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Homes for Veterans planned for Port Angeles WA

By Lois Krafsky-Perry
for Citizen Review                                               

April 25, 2017

Matthew Rainwater shares about veterans, while Nola Judd looks on

Sequim, WA – Projected plans are underway to help veterans who need housing, in Clallam County, which also includes those with families.

Matthew Rainwater shared  plans with the Republican Women of Clallam County,  April 22, in Sequim.  

Pennies for Quarters (P4Q) (referring to military living quarters) is a project spearheaded by  Rainwater, beginning by purchasing 22 acres on West Sporseen Road, West of Port Angeles. It is a non-profit organization.  

The local Board of Directors and/or staff includes: Rainwater, (Marketing Committee), John Krause (Peninsula Health), Bill Benedict (Sheriff Dept.), Debbie Swanson (Real Estate agent), Jerry Stewart (Treasurer), and attorney Stephanie Hyatt.

Rainwater discussed the need for housing for veterans, in that approximately 27 veterans a day commit suicide in our nation. He said there are 200 documented homeless veterans on the Olympic Peninsula.  He estimated there may be double that amount, by adding the non-documented.  

The projected plan is to build 40 units on the 55 acres.  The tiny houses would be 240 square feet, The American Disabilities Act (ADA) rules would be followed, for the houses. 

A central building which would house staff, laundry areas, counseling centers. computer access, are just some of the needs planned.  Each house would contain necessary furnishings.  Chapel services will also be available. 

“New Leash on life”, offering service dogs for veterans, will also be supplied.

The program will be open to veterans, with an honorable or general discharge, from the military service. The occupants and families must be drug and alcohol free and there will be monthly drug tests.

Rainwater announced that May 8th, they will be meeting with Clallam County Commissioners to discuss their plans.  Size of houses and sewer plans and costs will be considered, as well. 

The committee is looking at grants for many of their needs.  

There is a website,, donated by Dynamic Graphics Website Design, as well as a Twitter page ( and Facebook page ( by Rainwater, for more information about the project.

The funding website is accessible to make donations to “Pennies for Quarters”.  

Local businesses as well as music groups (bands) are planning events for the summer to help with fund raising.  

Rainwater urges people to follow Facebook and Twitter and local newspapers for news about events and progress for their plans, for the housing for veterans.   


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