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December  2000

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Dec. 31 Sutherland, Hargrove and county commissioners speak out about logging, the GMA and other topics at NOTAC meeting- Sue Forde & Lois K. Perry
Dec. 31 Local Agenda 21 - the U.N. Plan for Your Community - Berit Kjos
Dec. 31 Clinton signs treaty to bring U.S. under jurisdiction of international criminal court - Reuters
Dec. 31 Strength in numbers - Pennsylvania Landowners Assn.
Dec. 30 Opponents of 'urban sprawl' should use market-based solutions, scholars say - Centralized, top-down plans don't work - PERC
Dec. 30 Innocence Project Northwest helps wrongfully accused - National Law Journal
Dec. 30 "Get rid of your guns or license them" program extended in Canada - Canadian Firearms Centre
Dec. 30 Ranchers plan lawsuit to protect grazing lands in Arizona and New Mexico - Sierra Times
Dec. 29 Report: Half the world's population now live in cities - AP
Dec. 29 Everglades boondoggle - CCPR News
Dec. 27 United Nations Plans for America's Future - by Phyllis Schlafley
Dec. 27 World governance in your community: Local Agenda 21 Initiatives Index - The Mustard Seed
Dec. 27 Clallam County Commissioner-elect stands against commission's decision to join I-722 lawsuit - Peninsula Daily News
Dec. 27 Carlsborg residents to form Community Council - Sequim Gazette
Dec. 27 Beware: Regional Planning Committees - happening everywhere! -The Mustard Seed
Dec. 27 Committee says 'new thinking' is necessary to 'protect neighborhoods' from 'dangers' of traffic -Report & Commentary by Sue Forde
Dec. 27 River team endorses grant proposal to buy private property -Sequim Gazette
Dec. 27 Two city council members quit in aftermath of city manager's resignation -Sequim Gazette
Dec. 24 Citizen confronts county commissioners for acting against Initiative 722 - Sue Forde
Dec. 24 Clallam County Commissioners join suit against I-722 - Peninsula Daily News
Dec. 22 Hidden travel taxed add up to 41% of the bill  -LP
Dec. 22 Buck says Locke budget is tax increase waiting to happen
Dec. 22 Stable farm income and food for all go together - Capital Press
Dec. 22 Deal may lead to jet ski ban at Lake Powell, other parks - Salt Lake City Tribune
Dec. 22 Turner offers NM ranch as habitat for gray wolves  - Dallas Morning News
Dec. 22 Clallam County joins in I-722 lawsuit  - PDN
Dec. 20 Bush may win popular vote after all  -NewsMax
Dec. 20 Does patriotism equal 'hate site'?  -Worldnetdaily
Dec. 20 Clallam County okays 2001 budget - includes land use attorney  -PDN
Dec. 20 New bill dismantles low power radio plans  -Fox News
Dec. 20 Gore illustrates Founders' greatest worries - letter to the editor
Dec. 20 Clinton to unleash executive order onslaught  -CBN
Dec. 20 Park Service employees could be arrested for violating property rights  -Craig Daily Press
Dec. 20 Taxpayers storm county commission  -Salt Lake City Tribune
Dec. 19 Black Rock desert gets 'federal protection' - Elko Daily
Dec. 19 Understanding the federal lands debate - by Wayne Hage, Stewards of the Range
Dec. 19 U.S. backs off from global warming talks - BBC News
Dec. 19 A republic, not a democracy - Ron Paul, 
Dec. 18 County ordinance squelches humanitarian act; harms right of private ownership - by Sue Forde
Dec. 18 NGOs march toward global governance - Henry Lamb
Dec. 18 Let it sprawl - by Henry Lamb
Dec. 15 Student suing Lands Commissioner: Last minute Belcher 'legacy' could cost state millions
Dec. 15 The Great Clinton Land Grab - Newsmax
Dec. 15 "Smart growth" costs loss of rights - Joyce Perrin
Dec. 15 Thoughts about the 2000 Presidential election - by Bill Stell
Dec. 15 Some quotes about 'democracy'
Dec. 9 New UN treaty quiety ratified - international land-use control included - Henry Lamb, Worldnetdaily
Dec. 9 Not enough to go around: Western states urged to conserve electricity - Fox News
Dec. 9 Rural views from a proud s--t kicker - by Martha Ireland
Dec. 9 Salmon funds triple in Oregon budge - Capital Press
Dec. 9 EU talks getting nasty - UK may bail - UK Telegraph
Dec. 8 UN and Iraq agree on oil price after week-long dispute - AP
Dec. 8 California declares power emergency - AP
Dec. 8 PPL Corp. hoping to build power plant in Washington - Spokane Review
Dec. 8 Battle between church's members and IRS raises fundamental questions - Worldnetdaily
Dec. 8 Snowmobilers sue over Park's ban - SLC Tribune
Dec. 8 Armed guards at the DMV - Vin Suprynowicz
Dec. 8 Complaint filed against agencies who sued to overturn I-722
Dec. 8 IRS considers regulating web speech - Worldnetdaily
Dec. 8 Handcuffed and jailed for a seat belt violation? - LV Review Journal
Dec. 8 Outdoor burning ban begins next month -Seattle Union Record
Dec. 8 County leaders approve Carlsborg urban growth area -Sequim Gazette
Dec. 6 800 Workers lose job as pulp mill closes in Bellingham, WA - KOMO
Dec. 6 Senator:  Gore may be seeking vice presidency under Bush - Newsmax
Dec. 6 Angry WA state Republicans learn campaign money was not spent - Seattle Times
Dec. 6 Troubled waters: Farms pitted against fish in Methow Valley Seattle Times
Dec. 6 Clinton executive order sets aside largest US reserve - 84 million acres ecosystem preserve - fishing & other 'human activities' now prohibited -MSNBC
Dec. 6 Nature preserve a blow to Hawaiin fishermen Fox News
Dec. 6 Clinton eyes another national monument, this one in Montana NY Times
Dec. 6 Representatives submit resolution to reconfirm U.S. as a republic, not a democracy
Dec. 6 Republic or democracy?  Read Ron Paul's statement
Dec. 6 Nevada Assn. of Counties resolves with work with feds -hopes for multiple use concessions -  Elko Daily
Dec. 6 Businesses blanche at midnight regulations - Fox News
Dec. 6 Interview with George Bush - 60 Minutes 2
Dec. 4 The Great American Land Grab - Range Magazine
Dec. 4 Clinton calls for tougher Brady law - Capitol Blue
Dec. 4 A different kind of doctor's group - the 'delta force' of medicine - Worldnetdaily
Dec. 4 Logging suspended in Sierra Nevada - Fox News
Dec. 4 Prodi warns of EU deadlock - Telegraph
Dec. 4 Mutated vaccine causes first polio cases in Western Hemisphere - Miami Herald
Dec. 4 No shots, no school - States step up mandating shots for children  - Worldnetdaily
Dec. 4 Vaccines that kill children?  - Worldnetdaily
Dec. 4 Secret plan to spy on all British phone calls  - Observer
Dec. 4 Pyrrhic Victory - a study or both  - Ether Zone
Dec. 4 Ozone hole will heal, say scientists  - UK Times
Dec. 2 Tougher shoreline rules set - buffers will now be bigger - Spokesman Review
Dec. 2 Babbitt signs habitat conservation agreement covering 1.6 million acres - Spokesman Review
Dec. 2 State pays irrigator to leave water for fish -DOE pays farmer to leave water in river instead of growing his usual 225 acres of alfalfa & wheat -  Spokesman Review
Dec. 2 Who cares about deputies? Do you? by Martha Ireland
Dec. 2 Senate split as Cantwell takes Washington - Yahoo News
Dec. 2 Vatican rejects EU's 'ungodly' bill of rights - London Times
Dec. 2 US, EU look for ways to restart climate talks - Yahoo News
Dec. 2 What does the Consitution say about elections - MSNBC
Dec. 2 US and Canadian jet fighters move to counter probes by Russian bombers  Sierra Times
Dec. 2 Campaign launched against UN court  NY Times
Dec. 2 Governors from Western states call for forest changes Sacramento Bee
Dec. 2 Sparing us the Emporer Al - by Vin Suprynowicz

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