June 2003

"Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases:
If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it."
-- Ronald Reagan

Congress has not unlimited powers to provide for the general welfare,
but only those specifically enumerated."
-- Thomas Jefferson



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May 2003

Rural Cleansing

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It is irresponsible for [The Department of the Interior] to keep buying more land. We already own one out of every five acres in the country. Before the government buys more land, it must learn to take care of what it already controls.

-Secretary Gale A. Norton, U.S. Department of the Interior


"After working with this law (the Endangered Species Act) during my 22 years in Congress, I've concluded it's the most powerful law in the land. It can be used to thwart everything from the training of our fighter pilots to the farmer's simple desire to plant a crop in his field so he can feed his family."

House Resources Committee Chairman James V. Hansen discussing a bill to restore the original intent of the ESA [Endangered Species Act]


"There is a deliberate and quite outspoken attack on the whole idea of people owning private property. Mr. William Reiley, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, has said publicly on a number of occasions that he does not believe that people should have the right to own private property. To use his words, "The ownership of private property is a quaint anachronism." He has called for a repeal of the fifth amendment as it affects the right of private property. There are two laws that have been passed by the Congress that are being used to take property away from people. one is the Endangered Species Act, and the other one happens to be the Clean Water Act. The Clean Water Act has a section, 404, which allows the Corps of Engineers to regulate the water that is navigable. By a series of very twisted definitions, the Corps has adopted the idea, which the Fish and Wildlife and EPA are also following, that any body of water, or any moist land, anything that they can call "wetland" constitutes navigable water." -Dixie Lee Ray, scientist, recipient of the United Nations Peace Prize - 1992

"According to a recent study by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, simply limiting 'unreasonable' jury awards could cut health care costs by five to nine percent, saving $70 - $126 billion each year and allowing an additional 2.4 - 4.3 million Americans to obtain medical insurance." - May 6, 2003 press release of Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse, as cited by

June 29, 2003

County buys first property at River's End - PNN

Massachusetts: Beach Access Limited; Plovers Move in - Duxbury Clipper

'Pilgrim' family butts heads with feds - Alaska 'hillbillies' take on bureaucrats over access to private land - by Sarah Foster, for WorldNetDaily

Government Won't Declare Lynx Endangered - AP

The Truth About Farmers - by Julie Kay Smithson

Ruling protects dead Bitterroot trees - The Missoulian

League of Women Voters of Washington Introduces New Board of Directors - Press Release

June 27, 2003

States OK with Columbia River dredging work - Seattle P-I

'Streamlined' tax bill would pave way for taxing the internet - Businesses shake off apathy to put heat on legislators - TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.

Supreme Court hears I-776 case -King 5 News

Agricultural leaders from around the world gathered in Sacramento this week, causing a flurry of debate and protests - Capital Press

Farmers wonder when cities will wise up - Capital Press

Skagit County adopts ‘bufferless’ ordinance - Capital Press

Critics cry foul over fish - Bull trout recovery plan costs 'staggering' to farmers, local communities - Capital Press

June 26, 2003

Recreation group applauds resources report - League of Conservation Voters taken to task for misrepresenting environmental issues by Congressional committee - Blue Ribbon Coalition

COG stands for surprising assault on democracy - Attempt for constitutional amendment to appoint, rather than elect, U. S. representatives in an emergency, pushed by Continuity of Government Commission - editorial by Phyllis Schlafley, for Townhall

Reclamation shuts down Klamath shutdown - Herald & News

Wilderness group seeks land swap -AP

Last sawmill on Mendocino Coast to close - Capital Press

Ranchers “taunted” by wolves - Capital Press

Brinnon: Dosewallips River Road reconstruction under fire by environmental coalition - PDN

June 25, 2003

Life on Frontier is Tough; Policies Make it Tougher

Chelan County: Blueberry farm in jam over agricultural zoning -Bremerton Sun

Expand? DeVries Told to Cut Water Use First - Yakima-Herald

Impact fees defeat challenge - Everett Herald

New Mexico Senator Seeks Increased Federal Tax Compensation for Exempt Land - Las Cruces Sun-News

Members of Congress launch ESA reform effort - AFBF

Shelton, WA: Comprehensive plan headed for state agencies - The Olympian

Justices question using schools to talk politics -News Tribune

Clallam County: Commissioners seek input on Charter amendments - PNN

Farm Bureau appeals Cal-Fed lawsuit - Capital Press

Debate escalates on ag water runoff -Capital Press

June 24, 2003

Water rules may drain builders - But new manual will 'help environment' -The Olympian

Environment improved, EPA says in draft report -Seattle Times

Domenici move in minnow case a credible threat to Endangered Species Act, enviros say -Albuquerque Tribune

Global Warming: Nature or Nurture? by Kevin Van Cott

Reichert to skip governor's race -Seattle Times

Governor appoints as his new director of external affairs - newly hired position expert on political campaigning- Press release from Governor's office

Tax rebel can't sell his book, judge rules -AP

Teach citizenship in public schools - by Hans Zeiger for Renew America

Sea-Tac: Cost of third runway could top $1 billion -Seattle Times

June 23, 2003

States to blame for budget woes, report says - Poor U.S. economy matters less than lawmakers' money management -The Olympian

Thanks to higher gas tax, state agency is hiring - With $4 billion in projects, Department of Transportation recovers lost jobs - The Olympian

Opinion Editorial: Why Piddle Around? Jobs and Economic Development - EFF

State must ensure safety before fixing Arizona 85 - Arizona Star

Special bond election is too costly - The state's hurting for money. So is the city of Tucson. Pima County is, too, but it's not acting that way. -Arizona Star

Court Upholds Tougher Rule on Arsenic Limits in Water - NY Times

June 22, 2003

Vancouver, WA: Taxing land to buy land - Funds would be used to acquire 5,800 acres of private land for wildlife habitat, greenways - The Oregonian

Portland's Metro Shows How Much It Cares about Commuters by Randal O'Toole , The Thoreau Institute

Bill would give Idaho a share in recovery funds - The Idaho Statesman

Funding for salmon advances on two fronts - Power council OKs package of BPA projects - The Idaho Statesman

Spotted owl case pivotal - The Columbian

Clark County, WA: County invites comment on growth - The Columbian

Judge sides with Clallam County’s ag exemption - Capital Press

June 21, 2003

Court upholds EPA's stricter water standard - Agency was sued after ordering public water systems to cut arsenic levels - Seattle P-I

Budget cuts bite into land purchases - Reports of poor fiscal management also take toll - "Only" $100 million for federal land purchases in the next fiscal year - Seattle P-I

Coalition presses on to save woodland -Seattle P-I

Special Report: Water 2025: What the Family Farm Alliance Believes Must Be Done If We Are To Meet The Next Two Decades' Water Challenges In The West -from Family Farm Alliance

June 20, 2003

Twin Lakes recharge effort may get funding - Methow Valley News

Is the Oregon's Sustainability Forum Hillary's Global Village? Rodney R. Stubbs, for News with Views

Locke approves $3 billion package of Boeing perks - Governor praises 'great step forward' designed to lure 7E7 -The Olympian

Boeing may cut more local jobs - But cautious executives offer no specifics-Seattle P-I

Seatbelt campaign could land in state Supreme Court -King County Business Journal

Land Appraisal Process to Be Overhauled - Las Vegas Sun

Creek initiative finds foes in developers, Realtors, city - Seattle P-I

State Supreme Court upholds ban on trapping -The Olympian

June 19, 2003

Public Land Trust acquires Wyoming ranch - AP

The Great National Land Grab from LMNS

Montanans for Multiple Use file lawsuit to stop shutdown of national forests to public access - LMNS

Tenth Circuit Upholds Silvery Minnow Ruling; Mayor blasts ruling - LMNS

Wildfire Burns More Than 200 Homes in Arizona - -AP/Yahoo News

June 18, 2003

WTC launches 'seed capital' program for outlying communities -Puget Sound Business Journal

Washington state's jobless rate at 7.3% - 220,500 people presently unemployed - Spokane County jobless rate up to 6.9% - Spokesman-Review

Clallam: Health-care providers get pledge to seek legislation aiding free clinics - PDN

Locke says times changed, he's the same -News Tribune

Locke amasses war chest for re-election bid - Governor mum on '04 plans -The Olympian

June 17, 2003

Author claims green movement has hidden agenda - Siskiyou Daily News

Port handles increasing lumber loads -The Olympian

News Briefs from the WA State Farm Bureau

Time to pay for work, forest chief says - Bosworth: Meeting everyone's needs has a price - The Missoulian

State Patrol to continue emphasis on seat belt law despite ruling by 3 judges of its unconstitutionality - More than 100,000 tickets handed out - Tacoma News Tribune

Gun control is socialist - by Larry Pratt, for News with Views

"They don't steal off of our chickens"by Bill Sizemore, for News with View

Protecting the environment by Walter Martin, for World Net Daily

State warns of DDT in Chelan trout -Longview Daily News

Why DDT was banned...The lies of Rachel Carson by Dr. J. Gordon Edwards

June 16, 2003

Nature Conservancy Abandons Disputed Practices - Land Deals, Loans Were Questioned - Washington Post

Bye-bye buffers? Commissioners set to approve new fish-and-farms law - Skagit Valley Herald

At $100,000 per mile, taxpayers shell out for the pleasure of a few citizens - TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr

Wyoming: Study released on watercraft in Bighorn Canyon - AP

Wildfire threat in Northwest rising with temperatures -King 5 News

Seat belt law declared unconstitutional - State Patrol to keep issuing tickets for now -Everett Herald

Four governors and four dams -Seattle Times editorial

June 14, 2003

High School Is Virtual, but the Caps and Gowns Are Real - NY Times

Conservancy Abandons Disputed Practices - Land Deals, Loans Were Questioned -Washington Post

European Union draft constitution unveiled - EU Business

Tax Increases - It's Not Just Your State - AP

Systems Governance bankrupting States by Lyn Stuter for News with Views

The fate of SB5659 - Counties, Cities, Towns authorized to raise taxes above 1% limit - but only with a vote of the people by Tim Eyman

12 Home Loans at Conservancy - Nonprofit Says All but 2 Have Been Repaid; 5 Came Interest-Free -Washington Post

Labor vows political backlash -Seattle Times

Idaho Governor mentioned for EPA job - Kempthorne named in story as a leading candidate to succeed Whitman -Spokesman-Review

June 13, 2003

A Healthy Perspective on Forest Management -- Greenpeace, Greenspirit founder addresses congressional crowd

Public speaks out: Rural buffers would restrict growth unfairl - Property rights activists as well as the municipalities of Poulsbo and Port Orchard contend the buffers would restrict growth unfairly - Bremerton Sun

World Summit on Salmon considers salmon population - Scientists say hard decisions needed to restore numbers -Spokesman-Review

Bugs attack Idaho grain crops-Capital Press

You gotta see this: New Gender and Water Resource Guide from United Nations Development Programme

Kitsap County Commissioners approve parks purchase - Two major "heritage parks" would be acquired with $4 million in bonds - Bremerton Sun

Wild West: Drug Cartels Thrive In U.S. National Parks - Christian Science Monitor

June 12, 2003

Okanogan County Farm Bureau to discuss land, water and rural economic issues

Boeing gets its way in Olympia - Seattle P-I

Legislature completes session -Tr-City Herald

Gov. Locke sees no reason to change Clinton roadless rule -The Columbian

Massive fish kill seen in Hood Canal - Low-oxygen problems continue to injure the waterway's sea life - Bremerton Sun

Opinion: Hanford, state dispute needs permanent fix - Tri-City Herald

Legislature approves $4 million to help fund a study of proposed reservoir east of Yakima - lake would nearly double existing water storage - Yakima-Herald

Businesses say unemployment system too generous - Spokesman-Review

CONGRESS: Bill seeks to protect sacred Indian lands -Lummi leader in D.C. to support protections - Bellingham Herald

June 11, 2003

Suit filed over Flathead forest roads - Counties, businesses challenge road closures - The Montana Standard

Bill to clarify that taking water from a stream under a valid permit isn't pollution goes to Locke for signature - WSFB

Legislature OKs land purchase to settle suit over owl - News Tribune

High housing costs remain a drain for low-income families - Rentals, housing prices high statewide, national survey confirms - Bellingham Herald

Health Dept. OKs ending chlorination -The Olympian

Eyman admits funds lag, says I-807 'not there yet' -News Tribune

Legislature gives cities, counties right to raise taxes - after a vote - News Tribune

N.Y. Times leaders must rebuild trust -News Tribune

June 10, 2003

Bush administration to let states seek relief from roadless rule -Bremerton Sun

Yakima, WA: Study Says Steelhead No Longer Threatened Threatened - Yakima-Herald

Olympia, WA: Water law changes could evaporate in gridlock -Bellingham Herald

Sultan, WA: Prosecutor to review voter fraud accusations - Business owners in Sultan say voting in four city elections when they lived elsewhere was a simple mistake, but a county official isn't sure - The Daily Herald

Using division in the classroom - Two Monroe, WA teachers think splitting their sixth-grade classes has benefits for both genders - The Daily Herald

Olympia, WA: Malpractice crunch squeezes area doctors - Insurance company to drop two neurosurgeons - The Olympian

Spokane earns improved bond rating - City's lawsuits increase bond amount requirement - Spokesman-Review

Ferry rules raising anxiety - Security proposals could mean long waits -Everett Herald

Pollution fights 'global warming'? Study finds smoke protects planet from greenhouse gases - WND

Klamath farmers retool acreage, but risks of water shortage persist -The Oregonian

June 9, 2003

Eyman wants to slash property taxes -King 5 News

Revived Wild Sky bill gets a hearing - Environmentalists for, local communities against - Seattle Times

You, too, can live a privileged life when you know somebody -Commentary, News Tribune

Missoula to host forest health summit for governors - The Missoulian

Montana: Appeals filed against local forest plan - motorized vehicle proponents say decision too restrictive - Independent Record

Yellowstone Microorganism Exploitation put on Hold by Federal Judge by Mike Bader, AWR

June 8, 2003

Nation's unemployment rate hits highest level in 9 years -News Tribune

Murkowski-Young-Stevens Move Against Park Service "Pirates"; Introduce Glacier Bay Bills Seeking Damages for Crabbers

Good website for information about the positive side of dams

Clallam must compensate sign owners under code, judge rules - PDN

Norton Urges a Water Truce-SL Tribune

Thieves steal hundreds of millions of dollars worth of trees - USA Today

June 7, 2003

Grizzly targets bear expert's tent -Billings Gazette

Montana: Students meet grizzly on way to school -The Daily Inter Lake

Montana: County joins forest lawsuit against Forest Service -The Daily Interlake

Forest activists plan 'boot camp'-Week of environmentalist training scheduled in Bitterroot by Greenpeace, National Forest Protection Alliance -The Missoulian

Plague of crickets gnaws Idaho lands - Bugs click, chomp and romp through southwestern counties in what may be worst outbreak since WWII -Spokesman-Review

Drive to change city government pays solicitors up to $1 a name -Tacoma News Tribune

June 6, 2003

Snohomish County may ease urban-habitat protections - County council gives planners less control over development decisions - Seattle Times

PUD delays action on powerline EIS - Methow Valley News

Clallam County, WA: Commissioners consider more Charter amendments for ballot - PNN

Stormwater rules championed, and vilified - PNN

Legislative push on to create Wild Sky Wilderness - The Olympian

The Old Dilemma: Farmland or Growth - What happens when property owners want to sell land for commercial development? -Skagit Valley Herald

Iowa: Proposed Muslim Youth Camp, Convention Center, on Federal Land Stirs Debate - Fox News

Water law changes could evaporate in gridlock -The Bellingham Herald

House passes $23 billion budget - Governor praises plan as 'responsible' -Spokesman-Review

Birth control may be harming state's salmon - Synthetic estrogen in water seems to affect reproduction - Seattle P-I

Boy Scouts ready to submit logging application - Neighbors maintain plan calls for too much cutting - PT Leader

June 5, 2003

Montesano, WA: Development moratorium authority now with county -Daily World

U.S. Is Urged to Overhaul Its Approach to Protecting Oceans - NY Times

No Need for Another Fish Bureaucracy - group alleges Pew Oceans Commission engaged in fear mongering - NCFA

Jim Beers to be on Clay Douglas Show Friday morning - from JK Smithson

Montana: Lawsuit challenges forest access policies -The Daily Interlake

Northwest governors meet on salmon recovery strategy - The Missoulian

Critical win for farmers - Judge rules against stream-side buffers for some agriculture - PDN

June 4, 2003

Virginia: A Matter of Contradictions - Curtail spread of West Nile virus, but protect the breeding grounds for mosquitos - By John Fulton Lewis for American Farm Magazine

The Wildlands Project: Developer Creates an Opening - Tejon Ranch agrees to sell 100,000 acres for a wildlife corridor - L.A. Times

Teddy would be proud of these 'conservatives' -commentary, Seattle Times

Your Tax Dollars: Biologists and land planners are teaming up to design ecofriendly roads that animals can traverse without having to risk life and limb - Audubon Society Magazine

CA: Water: Who owns the groundwater in a farmer's well? It is time for straight answers from the PVWMA, says AmRhein - Freedom 21 Santa Cruz

Water: Position Statement: Regionalization of resources by non-elected administrators - Freedom 21 Santa Cruz

Commentary: Do we have a water shortage in Santa Cruz County? by Jack Ward - Freedom 21 Santa Cruz

Alaska: Ill Winds Threaten Inholders - Wrangell-St. Elias News

Pilgrim family targeted by National Park Service: Inholder roads at risk by Rick Kenyon, Wrangell St. Elias News (WSEN)

June 3, 2003

Clallam County Planning Commission schedules public hearing for Stormwater Management Plan

Proposed Clallam stormwater rules irk builders, buoy environmentalists - PDN

Land Use & the American Dream -commentary from American Dream Coalition

What's in a Billion?

Watchdogs worry as FCC likely to ease media ownership rules -News Tribune

Texas: Groups share ideas for water navigation - Texarkana Gazette

June 1, 2003

Core Wilderness and Corridors: U.N. influence in Alabama by Henry Lamb, for eco-logic

Transforming America...- Sustainable Development: the antithesis of freedom by Henry Lamb, eco-logic

Really, How Big Was the Tax Cut? How the tax bill frames the coming debate on spending - Wayne T. Brough, CSE

Oregon: West girds for water wars - Salem officials question a federal report that lists the city as a future potential conflict zone - StatesmanJournal

Obesity and Cancer Junk Science - Center for Consumer Freedom

Survey: Health care top need - Access, costs are critical concerns in South Sound, poll participants say -The Olympian

Doctors rally for lower malpractice premiums - Seattle P-I

May 31, 2003

Creeping tyranny - Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development by Henry Lamb, for WND

Port Angeles, WA - Activists want pesticide use on roadsides stopped - But state defends method to keep weeds at bay - Seattle P-I

USFS burning policy needs to be decided before wildlife withers away - Daily Sentinal

PUGET SOUND - Orca population officially 'depleted' - A conservation plan, due out by the end of next year, will outline how to help the killer whales - Bremerton Sun

Bainbridge Island, WA: City Council takes stand against Patriot Act - A group of residents applauded the panel's measure, which states the city's intent to oppose parts of the act that infringe on civil rights - Bremerton Sun

Jefferson County, WA - Growth hearings board turns back county, mining company legal maneuver - Shine gravel pit expansion waits for state review - PT Leader

Olympia, WA: Budget team says it's close to a deal -The Olympian

State scolds PUD for buy-back program decisions-Methow Valley News

Secretary of State Sam Reed announces election changes -Seattle Times

Environmentalists Made a Deal With the Devil - Teaming Up With Animal Rights Advocates Proves Bad for Species, Ecosystems - Tidepool

New rules speed fire prevention, logging -The Olympian

Unemployment Insurance: Will it put Boeing and other businesses on a one-way flight out of the state? - EFF

Maine Salmon Farms Closed to 'Benefit' Wild Salmon -ENS


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