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July  2002

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Congress has not unlimited powers to provide for the general welfare, but only those specifically enumerated."
-- Thomas Jefferson



July 31, 2002

7/31/02 -Water rights fight - Half Moon Bay farmer Aldo Giusti says he's given up farming a 100-acre field for lack of water - Half Moon Bay Review

7/31/02 -Local paper vilifies elected commission for proposed changes to Home Rule Charter - by Sue Forde, Citizen Review Online

7/31/02 -Budget woes worry state water manager - But groundwater study continues - Capital Press

7/31/02 -Plan for 'Wild Sky' wilderness area advances Federal tract would include Skykomish valley area - Seattle P-I

7/31/02 -While Markets Sputter, Government Grows The recent surge in government growth threatens to undermine the advances in liberty made in the last century - CSE

7/31/02 -Measure to let Oregon voters choose 'none of the above' to go on ballot - AP

7/31/02 -Sierra Club criticizes plan for freeway -North-south route through Spokane among the projects in Referendum 51 - Seattle P-I

7/31/02 -Portland: Housing-only idea dashes Lents town center dream - The Oregonian

7/31/02 -West Nile rapidly heading west-Health officials predict virus may hit California by next year - MSNBC

July 29, 2002

7/29/02 -The Spider Web of federal discretionary grants where each law has federal strings attached - from Lyn Stuter's site

7/29/02 -Federal plan upholds status of wild salmon - The Olympian

 - July 28, 2002

7/28/02 -Snohomish County water projects to get $11 million - Everett Herald

7/28/02 -Endangered Species Act topic of House hearing - Nevada trout prevent rebuilding of flooded road -

7/28/02 -Transportation planning group on tap -Federal government wants cities to form new panel - Skagit Valley Herald

7/28/02 -Authorities say first West Nile case discovered in South Dakota - AP

7/28/02 -A move to protect wild salmon disappoints property-rights advocates - Seattle P-I

July 27, 2002

7/27/02 -Eyman adds new wrinkle to complex transportation debate - AP

7/27/02 -Bush Administration rescinds funds designated for U.N. programs - Fox News

July 26, 2002

7/26/02 -Good News - Grassroots Does Work - American Flags Will Fly in the Forests

7/26/02 -Protection proposes for Upper W. Salmon - The Columbian

7/26/02 -Habitat lawsuits sidetrack U.S. wildlife agency - Spokesman-Review

7/26/02 -Senate Bill Introduced to Codify Forest Roadless Plan; Plan Bans Building Roads for Fighting Forest Fires

7/26/02 -Millions later ... nothing to show The state auditor and the Mason County League of Women Voters want to know what happened to the $4.3 million spent on the much publicized project - Bremerton Sun

7/26/02 -Hatchery fish must be figured in with "wild" fish for endangered species; draft plan by NMFS may affect fish debate - WA State Farm Bureau

7/26/02 -Emergency health bill passing in many states Measure grants government 'dictatorial powers' during crisis - WND

July 25, 2002

7/25/02 -CONSERVATION EASEMENTS - A Second Look by Carol LaGrasse

More Articles and how-to's on Conservation Easements

7/25/02 -Colorado residents lash out at feds and environmentalists after fire devastation - Durango Herald

7/25/02 -Cross Country convoy planned - Elko Daily Herald

7/25/02 -Water conservation backfires in Redmond - rates to rise - Seattle P-I

7/25/02 -Salmon stream buffers scrutinized - New strategy could mean no protection for waters too degraded - The Olympian

July 23, 2002

7/23/02 -Smart Growth Rally set for Bremerton on Aug. 1st

7/23/02 -Permanent Offense files new initiative - Transportation Choices Initiative (TCI) improves & finances transportation without a tax increase

7/23/02 -Passage of roadless rule not expected - Seattle Times

7/232/02 -Plentiful Water Supply Sends Power Price Plunging - Yakima Herald

7/23/02 -Belfair, WA: County asks committee to plan only part of the Belfair UGA; scraps committee's own "Scope of Work" for an abbreviated version. Some committee members don't appreciate the bully-like approach - by Mary Swoboda, Common Sense Mason

7/23/02 -Canada lynx study scientists defended - Group says state biologists met code of ethics - The Spokesman-Review

7/23/02 -Wider Military Role in U.S. Is Urged - NY Times

7/23/02 -Forest Service orders removal of poles flying American flag - WA Times

7/23/02 -Snohomish County uses taxpayers' money and funds from Audubon Society to purchase 664 acres for preservation - Heraldnet

7/23/02 -Tribes: $2 million more for fish - Walla Walla Union Bulletin

July 19, 2002

7/19/02 -DNR admits RMAPs may be illegal - Okanogan Chronicle

7/19/02 -The HUD-Funded Smart Growth Guidebook's Attack on Homeownership Forfeiting the American Dream by Wendell Cox for eco-logic

7/19/02 -The Dialectic (Idiot-Proof Version) By Charlene Sanders for Sierra Times

July 18, 2002

7/18/02 -Homeland security plan hits roadblock in House - Seattle P-I

7/18/02 -Action Alert from American Land Rights Association: Enviros launch attack in Congress on Klamath farmers - you are needed to help out! from ALRA

7/18/02 -Will your neighbor be spying on you? Operation TIPS is a "national system for concerned workers to report suspicious activity." -

7/18/02 -Federal bill would create "model" for purchase of more land for "future conservation" - Snoqualmie Valley Record

7/18/02 -No, Alaska is not melting - the myth about global warming by Alan Caruba for eco-logic

7/18/02 -Otsego County changes building code to follow International Building Codes - Daily Star (New York)

7/18/02 -Life in the Columbia River Gorge -The Brian Bea Story by Jodi Bea for eco-logic

7/18/02 -Sound Transit's ad campaign draws fire - $1.1 million: Critics see it as effort to buff tarnished - News Tribune

July 17, 2002

7/17/02 -The U.S. Constitution Has Answers to Mismanagement and Destruction on Federal Lands - NCCS

7/17/02 -STAVIS BAY: Seabeck woodlands targeted for safekeeping - DNR wants to designate it a Natural Resources Conservation Area - Bremerton Sun

7/17/02 -Liability costs drive doctors from practice - Record insurance premiums force shutdowns of health facilities from West Virginia to Nevada - CS Monitor

7/17/02 -Water Keeper's Lawsuit Judged Unreasonable - Consumer

7/17/02 -Endangered Species Act bill fights for life in D.C. - Tri-City Herald

7/17/02 -Elko's Shovel Brigade activists plan convoy to Florida - AP via Sierra Times

7/17/02 -Walk or bike, says Skagit County Coalition -  Third Walk-n-Roll event scheduled to get people out of their cars - Skagit Valley Herald

7/17/02 -CA: Diverse Recreationists Protest Sen. Boxer Road and Trail Closure Plan - Sierra Times

7/17/02 -Olympic Peninsula: State wildlife officials: Take our pigs - please. Seattle P-I

7/17/02 -Plenty of Chinook: Summer chinook fishing to begin - Tri-City Herald

7/17/02 -Commentary: Yank your kids out of school -

7/17/02 -What's a military family worth? by Rush Limbaugh

July 16, 2002

7/16/02 -Environmental group sues state over logging plan - King 5 News

7/16/02 -On the Road to a Trail - Work may begin this fall on recreational route at a cost of $200,000 per mile - Skagit Valley Herald

7/16/02 -Clallam: County sales tax hike proposal likely to go on Sept. 17 ballot - PDN

7/16/02 -Clallam County: Sales tax hike heads to ballot; "pockets of beauty" slated for Port Angeles; Roadless rules press forward - KONP Radio

7/16/02 -Who Says the Communists Lost? Read the 45 Goals of the Communist Party -

7/16/02 -Gov. Locke joins lawsuit to block Referendum 53

7/16/02 -Clallam: Jimmycomelately Creek restoration work looms - PDN

7/16/02 -Stock Markets Tumble in Europe, Asia - Netscape News

7/16/02 -Cypress moves forward in plan to seize church land - Council challenges citizens' bid to bring eminent-domain dispute to voters - Orange County Register

July 15, 2002

7/15/02 -Forcing people off their land...Transforming America: Everglades Wildlands by Henry Lamb, eco-logic

7/15/02 -Disaster in the Everglades - Rural America Under Siege by Madeleine Fortin

7/15/02 -Everglades restoration..., or destruction? "Glades guru" joins opposition to feds by J. Zane Walley for eco-logic

7/15/02 -Washington is the '2nd highest taxed state in the nation' says Eyman

July 13, 2002

7/13/02 -Ecology director unveils proposed water policy shift - Tri-City Herald

7/13/02 -Counties threaten to sue over Condit Dam removal - The Columbian

7/13/02 -Report accuses Forest Service of mismanagement - Bellingham Herald

7/13/02 -EPA looks at new water cleanup rule - Clinton-era oversight of state plans seen as ‘too inflexible’-WA Post

7/13/02 -U.N. Passes Deal on War Crimes Court -Yahoo News

7/13/02 -Gun show sponsor files for damages for violation of 2nd Amendment rights  - by Sue Forde, Citizen Review Online

7/13/02 -Judge allows EFF lawsuit against NEA to go to trial

7/13/02 -Spokane: EPA pays for water system assessment - Spokesman Review

7/13/02 -Clallam gets two weapons in the fight against terrorism - PDN

7/13/02 -Activists want fishing banned in state parks - The Olympian

July 12, 2002

7/12/02 -WA State Supreme Court backs land developers against cities - AP

7/12/02 -KITSAP COUNTY: Ag rules for small farms to be revised. A new committee will try to bring sense to the zoning code - Bremerton Sun

7/12/02 -Feds cut water to salmon, tell farmers to conserve - AP

7/12/02 -AZ Gun Sales Could End August 22

7/12/02 -Stuters File Complaint of Harassment

July 9, 2002

7/9/02 -Ecology grant will pay for ‘study’ to change focus from people protection to river restoration - by Sue Forde, Citizen Review Online

7/9/02 -Fallon, Nevada: Klamath Basin Copycat Case Pits Fish vs. Farmers - Fox News

7/9/02 -Death Sentence for Private and Home Education, Courtesy of Supreme Court by Charlotte Iserbyt for Sierra Times

7/9/02 -HR2388, the National Heritage Act, will cost Americans their heritage and their land - by Tom DeWeese for Sierra Times

7/9/02 -Bill Challenges Environmental Extremism -HR4840 would rein in Endangered Species Act, require "sound science" - Newsmax

7/9/02 -Are nonprofit land trusts taking advantage of the public's trust? - Bill Holt for Insight Magazine

July 8, 2002

7/8/02 -RMAPs Update: A Solution In Sight? by Doug Sutherland, Commissioner of Public Lands

7/8/02 -Four arrested during Earth First! protest in Portland - AP

7/8/02 -Western forests, burned by lawsuits Commentary By JACK SWANNER News Observer

7/8/02 -Alaska communities at risk due to proposed road and airport closure - commentary by Julie Kay Smithson

July 7, 2002

7/7/02 -Tim Eyman's permanent offensive

July 6, 2002

7/6/02 -End this Watershed CWAP - Clean Water Action Plan hits snag in the courts - By William Jud for eco-logic

7/6/02 -Earth First! takes movement to the trees at the Gifford Pinchot National Forest: Group of activists hope to make worldly statement - Chronicle Online

7/6/02 -Government school monopoly goes against the intent of Founding Fathers - TRACKSIDE   (c)     by John D'Aloia Jr.

7/6/02 -U.S. to Vaccinate 500,000 Workers Against Smallpox - NYTimes

July 5, 2002

7/5/02 -Western U.S. Ravaged by Wildfires - Liberty News Service

7/5/02 -Just A Matter Of Time! In any free society, citizens must know with reasonable certainty what the law of the land is - from Paragon

7/5/02 -Sustaining Nothing, Losing Everything - by Tom DeWeese, eco-logic

7/5/02 -Karl vs. Cows

7/5/02 -Republic v. Democracy - David Barton, Wallbuilders

7/5/02 -Analyzing Legislation - a checklist to determine whether a pending law should be passed - David Barbon, Wallbuilders

7/4/02 - Celebrating the Birth of Our Nation - July 4, 1776 - Independence Day 

Read the  Declaration of Independence

7/4/02 - Reining in the regulators -More than 3,500 agency rules have been adopted since 1996 - EFF

7/4/02 - Christianity Harmful to Animals, Says Animal Rights Godfather - CNS News

7/4/02 - Excessive buffers: the responsible alternative - Skagit Valley Herald

July 3, 2002

7/3/02  Ecology orders start of "essential" water metering - Tri-City Herald

7/3/02 -State Democrats admit errors in reporting soft-money gifts - Seattle Times

July 2, 2002

7/2/02 -Methow: On the banks of the wild - Radical behavior has some wondering if river needs more elbow room - Methow Valley News

7/2/02 -Quotes from Environmentalists reflect anti-human sentiments

July 1, 2002

7/1/02 -Washington Republicans Assemble to Focus and Vote on Platform

7/1/02 - Farm Bureau forms technical committee for RMAP

7/1/02 -Is Big Brother in your shopping cart? CASPIAN

7/1/02 -Stealing Land in the Atchafalaya and Immokalee - Conservation Easements Used In Colossal Government Land Grab by J. Zane Walley

7/1/02 -A dumbed-down America will be easy to control - Trackside, by John D'Aloia Jr.

7/1/02 -Klamath Basin Irrigators Blackmailed?? Extortion?? KBC News

7/1/02 -The Giraffe Project honors those who stick their necks out - Seattle Times

7/1/02 -Forks: City economic director cut; mayor, staff to step in - PDN

7/1/02 -FBI Begins Visiting Libraries - Washington Post

7/1/02 -Salt Creek Environmental Assessment available for review

7/1/02 -Guilt for Sale - Our fault, say the change agents - by Julie Kay Smithton

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