vista Herald

March 25, 2003

Defenders Wins Smart Growth Lawsuit

Ten Most Outrageous Government Programs - Human Events Online

King County working on 'friendlier' changes for critical areas ordinance to help agriculture-Capital Press

Reauthorizing the Workforce Investment Act: Moving closer to a government-planned economy - by Michael Chapman,

Ballard, WA: Hot debate over extending bicycle route -Seattle Times

King Co: Shoreline trail heads for hearing showdown -Seattle Times

March 24, 2003

Proposed regulation riles rural residents - farmers, residents band together to fight critical areas ordinance updates-Seattle Times

Fisheries biologists ask NOAA to include hatchery fish, call hatchery vs. wild fish issue "politicized" science - WA Farm Bureau

Columbia study will stop short of plan - Farmer works to "try to turn the Titanic"-Seattle Times

Yakima Basin irrigators face tight water year - Capital Press

Senators champion water users, states' rights - NWRA

Orcas Island, WA - Few takers for affordable rentals - The Islands' Sounder

Patience required on new privacy rules - Hospitals, doctors deal with flood of new regulations - The Missoulian

Industry group says new labeling system is overburdensome and may result in job loss-The Capital Press

Considerations for Bull-Trout listing -from Mike Poulson

March 23, 2003

7,000 rally to show support for troops -WA Times

Honor Veterans with a Better Budget by Rep. Ron Paul

How to be a liberty shield - by Michelle Malkin, WND

Doctors: Health care in crisis - Rally to encourage legislative action - Tallahassee Democrat

Builders group sues Monroe over revised developer fees -Seattle Times

Could U.N. prestige come with a price? Enviros look at having Chicago, its suburbs and the regions lakes, river and parks declared an urban "biosphere reserve" by the United Nations -Daily Southtown News

March 22, 2003

Farmlands into playing fields bill passes Senate -Everett Herald

Bush has 'irascible' guide for thicket of forest policy - Mark Rey works to roll back regulations-Seattle Times

Groups sue to prod state action on protecting wild salmon-Seattle PI

Gorge commission must accelerate plan review -The Columbian

Massachusetts: State details health service cuts -Governor plans to sell state land, mass layoffs -Boston Herald

Rare Arizona Owl (All 7 Inches of It) Is in Habitat Furor - NY Times

Marxist tactics can be seen disrupting America's way of life -TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.

March 21, 2003

Groups rally to support troops -King 5 News

Logging rules fine, state says - Request for more restrictions refused -The Olympian

New Math for the USFS and the NPS: Visitor Days by Don Fife

Open letter: Regarding ANWR and the Senate vote by Julie Kay Smithson

Elk group asks Bush to delist wolves - Bozeman Chronicle

Buck adds amendment to protect gun rights-KONP Radio

State must act now to ensure economic competitiveness - News Tribune

Tribal officials say hatchery closure would damage salmon restoration efforts - PDN

Tacoma sees drastic cuts if B&O tax changes -News Tribune

Idaho set for pilot public land management project - Capital Press

Feds say ‘no’ to protection of Calif. spotted owl -Capital Press

Legislature: State's ocean of red ink grows deeper -The Columbian

Washington Water Trust seeking partners-Methow Valley News

House passes GOP budget with Bush tax cut - Tallahassee Democrat

March 20, 2003

State revenue forecast plunges $200 million -Bremerton Sun

Lobbyist: State regulations hurt economy -The Olympian

Clallam Sheriff Hawe put on reserve alert status-PDN

Eyman issues tax warning -The Olympian

House OKs bond sale for trust to buy land -Seattle Times

Babbitt: Wants wilderness as highest priority publics, made off-limits to grazing and multiple-use - The Missoulian

Inland Northwest national forests updating management plans -AP

Taxpayers are being taken for a ride with cost of education - TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.

Feds set meetings to review forest rules- deadline for public comment ends soon - The Daily World

Government funds buyout of Naches Dam for dam removal due to environmental group's petition - from Gary Wiggins,

March 19, 2003

Grazing on Public Lands: Here to Stay or Gone Forever? - Wildlands Project: Grand Canyon Trust Models GSENM Management After UN Treaties Sixth In A Series, By Toni Thayer

Unlimited political contributions empower Indian tribes -News Tribune

Salmon competition studied - Researchers interested in interplay of wild, hatchery-bred fish -The Olympian

Guest editorial: Comments about Senator Ken Jacobsen’s call for a constitutional convention - Thom Satterleee

Clallam County Commission Coverage - Worksession held on March 17, 2003 - Citizen Review

Senate rebuffs Bush proposal for arctic refuge oil drilling -The Oregonian

Carlsborg board discusses community needs -PDN

March 18, 2003

Comments on draft Bull Trout Recovery Plan ends March 29th

State Patrol Ticket Quotas Uncovered - Clickit! or Ticket! program bad public policy, says initiative spokesperson - News Release from WSC

Two Pronged attack on Property Rights!!! Alert from American Land Rights Association

Washington State: House votes for simple majority for school levies -AP

DOE has authority, pollution board rules - "Pollution" includes removing water from a stream - Methow Valley News

Water planning enters final phase - Residents volunteer to participate in watershed planning to balance water needs of fish with needs of people -Methow Valley News

Push is on to get money for Twin Lakes recovery - Piped irrigation ditches causing wells, lakes to dry up -Methow Valley News

Columbia Basin: Planned drawdown draws fears -a replay of Klamath Falls? - Tri-City Herald

One step up from renting - buyers own improvements, home trust owns land - creates "affordable housing" on San Juan Island - San Juan Island Journal

Totalitarian Info Awareness? -TCS

Controlling state medical assistance costs by Bob Williams, EFF

March 17, 2003

Park levy faces long odds, if it even makes the ballot - King County Journal

Groups call for 'ecosabotage' laws legislation -The Olympian

A salmon study...A Case Study in the Cross-Examination of Eco-Liars by James Buchal, for eco-logic

Gun worries waylay state anti-terrorism bill -The Olympian

Klamath water deal no bargain for U.S. -The Oregonian

Feds debate who will pay Westlands settlement-Capital Press

Bill would loosen strings on Columbia water withdrawals-Capital Press

Future leaner for urban processors. As cities face rising water costs, industry feels their pain - Cap. Press

New Book: Ex-Clinton aide reveals Bill lost the nuclear codes -U.S.News & World Report

March 16, 2003

House Republicans oppose $1 billion property tax hike -Business Examiner

Clallam County: Commissioner proposes the possibility of another 'no shoot' zone in response to neighbor's complaint - Citizen Review Online

Bill Would Kill Use-It-Or-Lose-It Provision - Would prevent Dept. of Ecology from forcing forfeiture of water rights - Yakima-Herald

State looks at gas price cap -News Tribune

Grizzlies get county's vote - County Council backs B.C. effort to introduce bears near Ross Lake - Bellingham Herald

Terror bill stirs debate over status of firearms - Potential for any firearm to become a 'weapon of mass destruction' - Seattle Times

State Senate passes bill revamping Basic Health -The Olympian

Senate OKs lawsuit reform -The Olympian

Initiative sponsor responds to legislator's question, "Should schools teach 'creator'? by Monte Benham

World Health Alert Issued After Pneumonia Deaths - AP

March 15, 2003

From Roy, Utah, a retired Forest Service man writes the President about the problems with "roadless areas"

Solar advocates take dim view of new fees - Agency wants to tax homes that generate their own power - Mercury News

Locke's jobs plan at core of recovery effort for county - but wants to avoid across-the-board tax cuts - The Columbian

Conservatives And Liberals Unite In Opposition To Patriot II -Sierra Times

EPA: You got a permit for that? -Progressive Farmer

The Eco-Logic online magazine has some great articles this issue. Click here.

Interior Secretary Norton Kicks Off 100th Anniversary Celebration at America’s First National Wildlife Refuge: Administration Highlights Commitment to Conservation at Historic Event -News Release FWS

March 14, 2003

Commissioner lobbies leaders in Washington - The Missoulian

Dunn not giving up on Snoqualmie Tree Farm land trust plan -King 5 News

Methow Valley: Washington Water Trust seeking partners - Methow Valley News

Collier fees relief possible; company to stay - County commission waives impact fees; action will save jobs - Naples News

Tallahassee, Florida - For now, Jesse Hardy can keep his land -Naples News

Olympic Peninsula: More studies for Dungeness River set; changes in Planning Department - KONP Radio

Senator Introduces Bill to Gut High Court's Ruling in SWANCC (Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County v. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)

6th Annual Sovereignty & Your Rights Seminar

State Senate OKs charter schools bill -Everett Herald

"This is the Only Place in the World it Grows" by Don Fife

Park snowmobile violations hit record - Independent Record

ATV users blast travel plan for Big Belts - "Give the public's land back to the public"-Helena Independent Record

Debate on opening the Arctic Plain to oil exploration (H.R. 39): the facts -

March 13, 2003

3 strikes: 'Let juries decide' - Life sentence shouldn't be up to a judge, justices told - Seattle P-I

Anti-wolf fund raiser held - commissioners, citizens rally to protect game herds against wolf reintroduction - St. Maries Gazette Record

Disabled vet and homesteader, Jesse Hardy fights to keep his home of 27 years from being taken by the state for 'restoration' - Golden Gate Gazette

Alabama: State looks to private sector to help solve financial woes-Montgomery Advertiser

Georgia: Cash-strapped state may sell property -Atlanta Journal-Constitution

U.N. - Stay in or get out? The Liberty Committee

Citizen points to county commissioner's connection with development company interested in 'cluster housing' - Letter from B.McGonigel

March 12, 2003

Legislature: Too much paperwork, say parole officers - The Columbian

Snoqualmie Tree Farm purchased - Weyerhaeuser sells land after conservation group can't meet deadline - King County Journal

Medical-accuracy bill at center of sex-ed skirmish-Seattle P-I

It's final: WEA doesn't have to report election influence by Lynn Harsh, EFF

March 11, 2003

Washington state proposal offers alternatives to buffers - Capital Press

Farm groups don’t buy ‘Buy Oregon’ plan - Capital Press

County takes next step to buy out River's End property owners, despite protests - Citizen Review Online

NY: Spring Valley code enforcement officer allegedly abused his authority - Newsday

EPA's Compliance & Enforcement database

Let the economy breathe - Oped by Bob Williams & Carl Gipson, EFF

Bureau of Reclamation wants Klamath farmers to forego irrigation water -KBC News

Water - scarce commodity? by Ed Clark, The Brevard Insider

Despite drought, Colorado has to let water go - Denver Post

Sagging economy may prompt Fed to cut interest rates next week -AP

Forest roads are necessary by Jim Trenholm

Density Limits Only Add To Sprawl - Large Lots Eat Up Area Countryside -WA Post

One Nation Under God.. by Lynm Stuter, for News with Views

March 10, 2003

NH Governor sets up a 'Tax Me More' account for those who feel their taxes aren't high enough - WA State introduces one, too

Group wants to double Steens wilderness size - Capital Press

DOE has authority, pollution board rules -Methow Valley News

Appeals filed in Hawes stream pollution case - Temperature requirements essentially 'zero tolerance' - Capital Press

Freshwater mussels in 'danger of disappearing', says one tribal biologist - Tribe looks for budget money to list as 'endangered' - Everett Herald

Sheepmen question impact on future grazing- National monument expanded rom 54,000 to more than 754,000 acres - Capital Press

Small business: Clark County's economic linchpin -The Columbian

Push is on to get money for Twin Lakes recovery - Enclosure of irrigation ditches caused lakes/aquifer to drop - Methow Valley News

Oregon: County cuts jobs of five managers -The Oregonian

March 9, 2003

Grazing on Public Lands: Here to Stay or Gone Forever? - Junk Science Used by Dept of Interior, Grand Canyon Trust to End Grazing on GSENM Fifth In A Series, By Toni Thayer

Letter to the Editor: Cow Patty by Julie Kay Smithson

Today's definition of sustainability - For the birds! by Julie Kay Smithson

Ecology workers file for union - About 1,200 employees are asked to vote on agency's first bargaining unit -The Olympian

Water Outlook — Irrigators Should Be OK - Yakima Herald-Republic

New property rights site launched -

Groups Demand UN Designate Biosphere Reserve in Chicago -Liberty Matters

2004 Budget Draws Criticism - US Democrats Blast Bush Plan to Cut Land Purchases

March 8, 2003

Landowners organize to protect rural rights - King County Journal

Do people really know where their donation dollars go? editorial by Richard L. Coppock, Blue Ribbon Coalition

Bill includes $4.3 million to buy 6,000 acres of wildlife habitat in West Tennessee - State Gazette

Standoff over the Everglades - Feds want to reflood the eastern end of the Everglades; homeowners there are not "willing seller"-Seattle Times

State agency defends shorelines plan -Everett Herald

March 7, 2003

Benham gears up to push initiative on constitutions -Tri-City Herald

Viewpoint: Public Records Act Under Assault -The Columbian

Off-roaders, business owners, government officials question Center of Biological Diversity's motives - Yuma Sun

Officials Seek Smallpox Vaccine Compensation Fund - NY Times

A Welfare-to-Work Study Finds No Harm to Children - NY Times

Washington sues over nuclear waste - Gregoire is asking for a halt to further shipments - The Spokesman Review

Senate bill aims $925 million at security along both borders - Two-thirds of people entering the U.S. each year come across land borders - Bellingham Herald

Playing Against a Stacked Deck - Public land ranchers face new political threats by J. Zane Walley

Commuters going farther from home for jobs, Census says -Bremerton Sun

Viewpoint: Message from President: We Don't Need Permission from the United Nations- The Omega Letter

Davis approves, vetoes environmental bills-Redding Searchlight

March 6, 2003

A call for action on HB 1194 - "Teach the U.S. and Washington State Constitution" bill from Monte Benham

Bill to Regulate Conservation Easements Introduced into Montana Legislature -Sierra Times

Bill would return land from abandoned irrigation project - Aberdeen News

County looks at sales tax hike to fund 911, jail, juvenile center - Sequim Gazette

Student Fees and Tax Dollars at Work - Rice University to sponspor Earth First!'s Environmental Conference - which includes potential training for violence - The Houston Review

Property Rights: The Key to Freedom, Prosperity AND Equality by Lorne Gunter

Lawmaker proposing buyout program for federal grazing permits - Livestock group views plan as move to eliminate all cattle grazing on public lands - San Bernardino County Sun

Proposed Rules for grazing open for public comment

Marine contractors file intent to sue feds over manatee rules - Costs industry $100 million, 1,000 jobs this year, association charges - St. Petersburg Times

Scott County crowd doesn't want recreation designation -

Idaho: Judge rejects predator plan - Caspar Star Tribune

Wyoming: Governor signs wolf, wildlife bills - Caspar Star-Tribune

Jefferson PUD offers loan of water meters to moniter wells - PDN

Governor appoints Gadbaw to Western WA Growth Hearings Board -The Olympian

March 5, 2003

Bucket Brigade Keeps Rolling -Sierra Times

Snohomish County: Measures could turn farmlands into ballfields -Seattle Times

HIKING, HORSES AND A VIEW Grant used to purchase 681 acres for new park south of Carmel -Monterey Herald

Size of park to balloon - Nature Conservancy to provide funds to complete purchase to double size of 229,000-acre Big Island park-Hawaii Tribune-Herald

Appeals filed in Hawes stream pollution case - Capital Press

Grass growers add litigants - Capital Press

Bill would expand property rights on farmland - Capital Press

Budget-cutting plan threatens DFW Region 2 - Governor's proposal would merge two regions - Methow Valley News

Letter to the Editor: A 'great plan for the shorelines' uses bogus science from Methow Valley

'Take care of the salmon,' Castro advises during Vancouver stopover - Vancouver Sun

Layoffs still hurting - Ferry County highest hit, at 15.7% unemployment - Everett Herald

Everett agency approves growth plan -Everett Herald

New study: Greenhouse gas programs could cost state billions -EFF

Utah: GOP battle brewing on the Hill - Depate over which taxes to raise, which tax exemptions to remove -Deseret News

Florida: Bush takes aim at initiatives - Governor warns of costs of class size, bullet train amendments - Constitution no place for pregnant pigs, he says - Tallahassee Democrat

Oregon: A Prescription Plan Hailed as a Model Is a Budget Casualty - NY Times

March 4, 2003

Private sector incentives will help state rebound, lobbying group -Everett Heraldsays

Cities Make Bold Moves to Reclaim Their Downtowns - "Lose the cars" - make downtowns for pedestrians, bicycles - The Olympian

New Book, 'Shattered Dreams: 100 Stories of Government Abuse,'
Chronicles Suffering from Extreme Laws and Regulations

A new year, another round in the Klamath Basin -The Oregonian

Farmers offered cash to idle land, tap wells -The Oregonian

Incentives taint seat-belt campaign - The News Tribune

Grazing on Public Lands: Here to Stay or Gone Forever? Deals between Dept of Interior, Grand Canyon Trust Put Local Economies and Residents at Risk -4th In A Series, By Toni Thayer

CA: Davis proposes eliminating farmland preservation act funding-The Mercury News

Washington State: Who's Been Deployed? - KOMO News

One step at a time: Small acreage yields bounty - Capital Press

Oregon governor’s advisers to seek natural resource consensus - Capital Press

Locke, Gregoire rally behind Justice Bridge - King 5 News

March 3, 2003

Founding Fathers wrote Constitution for all the people TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.

Farm Bureau — A Growing Force - Yakima-Herald

Exaggerated EPA claims revealed -News Tribune

Former Rep Linda Smith fights against human trafficking -Seattle Times

State land trusts making 'progress', Washington State receives praise for its more than 20 'trusts' from national land trust president-Seattle Times

U.S. fish farms must clip fins Federal law helps recovery efforts and sport, officials say - U.S. Rep. Norm Dicks Introduced measure on mass marking - The Olympian

Burlington project could wash problems downstream-Skagit Valley Herald

February 2003
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"After working with this law (the Endangered Species Act) during my 22 years in Congress, I've concluded it's the most powerful law in the land. It can be used to thwart everything from the training of our fighter pilots to the farmer's simple desire to plant a crop in his field so he can feed his family."

House Resources Committee Chairman James V. Hansen discussing a bill to restore the original intent of the ESA


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