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February 2002

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Mar. 30 Relicensing Box Canyon Dam has people in uproar - Contentious issue pits people against fish once again - Spokesman Review


Mar. 30 Olympia: Project moves 81 elk State wildlife officials wrap up relocation effort - The Olympian


Mar. 30 Spokane sees big drop in sales tax - Revenue down 16 percent from January 2001 - Spokesman-Review


Mar. 30 Private Property Road Maintenance & Abandonment Plan Required in WA  commentary by Robin Stice


Mar. 30

The Green Land-Grabbers: It's Not Just the Feds Who Are After Your Land - by Bonner Cohen


Mar. 30 Churches duped by green extremists by Henry Lamb, WND


Mar. 30 Sustainable development explained - The evolution of the U.N.'s push for global control - by Joan Veon, WND


Mar. 30 Klamath:  'Let the water flow' chants the crowd as the canal is opened - Herald and News


Mar. 30 Supreme Court strikes a blow against exempt wells - 
Ruling will especially hurt rural areas by Tim Ford

From the archives: "To prevent shortage, water can't be free, nations agree"


Mar. 30 Clallam County: Charter Review Commission hears from department heads - DCD Director Martin tries to defend his unelected position status

Initiative process offers the people the right of self-governance and should be protected, says Clallam County citizen


Mar. 30 Portland: Farmland off urban growth menu despite peoples' desire for housing needs and jobs - The Oregonian


Mar. 26 Yakima Basin Needs Water Storage Answers - Yakima Herald


Mar. 26

UN Planting the Seeds for a Coming Global Tax by Ron Paul


Mar. 26 "Privacy Experts" don't object to SSN requirements
  -according to GAO report


Mar. 26

'You must comply' - Program to aid irrigators - 300 out of compliance with federal law - Walla Walla Union-Bulletin


Mar. 26 A letter from the Founding Fathers to the current generation - Don Feder, Townhall


Mar. 26 Government to Delay Satellite Tracking of Trucks, Planes, Trains and Ships - AP


Mar. 25 Builders, property advocates see big problems in species protection - Endangered species or land grab? - Arizona Daily Star


Mar. 25 Planners waste money on rail transit - Thoreau Institute


Mar. 25 Bill would end presidential designation of monuments without Congressional approval - LVRJ


Mar. 25 State Sponsored Cattle Rustling: BLM Targets Two More NV Counties - Sierra Times

A Fight to Protect Home on the Range- Tortoise-Cattle Debate Illustrates Western Struggle - Washington Post


Mar. 25 Bush blocks UN tax plan - Henry Lamb, WND


Mar. 24 Northwest Challenge: Trying to Make a 'wild' Salmon in a Plastic Pail - AP


Mar. 24 Gorton and Locke team up to lead drive for transportation vote -  Seattle P-I


Mar. 24 LAND PRESERVATION REPORT:  Over 110,000 acres 'protected' in Pacific Northwest last year

Mar. 24 Logging not to blame for clog Creek-choking gravel came from unlogged land - Skagit Valley Herald


Mar. 24 Junk Science Hits Fan - WA Times


Mar. 24

CA Legislator proposes $3 billion plan to solve water problems - Local, regional agencies would control the water - Capital Press


Mar. 24 Scientific panel says NMFS killing too many endangered salmon - Kitsap Business Journal


Mar. 22 BPA to spend $2.2 million to protect fish - The Spokesman Review


Mar. 22 Locke alters roads plan - Everett Herald


Mar. 22 Department of Transportation funds Smart-Growth groups by Randal O'Toole


Mar. 22 SE activists fights against government land grabs - buffers prohibit owners from developing their own land as they see fit


Mar. 22 State cancels leases on 13 parks - Seattle P-I


Mar. 22

Irrigation Digging Still Waits for Go-Ahead - Yakima Herald


Mar. 21 Judge rules feds can close ditches - Wenatchee World


Mar. 21 Wyoming: County Commissioners resolve to ban reintroduction of grizzlies and wolves


Mar. 20 Okanogan County irrigation threatened  - Ruling: Agencies can limit ditches to protect species -  The Spokesman-Review


Mar. 20 ‘Willing Sellers’ sought along Dungeness River –  Agencies work to rid river of private ownership by Sue Forde, Citizen Review Online  


Mar. 20 Plans to close state parks put on hold - Commission looking at raising fees to cover shortfall - News Tribune


Mar. 20 Initiative seeks to restore I-601 spending rules - AP


Mar. 20 Coos County commissioners need to hear from people who desire balance in endangered species program


Mar. 20 U.S. Forest Service employee: He couldn't account for $9 million in surplus - Seattle Times


Mar. 20 Hochstatter Calls it Quits -Yakima Herald-Republic


Mar. 20 Klamaths' land claims advance - National forest land could be returned to tribes - The Oregonian


Mar. 20 Citizen activist group leads campaign to limit growth of government


Mar. 20 Emergency-powers bill gaining momentum - Measure would grant 'overly sweeping rights to the government' - WND

Mar. 20 Lying to the public is all right, says Washington's chief lawyer  - Sydney Morning Herald


Mar. 19 'Good Neighbor Act' Seeks to End 'Land Grabs' - CNS News


Mar. 19

 McInnis names names as fur flies over lynx - Denver Post


Mar. 19 Lawmakers seething over water hearing - Tri-City Herald


Mar. 19 Sierras: Tahoe Residents Voice Concerns over Sen. Boxer's Wilderness Plan - Sierra Times

See The Wildlands Project - click here


Mar. 19 Libertarian National Committee urges repeal of USA/Patriot Act


Mar. 19

Klamath: Water plan forged - Capital Press


Mar. 19

Wash. legislators mull last-minute water bill - Capital Press


Mar. 17 Skagit buffer plan faulted for exemptions -Court orders Wash. county to include more protections for fish, critical areas in plan - Commissioner argues that rural counties are the only ones hit - "It's about control, not about fish" - Capital Press


Mar. 17 UN taxation plan to get a hearing - President Bush will attend meeting - APC Center president calls for an end to "Virtual News Blackout" On United Nations Taxation Conference Next Week; Urges President to resist UN Global Government Plans


Mar. 17 Idaho water outlook dims - Farmers advised to weigh planting options - Capital Press


Mar. 17 Happy St. Patrick's Day - Will the real St. Patrick please stand up?


Mar. 17 Seattle supermarket plans 'biometric' checkout soon - Information Week

Mar. 17 As farmers retire, American small farming replacements drop - only 1.5% of Americans are farmers today - Capital Press


Mar. 16 'Willing Seller' - the myth - American Land Rights Assn.


Mar. 16 Environmental laws escape with no major rollbacks - The Olympian


Mar. 16 Enviros get defensive about former Greenpeace member's stats published in "The Skeptical Environmentalist" - TCS


Mar. 16 The Wildlands Project: Toward a wilderness utopia by Henry Lamb, for WND


Mar. 15 Wolf-management bill heads to governor Measure meant to prompt agency to lift federal protections - Spokane Review


Mar. 15 Montana rancher fights federal denial of property rights - MSLF


Mar. 15 Groups seek to stop Bush salmon plan - Environmentalists, fishermen join forces against proposal - The Spokane Review


Mar. 15 Owl data knowingly faulty -'Junk science' cost timber jobs and rural communities - WA Times


Mar. 14 Region has unusual tax record - when asked, voters say "no" to more taxes - Seattle P-I


Mar. 14 Buck assails votes to scrap I-601, raid tobacco settlement


Mar. 14 Rain forest report leaks with omissions - PDN letter


Mar. 14 Are you required to install a meter on your private well? by Sharon Shumate


Mar. 14 State budget fix may leave $1 billion hole next year - Seattle Times


Mar. 14 Washington:  Doctors fleeing Medicare, Medicaid - Seattle Times


Mar. 14 CA: BLM orders livestock off half a million desert acres - Sierra Times
Mar. 13 'Civil disorder' bill aims to halt radical groups -Measure makes it a crime to train someone to hurt, kill - News Tribune


Mar. 13 Legislature passes bill suspending Initiative 601
Spending restrictions approved by voters in 1993
- The Spokesman Review


Mar. 13 Anti-terrorism bill rejected by Senate - The Olympian


Mar. 12

Feds suggest removing fish habitat protections - The Oregonian

NMFS proposes settlement, agree that salmon issue requires 'sound science' - Boston Globe

Administration proposes ending fish protections to settle suit - King 5

Deal forces review of salmon habitat   The National Marine Fisheries Service says the agreement won't lessen protections for endangered salmon - Bremerton Sun


Mar. 12 Clallam County: Flood Control to cross property lines - PDN


Mar. 12 Ohio Board Hears Debate on an Alternative to Darwinism - NY Times


Mar. 12 The Green Matrix, Part III:  Weird Science - Think Globally - Diane Alden, Newsmax


Mar. 12 CA: Farm Bureau bummed as Proposition 40 passes - Capital Press


Mar. 12 President jumps into Klamath crisis - Capital Press


Mar. 12 State has a spending problem, not a revenue problem - commentary by State Senator James West


Mar. 11 Alert from Okanogan: New Legislation Affects Your Land and Your Future!  


Mar. 11 A year later, state has plenty of water - News Tribune


Mar. 11 Property owners question rules on GMA - Walla Walla Union Bulletin


Mar. 11 Meet The Chipsons - Jeffrey, Leslie and their boy Derek will be America's first cyborg family. Are you ready to "Get Chipped"? - Time Magazine

Response to the above story from one of our readers

Microchips under your skin - an ID idea  - Miami Herald

Mar. 11 Eminent Domain Epidemic - Liberty News Service


Mar. 11 'Smart' ID Card Worries Hong Kong -Yahoo News


Mar. 10 Mill Creek, WA: Stream advocates fight Mill Creek project - Everett Herald


Mar. 10 Unlimited Forced Drugging OK'd By Court; Physician Group Calls Ruling 'Shocking & Inhumane' - US Newswire


Mar. 10 Land expansion makes landowners 'willing sellers' - Siskiyou Daily News


Mar. 10 Highway Safety Leaders Focusing on Reauthorization; Traffic Safety An Important Component Of Homeland Security - US Newswire


Mar. 10 Douglas projects show fish, ag can coexist - Capital Press


Mar. 10 Control plans for wolf, grizzly studied - Capital Press


Mar. 9 Courts Roll Back Clinton Administration Environmental Rules - Fox News


Mar. 9 Water war looming in Utah? Lawsuits spark worries over use of CUP resources- Deseret News

Mar. 9

Jefferson County: Well drilling could be restricted - Growth Hearings board issues ruling  Port Townsend Leader


Mar. 9 Budget squeeze threatens recreation: 23 ON LIST- Park officials may shut 13 leased sites, 10 state-owned properties - News Tribune


Mar. 9 Fish and Wildlife Commission under fire - Take back: Bill to strip body of authority stems from 'people trying to implement their agenda' - News Tribune

Mar. 9 Bipartisan Bill to Stop Billions in Wasteful Spending on Water Projects Introduced - US Newswire


Mar. 9

NMFS official faces Mid-Columbia business leaders - TriCity Herald


Mar. 9 Clark County looks at Home Rule Charter: Freeholders ready for public comment - The Reflector


Mar. 8 Proposal would ease way for roads in Western wilds - USA Today


Mar. 8 Government-funded manual on land use draws fire - Scripps Howard News Service


Mar. 8 Skagit: Seattle City Light continues land purchases - Utility buys two parcels for wildlife protection - Skagit Valley Herald


Mar. 8 $1 billion wasted on study of efficient cars - Seattle P-I


Mar. 8 Judge Rules on Amateur Reporters -Yahoo News


Mar. 8 Global taxation for Americans - by Joan Veon for WND


Mar. 8 GOP: No tax hikes, tobacco grab or gambling revenue needed - AP


Mar. 8 Southern Utah Ranchers Threaten Legal Action Against BLM - Sierra Times


Mar. 8 No criminal intent found in lynx study, but probe criticizes biologists' judgment - Seattle Times


Mar. 8 The Green Matrix - Pushing forward The Wildlands Project  by Diane Alden, Newsmax

The Green Matrix, Part II - They Blinded us with science - Diane Alden, Newsmax


Mar. 8 Dungeness River Management Team issues draft proposal for river projects


Mar. 7 Jefferson County: Pact will aid wildlife and habitat - Bremerton Sun


Mar. 7 Groups endorse plan to end public lands grazing - Elko Daily News


Mar. 7 How did we get a federal curriculum? by Phyllis Schlafly, Town Hall


Mar. 7 Nevada: Forest Service sets March 18 meeting on Jarbridge road - Elko Online News


Mar. 7 What's a 'sustainable' timber harvest? State wants public input - Seattle P-I


Mar. 7 Okanogan County Citizens Coalition (OC3) "Let Them Spawn" Resolution (June 01)


Mar. 7 Blanket primary back in Court - The Olympian


Mar. 7 Huge salmon returns expected again this year - WA State Farm Bureau


Mar. 7 WA State Rep. Seeks Truth in Lobbying - Sierra Times


Mar. 7 Little piece of energy bill stirs big debate on dam licenses - Seattle Times


Mar. 6 Mason County passes regs for fish and wildlife habitat -follows the lead of Clallam County for buffers - Shelton-Mason County Journal


Mar. 6 Initiative 776  "$30 Tabs for Everyone"-Q&A


Mar. 6 Shelton County will make decision about zoning to comply with GMA - Shelton-Mason County Journal


Mar. 6 Cougar population raises concerns - The Oregonian


Mar. 3 Klamath: Ruling bolsters tribes' claim over water - Herald and News


Mar. 3 The Implant: "Line Up, Boys, and Roll Up Your Sleeves," by Vin Suprynowicz - from Sierra Times


  Educate yourself about "education" - Lynn Stuter's site is a comprehrensive one about education and the consensus process


Mar. 3 Olympia, WA - Buck says transportation package all taxes, no accountability

Related Stories: 

House gives green light to $6 billion highway plan - AP

East King County lawmakers say Democrat gas tax package doesn't address public concerns


Mar. 3

Forest Service caught submitting false visitor numbers -


Mar. 3

New studies throw cold water on warming theory -


Mar. 3 Man shot in face by FBI in serious condition
Eagle Scout, 20, had been mistaken for robbery suspect - The Baltimore Sun


Mar. 3 Washington State deficit growing at a rate of $2,188 per minute, $131,250 per hour, $3,150,000 per day - EFf


Mar. 3 'Spend more on Clean Water' enviro groups urge Senate - USWire


Mar. 3 Rezoning threatens rural life - ecologic


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