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February 2004




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February 29, 2004

City of Bremerton getting extreme makeover - to become another 'walkable' community -King 5 News

Park service holds meetings on "Road to Nowhere" -News-Observer

February 24, 2004

Sequim residents protest plans for Walmart - King 5 News

Alarmists Exaggerate Pentagon Climate Report - Global Warming Speculations Misrepresented as Fact -CEI

February 22, 2004

Forde responds to lawsuit with counterclaims; PDN quits case

Walkable, European-style communities - Sound familiar? Twisp Planning Commission envisions riverfront commercial district - Methow Valley News

PT 'EcoVillage' planned - Goal is affordable, environmentally sensitive housing - Port Townsend Leader

Forde files response, denies charges; Plaintiff files notice of dismissal of action commentary by Lois K. Perry, News Editor

February 21, 2004

Smart Growth: A Generation of Manipulation and Behavior Modification - Freedom 21 Santa Cruz commentary

Illarionov Likens Kyoto to Gosplan - Moscow Times

Researchers make a giant Oregon find -- a water flea - The Oregonian - plus a letter from Julie Kay Smithson about the story

Illegals plan stirs anger amid 'jobless recovery' - Bush plan deemed '1-way merger' with Mexico that hurts U.S. workers -WorldNetDaily/Insight

What’s worth all this secrecy? by Bob Williams, EFF

February 20, 2004

Lodge owner takes on Park Service - Fine for Wrangell-St. Elias pallet bridge shows agency out of control, man says - Anchorage Daily News

Species Not So Endangered? Disappearing owl trick may be a red herring after all - Liberty Matters News Service

BLM Approves DARPA Grand Challenge from Sierra Times

Constitution Party Launches New Website

Taxpayers Fleeced to Protect Blind Cave Spider -Liberty Matters News Service

Eco-Imperialism's Deadly Consequences by Stephen Milloy from Fox News / Brevard Insider

February 19, 2004

Cantwell pushes plan to expand Mt. Rainier park by 800 acres - Seattle P-I

The Illinois State Board of Education -- An Easy Target By Peter LaBarbera, Executive Director of Illinois Family Institute

Construction crane used for environmental protest - Activists arrested while enviro group spokesperson says this is just the beginning - King 5 News

Latest facts from governor’s contract with Boeing - Evergreen Freedom Foundation

February 18, 2004

Salmon Fishing only an echo of the past -The effects of the Boldt decision on Washington fishermen - The News Tribune

Olympia, WA: Slew of health bills OK'd in House -The Olympian

Agency to recommend minimum flows to aid fish -The Columbian

Portrait of a tax opponent - Retiree is devoted to less government - Seattle P-I

Cougar controls demanded - Critics tell state lawmakers current system doesn't work -Spokesman-Review

Closest Presidential Races in U.S. History - K-House

States rebelling against No Child Left Behind Act - Daily News

'Conservative Republican' sets sights on Murray's post - The Daily News

Good news and not-so-good news about crime in Seattle - Robberies decline while auto thefts, residential burgleries increase - King 5 News

February 17, 2004

The Constitution Restoration Act Of 2004: The Most Important Legislation In The Last Fifty Years by Chuck Baldwin

Greens, loggers find common ground in saving Cascade foothills - Seattle P-I

Hatchery pump malfunction kills 600,000 salmon - King 5 News

Jobs sent offshore worth millions - Democrats list state contracts in case against 'outsourcing' The Olympian

February 16, 2004

Stopping the Real Pests By Henry I. Miller, MD, Fellow, The Hoover Institution

Proposed Tumacacori Highlands Wilderness - Commentary by Glynn A. Burkhardt, Vice President, Arizona Small Mine Operators Association

Mountain Biking and Wilderness Controversy Explored - commentary by Julie Kay Smithson

Sanctuary officials await new boundary decision - Choice has been made but it is being kept a secret - San Mateo County Times

Open space annexation is on track - Agency hopes to encompass 220 square miles of Coastside - San Mateo County Times

February 15, 2004

Boeing contract: State delivers 250 pages of additional details to EFF - Some key documents still missing - EFF

Everglades: a dismal bureaucratic swamp by Madeleine Fortin, for eco-logic

Wanted: New candidates who uphold the Constitution - by Henry Lamb, for

Activists target state's hunters - Maryland plans season for culling black bears; 'Model of wildlife management'; Bill seeks to block first hunt in 50 years -Baltimore Sun

A nasty surprise awaits the middle class come tax day - Seattle P-I

The Constitutionalist Manifesto: A Summary - from Eagle Forum

We need to return to the Constitution as our guide by John D'Aloia, Jr., Trackside

February 14, 2004

Republicans: Don't give up on "W" now! - by Henry Lamb for

Fox in the Henhouse - The so-called "Taxpayer Advocate Program"by Richard W. Rahn, Cato Institute

Illegals needed? That's a fallacy - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Ehrlich wants to end the Glendening-era Office of Smart Growth - Bill proposes Department of Planning take over -Baltimore Sun

February 13, 2004

Stevens to change its growth rules - State says county rules to save `critical areas' are defective -Spokesman-Review

Federal judge overturns ban on snowmobiling in Yellowstone - Enviros fight to overturn it - Missoulian/Billings Gazette

House revives wolf plan to conform with U.S. - Billings Gazette

Methow Valley: Sub-basin planning offers view of draft -Methow Valley News

February 12, 2004

Bush budget plan boosts spending on forests, fish -The Columbian

WA State House OKs farm tax break -News Tribune

RS 2477 Reform is Needed to Protect Private Property from Sierra Times

"Smart Growth" : Study Reveals DEP Plan Eliminates Jobs - DEP Anti-housing Policy Will Slash 42,800 Jobs, $4.6 Billion in Government Revenue and $17.1 Billion in Personal Income - News Release, NJBA

February 10, 2004

States to Washington: Cease and Desist! - LMNS

Minimum wage freeze passes Senate - Seattle P-I

Microsoft warns of critical security flaw in Windows - King 5 News

E-Vote Machines Drop More Ballots

Taxes in Washington State - Never Enough? letter from Don Albright

Sports anglers turn their ire to use of nets -The Olympian

Overdraft phase of groundwater trial completed - Judge could issue ruling in one to three months - Adobe Free Press

February 9, 2004

Feds seize family's ranch - Property owners fight government 'land grab' - by Henry Lamb for WND

Lawmaker criticized for 'population' bill - King 5 News

Housing hurdles: Part II by Thomas Sowell, for Washington Times

Developer's woes vex Fitzsimons - Criticized by landowners, plaza plan on hold as Aurora looks at financial troubles - Denver Post

Years After the Boldt Decision; "The Right of Taking Fish at Usual- Ruling reshaped fishing, tribal rights - Echoes of landmark case linger - The Olympian

The Great State of Jefferson : A Modest Proposal for the Establishing of a New State -from Sierra Times

February 8, 2004

Growth and Housing Affordability: Evidence from Statewide Planning Laws" - a study on housing affordability in Washington, Florida and Oregon by Samuel R. Staley, Ph.D., President, The Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions with Len Gilroy.

February 7, 2004

Builders seek the same as Boeing - BIAW wants protection against certain lawsuits - Seattle P-I

EFF files lawsuit to obtain Boeing contract details -Evergreen Freedom Foundation

Governor to Norton: Federal wolf message contradictory

February 6, 2004

Ludlow laments land use mistakes -Residents say county dropping the ball on land use violations - PT Leader

National Rifle Association alerts 4 million members: Hunting in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho Has been destroyed by wolves- by Chuck Adams for American Hunter Magazine

Housing Hurdles by Thomas Sowell for Townhall

February 5, 2004

Group asks high court to hear Methow water case - Methow Valley News

'Community' land trust wants to get into the housing business - Methow Valley News

Utah unplugs its MATRIX link - Privacy concerns lead state to opt out of data program - Deseret Valley News

February 4, 2004

Illinois Governor takes on the board of education; calls for accountability - from speech at NGA

Governor Locke calls for $1 billion annually in new education spending by Lynn Harsh, EFF

Beware of vaccine bullies by Michelle Malkin for World Net Daily

February 3, 2004

Education and the Constitution - TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.

Utah House Passes Anti-UN Resolution - The Liberty Committee

February 2, 2004

New computer virus set to hit Tuesday -King 5 News

Food for thought: Whose habitat? - by Jim Beers for eco-logic

Who are the environmentalists? commentary by Fred Gielow for eco-logic

Clam Bed Regulations Aim to Cut Pollution - Bird droppings found to cause most of the problem for contamination - Excite News


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