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June 24, 2007

Kelo's Consequences -Two Years Later - Wall Street Journal

June 21, 2007

Jefferson County, WA: Planners tour wetlands before vote on critical areas buffers - PDN

BLM wants to close ‘user-created’ trails in southwestern Montana - Great Falls Tribune

County elections initiative going to ballot? - Seattle P-I

June 20, 2007

Justices reject WEA - McKenna calls decision 'important victory' for workers- The Olympian

New York governor helps Gregoire raise big bucks - Seattle P-I

Rossi gathers ideas at Vancouver forum - The Columbian

Special Analysis: GAO Investigates Impact of Eminent Domain - Hawaii Reporter

County approves new septic rules - KONP News

June 17, 2007 - Happy Father's Day!

County GOP selects commissioner candidate - Citizen Review Online

Ron Paul: nowhere in polls, but everywhere on the Web - Seattle Times

June 14, 2007

West End water plan poising to take flight - PDN

Sims wants to pick up speed on land-swap deal for trail - Seattle Times

June 13, 2007

Owl proposal would open up local logging - KONP News

Some see red on Denver's green plan - Proposals called radical, 'loony' after hitting Web - Rocky Mountain News

Republicans give voters some clout - The Vancouver Columbian ;
Democrats need to let state's voters determine delegates - Yakima Herald-Republic

Letter to the Editor: Mexican government should be held accountable for their part in the illegal alien problem

New Light Shed on Farm Subsidy Payments - Forbes Magazine

June 6, 2007

Representatives of local group chide charter commission about DCD position - by Lois Perry, Citizen Review Online

EPA, Army Corps Issue Joint Guidance to Sustain Wetlands Protection under Supreme Court Decision

Toxic Toothpaste Made in China Is Found in U.S. - NY Times

As resistant bacteria spread, doctors try alternatives - Spokesman-Review

Biologists Make Skin Cells Work Like Stem Cells - NY Times

June 4, 2007

Endangered Species Act Has Harmed Endangered Species Fearful Landowners Forced to Take Pre-emptive Action, says NCPA Scholar

Exemptions, Abortion, & Wolves - by Jim Beers, for eco-logic/Powerhouse

Wetland buffers defended - Ecology specialist outlines how much perimeter state wants - PDN

June 1, 2007

Senate Immigration Bill threatens America - By Senator Aubyn Curtiss for eco-logic/Powerhouse magazine

Compliance officer details how Clallam's junk-car law will be enforced - PDN

Widow opposes taking of home through eminent domain - The Cincinnati Post

Legal Issues Still Surround Growth Plan - Kitsap Sun

Goats trump Caterpillars on Dearborn - King FM 98.1

Okanogan Highlands Alliance challenges mine EIS - Omak Chronicle


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