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Jan. 2004




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January 31, 2004

Area 12 times size of Seattle sought for Cascades preservation -Seattle Times

Schwarzenegger ready to license illegal aliens - After repeal, negotiates new plan allowing 2 million to obtain coveted driver ID -WND

The Boeing contract and the state's Constitution - by Bob Williams, Evergreen Freedom Foundation

How Local, State, and Federal Governments are doing Battle with their Citizens by John Loefler for eco-logic

January 30, 2004

Senator Introduces ESA Reform Bill -LMNS

The Dark Side Of Globalism by Tom DeWeese for American Daily

Water Battle Pitting Farmers Against Feds Heads to U.S. Supreme Court - PLF

Enviros Want to Lower Missouri River -LMNS

Labor Sec. Chao Warns, NGOs Up To No Good - LMNS

Rep. Dunn will retire from politics - King 5 News

January 29, 2004

So you want to be an "education" candidate - by Beverly Eakman, for News with Views

NUFF'S ENOUGH" - County citizens win against heavy-handed zoning by Derry Brownfield, for News with Views

Yellowstone Snowmobile Case Back in Court -LMNS

January 28, 2004

E-mail worm is largest outbreak in months - King 5 News

Bush administration announces salmon restoration initiative -King 5 News

Lariam Investigation- A caution to check the side effects of prescription drugs - UPI

January 27, 2004

Hearing concluded but no ruling today - BlueRibbon Coalition joins in asking Wyoming judge to reject Yellowstone snowmobile ban

Prison woes: Population boom brings huge price tag -King 5 News

U.N. INFLUENCE IN U.S. SCHOOLS - by Henry Lamb for News with Views

New leader tackles troubled agency - Child Protective Agency & foster-care system to get review - Seattle Times

Look at the source of scary headlines - Seattle P-I Guest Editorial

January 22, 2004

Separating people from their water by Dr. Michael S. Coffman Ph. D. for

Judge throws out Pierce County smoking ban -King 5 News

Colorado wildfire case to stay in tribal court - AP

The Homesteaders, Farmers & Ranchers of the Basin - Klamath Falls

Group calls for more wilderness in forests -SLC Tribune

Land transfer questioned -TriCity Herald

House passes school levy bill; EFF comments

January 21, 2004

Americans' rights to grow food, own property, and caretake our wildlife and natural resources - response to State of the Union address by editor of KBC

Wolf issue addressed in Wyoming: Lawmakers drafting new bill to answer federal questions -Billings Gazette

Critics say fees take the ‘public’ out of the public lands -Headwaters News

Advocates file suit to help protect fish - Asking court to find analysis illegal, develop plan to restore endangered salmon, steelhead - Spokesman-Review

State Public Lands commissioner to protect old-growth forest -King 5 News

January 20, 2004

LEGISLATIVE DAYS: An opportunity to get educated and involved in Olympia - from Scott Dilley, WA Farm Bureau

Group presents remedies for small business - Bremerton Sun

Philosophy: Are Americans More Liberal Than They Realize? - NCPPR

Editorial: Lawmakers should act on Washington primary - The Daily Herald

The Other Side of the S.E.A. - County commissioners push 'significant environmental areas' in new subdivisions- Indiatlantic, Brevard County, FLA

January 18, 2004

Will Sierra Club get anti-immigration agenda? -LA Times

Bill expands use of police tracking - The Olympian

Trapping-ban fight resumes -Some want initiative repealed, others want it revised to exclude moles and gophers -The Olympian

January 17, 2004

IRS to Audit Nature Conservancy From Inside - Washington Post

Initiative needed to relieve obscene, unsustainable property tax -by Tim Eyman for The News Tribune

Rancher speaks out about killing of his 449 bull calves -King 5 News

January 16, 2004

List of polluted local waters grows - 75 lakes, rivers, and creeks deemed 'impaired' by state ecology agency - Seattle P-I (Related story: State seeks feedback on water pollution list)

SUWA on the Defense: They're Spewing Propaganda Again Third in a Series, By Toni Thayer

January 14, 2004

'Simplified' sales-tax plan would hurt some - Seattle P-I

Fresno will pay $60,000 to forum - City to retract release calling Free Republic a 'hate group.' -Fresno Bee

Sen. Clinton Proposes Health Care System - AP

Crowd favors getting rid of wolves - Idaho Anti-Wolf Coalition says support growing - Spokesman-Review

Endangered Species Act Targeted - House Resources Chairman Plans to 'Break It Down' - Washington Post

Forest planning process wraps up -Daily Interlake

January 12, 2004

Watch out for your pocketbooks: The WA State Legislature goes into session - The Olympian

Water Hopes Could Run Dry in Legislature - Yakima-Herald

More tax dollars to be spent: Watershed councils to gain more control to "save" instream flows if new bill is passed

'Smart-growth' Portland ranked among highest for stress

Report: U.S. to push national air passenger database -King 5 News

Skokomish Tribe buys Hood Canal marshland -King 5 News

Washington town rallies in support of beef farmers - The Daily News

January 11, 2004

Despite critical reviews, plan may trigger restoration of lower East Fork -The Columbian

Will we be overrun with development? Not really -Bremerton Sun

January 10, 2004

AG Files Action Asking DOE to Pay $6 Million Tax Debt

Canceled Portland flights affect Sea-Tac -King 5 News

Airline, ferry changes in Port Angeles - King 5 News

For-profit health insurers willing to fund operations, study shows -News Tribune

January 9, 2004

Lawmakers use public office to help private interests - State's rules on conflicts of interest fuzzy at best - Seattle P-I

Grange files 'People's Choice' initiative for primaries -The Olympian

Nethercutt attacks Murray - King 5 News

State counts 300,000 mentally ill - Spokesman-Review

Group backs school soft drink ban =Daily Herald

January 8, 2004

Heated discussion marks first post-fire meeting - consensus process under fire - The Daily Interlake

Elk numbers plummet; wildlife managers respond by regulating hunters - The Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Feds ponder how to curb rogue OHVs - Salt Lake Tribune

Fire costs tax proposed - Billings Gazette

Groups Sue to Block Logging - Santa Fe New Mexican

Split estate, divided views: coalbed methane creates a stir above ground and below -Billings Gazette

Rodents Not Endangered Species, says study - LMNS

EPA Will Not Relinquish Hold on Wetlands - LMNS

Florida Judge Blasts Agency for Extortion -LMNS

January 5, 2004

Virginia: Loudoun GOP Eases Growth Restraints - Newly Elected Board Reverses Policies -WA Post

Salmon, forests, waste on agenda - Environmentalists and federal and state governments prepare to stake out positions on variety of issues - Seattle P-I

We stood up - spoke out, didn't back down, and won! - The Tai and Adele Aguirre Story -from Scams n Scandals

Water Management District rebuffed in appeals court - Brevard Insider

Eyman's last stand? Initiative king stakes crown on tax cuts - Seattle P-I

CHURCH vs. STATE A Fort Worth pastor says he is entitled to represent his congregants in legal matters. A Texas Supreme Court panel disagrees - Star-Telegram

January 4, 2004

Storm water "tax" in Alabama - by Don Casey for eco-logic

Wolves: Can't live with 'em, CAN live without 'em by Julie Kay Smithson

Researchers looking for options to keep wolves away - Shock collars, loudspeakers blaring loud noises may be possible alternatives -Spokesman-Review

Small plant blocks off-roaders - Milkvetch protected by Endangered Species Act, keeps dune riders out of area 3-1/2 times the size of Manhattan -Arizona Daily Star

Electronic Voting Firm Site Hack -Wired News

January 3, 2004

Counties to spar in court over sewage treatment plant - Growth Management hearings board overstepped its authority, says Snohomish County -The Daily Herald

The Wild and Free Pigs of the Okefenokee Swamp

Massive logging plan shakes Northwest - One of the largest timber sales in history uncovers old animosity, and undermines the Roadless Rule -High Country News

They'd rather fight than quit: Some smokers defy new ban -News Tribune

Toxins lead to healthier lives? 'Revolutionary' research suggests billions can be saved in cleanup costs - WorldnetDaily

Greenhouse Blues commentary by J. Wroblewski for eco-logic

January 2, 2004

Cougar puts Burley residents on edge -King 5 News

Washington State: New Minimum Wage Is Highest In Country - KIRO7 News

The gift that eats people - 'Endangered' Texas panthers stalk prey -Opinion by Jan M. Jacobson

First the wolf, then the panther, now...

Timber sale plan stirs passions - Advocates see chance to profit, opponents worry about the water -Spokesman-Review

NY Times: Greenhouse Gases May Avert Next Ice Age - Heartland Institute

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