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December 2005


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If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls who live under tyranny. - Thomas Jefferson

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December 22, 2005

County planning: A better future - by John Koster for The Daily Herald

Cantwell wins close one for Arctic wildlife - The News Tribune

Report on flaws in GMA and HUD's Legislative Guidebook

December 17, 2005

Time to de-list...46 of 47 U.S. Biosphere Reserves fail to meet U.N. requirements - by Henry Lamb, for eco-logic/Powerhouse

Report on UN Biosphere program - by Tom McDonnell for eco-logic/Powerhouse

Mountain lion sightings on the rise across Valley - Yakima Herald

Governor plans to reward failure? - Letter to the Editor, The Daily Herald

Opinion: Wetlands banking is a bunch of bunk - The Daily Herald Letter to the Editor

December 14, 2005

Property tax reform on the fast track - Sequim Gazette

AG unblocks water spigot for livestock - Capital Press

PLF Files Lawsuit Challenging 16 Salmon ESA Listings Throughout the West

Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Rapanos Case - LMNS

December 11, 2005

Tab Sticker Shock - State Fees Going Up - The Columbian

If wolves are introduced into Oregon... - Sharon Beck, OCA

House Conservatives Want End to Birthright Citizenship - Human Events Online

Land for Them and No One Else - Plan to restore West grasslands meets with resistance in Utah - LMNS

December 10, 2005

Why we need "The Freedom in Education Act" by Tom DeWeese for News with Views

U.S. 'close' to climate agreement - King 5 News

Forget Global Warming, Prepare for an Ice Age - LMNS

December 8, 2005

Six indicted in Northwest eco-terror attacks - King 5 News

December 3, 2005

Supreme Court sends Ferry County back to the drawing board on GMA plan - Won't accept science from "retired" wildlife agent -by Joel Kretz

Smart Growth? Sprawl-reducing policies suffer setbacks around the country - Rocky Mountain News

Law called cold-blooded - Reptile-store owner went to jail over rule requiring tagging of native reptiles - Columbus Dispatch

National Park to use surface water for PA when dams are demolished - PNN

DOT starts building bridge pieces in Tacoma - PNN

New travel document requirement may shut down local ferries - KONP News

New Web Site Helps Prevent Medicine Mix-Ups - KOMO News

December 2, 2005

County audit rips code enforcement - Officers lack focus as they look into noise, eyesores and other complaints, the auditor says - The Daily Herald

Depopulating rural Alabama: Another step - eco-logic/Powerhouse

Now, there's proof: Men, women different - WA Times

The Nature Conservancy - a Major Threat to Liberty by Michael Shaw for Freedom 21 Santa Cruz

Property Rights News - Bookmark this site!

"The heat is on" Fox News for "global warming" special - commentary - eco-logic/Powerhouse

December 1, 2005

Smart Growth Parallels Russian Soviet Planning - from Freedom 21 Santa Cruz

Disturbing Questions about Education System - Commentary by Marsha Richards, EFF

Washington Farm Bureau Newswatch, Dec. 1, 2005

Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 - Fact & Fiction: The Mining Provision by the House Committee on Resources



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