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January 2001

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Jan. 31 Driving them off their land -Sierra Times
Jan. 31 Legislators: How to go home without raising taxes - Evergreen Freedom Foundation
Jan. 31 Lawmakers modifying old primary - Spokesman Review
Jan. 31 Arizona ranchers says endangered species is endangering his way of life - Wildlands Project wants to rewild 10.5 million acres in the West - Fox News
Jan. 31 From Nevada: Driving them off their land - eviction of Western ranchers amounts to a 'war of the religions' - Sierra Times
Jan. 31 Montana Republicans seek to ease environmental laws - NY Times
Jan Water withdrawals to be metered - American Rivers
Jan. 30 Political prisoner John Pitner finally gets released - Idaho Observer
Jan. 30 Buck Receives Safari Club "Legislator of the Year" award
Jan. 29 Questions About Salmon Recovery
Jan. 28 Nevada's Ranchers: Driving them off the land - federal govt. making ranchers an endangered species -LVRJ
Jan. 28 Washington Farm Bureau Weekly Newswatch -Sierra Times
Jan. 26 State planners meet to address land-use issues -Sequim Gazette
Jan. 26 Buck addresses the energy crisis -KONP
Jan. 26 Understanding the Shorelines Management Act if you are not a lawyer -Jim Buck, Representative, 24th District
Jan. 26 Clallam County seeks grant for more land-use enforcement officers -Peninsula Daily News
Jan. 24 Unsign the World Court Treaty, say constitionalists -Washington Post
Jan. 24 Sign the Petition to get out of the world court
Jan. 24 GOP leader says shoreline regulations must be repealed
Jan. 24 John Stossel Report: Why did Clinton set aside so much land? - ABC News
Jan. 24 Amazon report is flawed futurology - loss of rain forest not based on facts, scientists say - BBC
Jan. 24 California crisis shows need for Alaska oil -Yahoo News
Jan. 24 Mountain bikes off BLM vehicle list for planning strategy -Billings Gazette
Jan. 24 Ex-governor blasts state's tax system - Dan Evans wants a state income tax -Olympian
Jan. 22 International implications of water use in America - Agenda 21 sets out controls over groundwater -Trans Texas Heritage Association
Jan. 22 John Stossel goes to Washington - recommended watching on Jan. 27th
Jan. 22 President Bush halts the export of taxpayer-funded abortions - Sierra Times 
Jan. 22 Idaho sues to halt federal plan to release grizzlies  - LA Times
Jan. 21 What happens in Alabama happens here too  -
Jan. 21 President Bush blocks Clinton executive orders as first act in White House - Reuters
Jan. 20 New commissioner continues to guard the interests of the citizens by joining lawsuit against Shorelines Act  -KONP
Jan. 20 U.S. backs gun rights at UN summit   -Wa Times
Jan. 20 Clallam County's Holly Hay attends inaugural events in Washington, D.C.   -PDN
Jan. 19 Ecology asks State review of well rule - wants court to require permits on some now-exempt wells   -Yakima Herald
Jan. 17 Clinton to add 6 new national monuments before leaving office, encompassing more than 1 million acres   -Nando Times
Jan. 16 Babbitt dodges Oregon land-grab opponents  -Worldnetdaily
Jan. 16 New strategies for taking private property overlay the Critical Areas Code  -Sue Forde
Jan. 16 Clallam County: Locals react to logging road closure plan  -PDN
Jan. 16 Tribes target state in salmon suit  -Olympian
Jan. 16 Clallam County: Land chief in tax tiff  -PDN
Jan. 15 Bags full of tortoise shells - 'Now they've made it all "wilderness" and there's no deer left'  by Vin Suprynowicz
Jan. 15 Hope for sound science in EPA may be disappearing  -Fox News
Jan. 15 Lawmaker concerned about Puget Sound influence on high court  -Oregon Live
Jan. 15 Air Force officer/military doctor refuses anthrax shot  -Time
Jan. 15 Swisher leads national fight for property rights  -Ackerson Law
Jan. 15 Bush targeting some of Clinton's executive orders - Houston Chronicle
Jan. 15 Ranchers band together over land - Denver Post
Jan. 13 Spirit of 695 - Initiative 747 - focuses voter approval on property taxes
Jan. 13 Hundreds appeal to attorney general requesting stiff fines for WEA vioations  Evergreen Freedom Foundation 
Jan. 13 Washington lawmakers join regional challenge to sale of NW electricity to California
Jan. 13 Editorial: Deregulation: California's self-made crisis  Investor's Daily 
Jan. 13 Anti-logging protesters begin targeting private landowners - AP
Jan. 13 Letter to the editor: Power: Deregulation is not the problem  Steve Marble 
Jan. 12 Growth Management - What is the Reality? Sierra Times 
Jan. 12 Great Website for Information about "Smart Growth" and other topics Thoreau Institute 
Jan. 10 Libertarians to contribute a balance of political power to Districting Commission
Jan. 10 Water district sues to halt Babbitt decision - Spokesman Review 
Jan. 10 DNR managers pack bags - The Olympian 
Jan. 10 U.S. Supreme Court limits federal control of ponds, mudflats - CNN 
Jan. 10 Babbitt urges Clinton to grab more land - Reuters 
Jan. 9 Eco-terrorists said it set mill fire - Seattle P-I 
Jan. 9 Clallam County files lawsuit against couple over trail access - PDN 
Jan. 8 Forest chief calls for preserving all old growth - King 5
Jan. 7 State orders tougher land-use rules - says Clallam must scrap reduced buffer zones, write new regulations - PDN 
Jan. 7 The 'water police' are coming to Clallam County - Sue Forde 
Jan. 7 Alaska will sue over forest plan- MSN 
Jan. 7 Funding the war on the American West - Newsmax 
Jan. 7 Belcher warns that watersheds can't handle both people and fish - Tribnet 
Jan. 7 Time to protect the citizens through further legislation? - Cris Shardelman 
Jan. 6 Water plans to be targeted - Oregon's planning process may change if draft bills succeed - Capital Press 
Jan. 6 Skagit Valley farmers face increased buffer zones, fear decreased production and higher expenses - Skagit Valley Herald
Jan. 6 Republicans seek ways to dismantle Clinton's 'environmental legacy' - Spokesman-Review
Jan. 6 Park Service directive puts 'nature first' - The Oregonian
Jan. 5 Clinton closes gate to forest roads - Seattle P-I 
Jan. 5 60 million acres to be placed off-limits to logging, mining, and roads as Clinton signs executive order  - UPI 
Jan. 5 5 more logging projects halted by U.S. Forest Service due to Sierra Club lawsuit  - Clarion Ledger 
Jan. 5 Case may put Prozac on trial  - Christian Science Monitor 
Jan. 5 Why homeschool?l  - Sierra Times 
Jan. 5 No social security number on driver's licenses, says Michigan in lawsuit  - Fox News 
Jan. 5 Dismantle national monuments, incoming GOPs propose  -Washington Post 
Jan. 4 Timber group charges that Critical Areas Code violates county charter - KONP 
Jan. 4 Olympia: Buck draws key committee appointments 
Jan. 4 Department of Printing violates law, says watchdog group 
Jan. 4 New commissioner protests county stand against fee rollback initiative - Sequim Gazette 
Jan. 4 Facilitation committee gets $250,000 grant to police water users - Elwha-Dungeness Watershed Management Project - WRIA 18 
Jan. 3 Washington State 'Single Payer' Initiative: Large bill, less accountability 
Jan. 3 Despite citizen protests, Clallam County commissioners opt to remain in lawsuit against I-722 - PDN 
Jan. 2 GOP likely to undo Clinton land legacy- Washington Times
Jan. 2 Bush to pull U.S. troops out of Balkans- The Sunday Times, UK
Jan. 2 Oregon Board of Forestry offers plan which would 'remodel' state forests - The Oregonian
Jan. 2 The Nature Conservancy gains momentum to buy up more land - Denver Post
Jan. 2 Growth Management doesn't allow for growth- by Steve Marble


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