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June 26, 2002

Ruling allows couple to keep Gorge dream home, fuels land-use debate - Seattle P-I

6/26/02 -
Chronic Wasting Disease May Be Spread By U. S. Fish And Wildlife -by Laura Schneberger

6/26/02 -Pledge of Allegiance Ruled Unconstitutional - WND

6/26/02 -Leftist Lawmakers Want Feds to Oversee Local Development – and Your Life - Newsmax

6/26/02 - Port Angeles: House subcommittee bill includes funding for Elwha dams project - PDN


Jun 24 Swollen Methow claims home - Logjam changed course of river - Omak Chronicle
Jun 24 It's walkers vs. riders in battle over trail upkeep - Seattle Times


Jun 24 Skagit backs off buffer rule for farmland - Public can offer alternatives at June 25 meeting - Capital Press


Jun 24 Judge: Forest Service must consider the wolf in grazing - Wildlife outranks livestock, says ruling - Capital Press


Jun 24 Property rights strengthened; politicians liable - Howard Hutchinson


  Landowners fight for right to seashore - WND


Jun 24 Is County Department of Development of Environmental Services 'sterilizing' rural businesses? - Snoqualmie Valley Record


Jun 24 Stores turn checks into electronic withdrawals; some people dubious - Seattle P-I


Jun 24 City's wastewater violations prompt federal complaint - Enviro group files complaint under Clean Water Act - Snoqualmie Valley Record
Jun 24

EU - UN - both are eroding freedoms of sovereign nations - Trackside by John D'Aloia Jr.


Jun 24 Australia: Bill could produce 'police state' - Australian News Interactive


Jun 24

Planners warn county needs to create regional smart growth - Bellingham Herald


Jun 24 City, businesses can't afford costs of low-wage jobs Guest column, Spokesman Review


Jun 24 Resistance is futile as G8 meets in remote Canadian hideaway - UK Guardian


Jun 21 Battle Ground developer fined $40,000 by DOE for failing to control 'muddy runoff' - DOE


Jun 21 Congressman questions officials at Thimerosal hearings - WFAA TV


Jun 21 Lacey woman out on a limb after tree removal  - City regulations require permit to cut down trees - The Olympian


Jun 21 Community Character Act would allow more federal intrusion in local planning - Detroit News


Jun 21 'Enemy Combatant' Loses Right to Lawyer, Feds Say - NY Daily News


Jun 21 Shut City Hall! The Supreme Court concludes that most government agencies should be out of business By Steven E.  Landsburg 


Jun 21 Oppressive Government more desirable than no government?  Debate set for 6th & 7th graders


Jun 21 Killer Flu Virus Changes Its Skin - Ingredients for Worldwide Flu Epidemic Brewing in China - MSN Health


Jun 21 Not all police are honorable: Report shows top 10 list of Police Database Abuses -Tech TV
Jun 21 Fish and Wildlife Commission seeks higher penalties for poaching protected fish - Dept. of Fish & Wildlife


Jun 21

Regulatory Abyss commentary by Keith Allison, D.Dn.


Jun 20 Conservatives angered by environmental provision - WA Times


Jun 20 Land values shock owners in Manastash - Landowners take concerns to assessor - Daily Record Online


Jun 20 Portland votes on density - Thoreau Institute


Jun 20 Officials knew of Methow logjam threat, blame each other for inaction - Wenatchee World


Jun 20 Let's not give up freedom so easily - Seattle PI editorial


Jun 20 Fighting fire with fire - Though risky, prescribed burns help prevent wildfires, officials say - Statesman Review


Jun 20 Citizens group likely to get on fall ballot
Permanent Offense's 201,000 signatures probably enough to help Initiative 776 - Spokesman-Review


Jun 20 Neighbors sue to stop college housing plan - Seattle P-I


Jun 20


Jun 19 Methow River destroys home - Wenatchee World


Jun 19 Officials acknowledge Klamath Basin farmers are deeply rooted - Olympian


Jun 19 West Nile Virus Probably Bound for Puget Sound - KIRO 7 News


Jun 19 Commissioners: Code prohibits rifle ranges -Bremerton Sun


Jun 15 Dairy industry gains momentum in battle to build facilities - Judges throw out environmental suits - Capital Press


Jun 15 Wildfire potential spurs equipment trials - Over 70 million acres of forests need to be thinned, but no mills left to process the logs - Capital Press


  How to Know When to Circle the Wagons - by Daniel News, eco-logic


Jun 15 Green Zombies - Scary environmentalist statements incorporated into English, Math work for students - by Henry Lamb, Eco-Logic


Jun 15 Counties can assert authorities -Sublette Examiner


Jun 14 Pew Trust pours millions into "roadless initiative" lobbying by Dave Skinner, Paragon Foundation News Service


Jun 14 Skagit County gives up crafting buffer ordinance, will seek other alternatives - and other news from the WA State Farm Bureau Newswatch


Jun 14 Flood project greeted with skepticism - Skagit Valley Herald


Jun 13 Conservation Easements Put Money In The Wrong Pockets by Dave Skinner


Jun 13 Farm Bureau brings property owners up to speed on latest assault on property rights by Mary Swoboda


Jun 13 Clallam: Public invited to review charter changes - PDN


Jun 13 Farm Bureau opposes costly land purchase by university


Jun 13 Do the preachers of doom and gloom have you worried about everything?  Watch the  John Stossel special Friday night.


Jun 13 North Dakotans Vote to Tighten Privacy for Bank Customers - AP


Jun 13 Sequim: Commissioners back critical areas code - PDN


Jun 13 Regarding the Roadless Debate - from Atlanta, GA


Jun 12 In Virginia, A Property Rights Win For The Little Guy - NAHB


Jun 12 Arrests in Forsyth County raise questions of free speech, politics - Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Jun 12 As government grows, private economy falters - NCPA


Jun 12 Suckers for Junk Science?  Bush Administration Defends Sucker Listings by James Buchal


Jun 12 Feds Take Property For A Trail; Take Taxpayers For A Ride By William Perry Pendley


Jun 12 Report on Corps errors casts doubt on proposed Columbia dredging - The Olympian


Jun 12 FBI scrutinizing local scuba shops - The Everett Herald


Jun 12 Conservation key in Lacey water plan - The Olympian


Jun 11 The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act: An Assault on Civil Liberties in the Name of Homeland Security by Sue Blevins, Heritage Foundation


Jun 11

I’m Fed Up With Political Correctness commentary by Keith Allison, D.Dn.


Jun 9 Stormwater Management Plan carries far more restrictions on land than meets the eye by Sue Forde, Citizen Review Online


Jun 9 Ex-deputy sentenced to 'community service' after shooting up residence - Spokesman-Review


Jun 9 Bush's proposal for Department of Homeland Security faces tough road in Congress - The Olympian


Jun 9 Fighting Land Takings in Ohio - from Buckeye Farm News


Jun 9 Gathering for environmentalists turns ugly - Pro-growth forces clash with activists at forum - The Olympian


Jun 9 Transportation is easy: think of a water crisis (Government solution is a "new" regional water-management 'strategy')- Seattle Times Editorial


Jun 9 McKenna plan: Invest in freeways, not light rail - Seattle Times


Jun 9 Forest Practices Board schedules special meeting on RMAP


Jun 7 50m baby births not registered each year -World leaders push for "universal registration" - UK Telegraph


Jun 7 Ohio: Dewine backs wildlife funding - Columbus Dispatch


Jun 6 Imperial Rule By Benevolent Council by Niki F. Raapana


Jun 6 Court approves NMFS salmon settlement agreement with NAHB - 19 West Coast salmon and steelhead critical habitat designations to be removed


Jun 6 Irrigation District pulls reins on illegal water use penalty program - Tri-City Herald


Jun 6 Take a look at what the growth boundary under the GMA created - Seattle Times


Jun 6 Restoration to "pre-man" : Bringing back Iowa's prairie potholes -ENN


Jun 6 Lawmakers offer bipartisan bill to 'protect' U.S. forests - Road construction and development would be banned on nearly 60 million acres - Reuters


Jun 6 State wants land for fish hatchery - County Commissioner criticizes that the state is not a good steward of the land it already has - Wenatchee World


Jun 6 [The] Military Community Discovers the Arrogance of Congress by Thomas D. Segel, Master Gunnery Sergeant, USMC (Retired), via Paragon Foundation News


Jun 6 Should you vote for Referendum 51? Democrats say 'Just Trust Us' at Bremerton forum by Mary Swoboda


Jun 6 Tribe's water rights case rejected - But court admits challenge raises conflict issues in decades-long process - Spokesman-Review


Jun 6 Threatened, endangered fish penalties up for discussion - Spokesman-Review


Jun 6 Olympia: Changes to homeschooling law set for public hearing on June 20


Jun 6 Agenda 21/Sustainable Development - Philanthropy... or Piracy?


Jun 4 Eastern Oregon county bans U.N., frees trees for taking, notwithstanding applicable federal laws - Rebels With a Vote Vent Anger With Government - Yakima Herald


Jun 4 Counties, builders, state seek help on water issue - Tri-City Herald


Jun 4 Thurston County: Local group to oppose road tax - The Olympian


Jun 4 Alert -- Stop S958 & Federal takeover of Nevada land -- Immediate action needed! from Nevada Committee for Full Statehood


Jun 4 Despite threats, seized Nevada cattle hauled away peacefully - AP, via Sierra Times


Jun 4

Natural Order of Things: The theory of evolution leaves more questions than answers by Keith Allison, D.Dn.


Jun 2 River owners balk at selling out their property; encouraged by county agencies with an agenda to become “willing” sellers - by Sue Forde, Citizen Review Online


Jun 2

About Conservation Easements: Warning to County Commissioners By John Griffith, County Commissioner, Coos County, Oregon

White House defends U-turn on global warming - WA Times


Jun 2 OC-3 Newsletter June 2002 issue: Includes these stories: Linchpin of Freedom by Ron Perrow ; W-VA New River: Land Grab ; Okanogan River Acquisition ; RMAP Headlines and Quotes ; NMFS to Halt Irrigators ; Methow Irrigators Appeal ; ESA Listed Fish Kills ; Real Price of Salmon; Sacramento River Land Grab


Jun 2 Alabama family recovers land taken by state decades ago - AP


Jun 2 The ESA is ... Turning energy into solid waste - By Katherine Van Tuyl, People for the USA


Jun 2

Unintended Consequences by Edgar J. Steele


Jun 1 Wilderness Society Cheers Move on Big Cypress - 765,000 acres of 'worldwide biological importance' to be preserved with taxpayers' dollars -  US News Wire

See The Wildlands Project


Jun 1

In "Sustainable" Oregon:  Property rights and gardens Commentary by Rodney R. Stubbs


Jun 1

Ozarks Biosphere Reserve gets defeated as citizens band together - A PRIMER ON THE GAGS' OZARKS BIOREGIONAL WAR PLAN - by Bill Jud



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