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Farr presents facts to support Climate Change/Global Warming Con

 By Lois Krafsky-Perry for Citizen Review  


Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Sequim, WA – “This is worse than an urban myth…why are we being lied to?” queried Gene Farr, to a group of citizens at a meeting sponsored by Citizens Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR-13)  held on June 20th at  the local library.


Approximately 38 people gathered to hear the speaker, who showed slides and graphs, which determined proof of the global warming con, circulated by various government entities.


We don’t believe climate change is by human cause or that there is catastrophic happenings, determined the scientist, who has been researching the issue for many years.


Farr showed slides using graphs from the various organizations pushing the agenda, proving from their own research, that global warming is a myth.


Watch the video by Stephanie Noblin for Clallam Public Eye.


Information supplied at the meeting stated that climate change is a phony crisis being used by government at all levels as an excuse to control where you live, how you  live, and the economy, while taxing us to support income redistribution, as well as regulatory agencies and programs that do more harm than good.


The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been exposed as a political body whose mission is to promote socialist concepts such as central government control and income redistribution.

(Agenda 21).


UN Agenda 21 [now Agenda 2030] has been adopted by many nations, states, counties and cities.  This includes the United States of America (USA) and Washington State, as well as many counties and cities in the state of Washington [and other states].  Climate Action Plans, Sustainability, Green Energy, and Regional Development Plans are all part of this drive for control and taxation.


“Don’t let government use this phony crisis as a way to con you into accepting increased control, taxation and income redistribution”, urged the speaker, via his contribution to the brochure developed by J. E Farr.


Information for the brochure was submitted by Burt Rutan, a noted aviation pioneer.  His findings can be found at:


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