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February 2001

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Feb. 28 7.0 Earthquakes shakes Pacific Northwest -KOMO
Feb. 27 Tahoe landowners eye high-court case -Reno Gazette-Journal
Feb. 25 Alaskan party stumps for independence -WND
Feb. 25 Range fighters: Preparing to take back the west -SierraTimes
Feb. 23 The matter with manners -by William Stell
Feb. 23 Editorial: The Jarbridge Canyon Deal -Las Vegas RJ
Feb. 23 Under what jurisdiction do the federals operate? -Vin Suprynowicz, LVRJ
Feb. 23 Judge strikes down tax limit - I-722 declared unconstitional: Next step, Supreme Court -Tribnet
Feb. 23 Eastern lawmakers push for 52st state -Tribnet
Feb. 23 Washington Farm Bureau Watch -Sierra Times
Feb. 23 American Dream, not urban sprawl, say small business owners
Feb. 23 High tech spying versus privacy - editorial by Steve Dasbach -LP
Feb. 23 Roundtable: Montana says the federal government should 'butt out' of forest decisions -Billings Gazette
Feb. 23 Oregon: Court overturns property compensation measure -Oregonian
Feb. 21 White House won't fight Clinton land grabs - Norton says boundaries, land use rules may be amended - WA Post
Feb. 21 Rendering unto Caesar, by Joseph Farah - WND
Feb. 21 Parker Stoops on gathering public information
Feb. 21 Land Preservation Map - Acres "preserved" by state
Feb. 21 Supreme Court declines Endangered Species Act case - AP
Feb. 21 Another Christian Church under the gun - Sierra Times
Feb. 21 Fir neighbors protest city trail proposal going through their neighborhood  - Sequim Gazette
Feb. 21 Killing the Death Tax by Harry Browne - WND
Feb. 18 "Winning the cultural war" speech by Charlton Heston
Feb. 14 Shoreline rules rebellion takes fight to Olympia - Seattle Times
Feb. 14 Liberty Initiatives files  initiatives to reform asset forfeiture, protect private property in Washington state
Feb. 14 Pending Washington State Bills of Interest
Feb. 13 Small radio station set down: "They don't like what we're saying"   -Wenatchee World
Feb. 13 Feds seize church in unprecedented move   -Nando Times
Feb. 12 Colorado: $17.4 million of public money: private space  with no public access  -Denver Post
Feb. 12 Libertarian Party expresses outrage over fingerprint requirement to obtain school lunch -  WND
Feb. 12 Washington Farm Bureau Newswatch: Water issues,   -Sierra Times
Feb. 12 Census officials ponder adjustments crucial to redistricting: Over 2.4 million duplicates found so far  -NY Times
Feb. 10 IRS going after business on income tax -NY Times
Feb. 10 Quotes and links about the questionable nature of the IRS 
Feb. 8 Noxious doesn't really mean "noxious" - by Sue Forde
Feb. 8 Methow Valley irrigators threaten to sue NMFS over water access - AP
Feb. 8 Feds give ClallamCounty millions to buy up private land for fish habitat - PDN
Feb. 3 Rural-urban tensions surface over shoreline rules - AP
Feb. 3 Babbitt meets the press - and runs - MediaNomics
Feb. 2 Washington state senators introduce bill to split state in two - Spokesman Review
Feb. 2 Alaska governor sues to halt road ban - Anchorage Daily News
Feb. 2 U.S. Forests called a public safety threat - ABQ Journal
Feb. 2 Property rights and shoreline rally set for Olympia on Feb. 6
Feb. 1 Sequim City Council to meet with County Commissioners to discuss growth and water management issues  -Sequim Gazette
Feb. 1 Fire ban breakers could suffer huge fines: Neighbors are encouraged to turn in neighbors  -The Chronicle
Feb. 1 Thurston County joins lawsuit challenging shoreline rules -Olympian


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Receive a list of newly published stories (headlines only) about once a week.  
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