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Fish or Foul on the Klamath River: Saving Siskiyou County (Video)

Federal  “whistleblower”  Scientist Paul R. Houser Ph.D. is interviewed on the video, on exposed fraud of federal agencies, science, environmntal statements and officials.  Dr. Houser calls the end goal of dam removal “reckless”.


Fish habitat or human habitat? The Department of Interior plans to destroy four dams on the Klamath River in Northern California so salmon can swim further than 180 miles up the river. But these dams provide water and flood protection to thousands of humans who also live along the river. Clean energy from these hydro dams supply electricity to 70,000 residents in the area.


Despite a lack of scientific evidence that dam removal will help the fish, or any study on the human impact of dam removal, the DOI [Dept. of Interior]  is pressing forward to have the dams destroyed. When their own scientist, Dr. Paul Houser, questions the science – he gets fired.

Posted May 2012

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