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Commentary on The Earth Charter

Op/Ed by Charles Fuchser

Posted 1/31/2013

I just read the Earth Charter, for my first time. It says, “We stand at a critical moment in Earth’s history, a time when humanity must choose its future.” This first sentence, is the truest statement in the entire document. From thereon, it offers a mixture of truths, and lies, every bit of which is carefully designed to convince the reader to abandon nationality and run, not walk, toward the savior of the world – the United Nations. It is an offering of false solutions to some real problems, some vastly overstated problems and some non-problems, based upon foggy logic, that would cost the remaining freedoms of every person on the planet.


The Charter promises to end the social inequities and evils of all nations, fix all that’s wrong with the environment and make everyone of us and the earth healthy and happy. It’s also going to make every one of us secure and equal, and end the increase in population. It is even going to end ignorance, presumably of the sort that I am expressing, here!


The Charter teaches us that we will “be more” when we “have less.” To help us be happy with less, it is going to help us make the“fundamental changes” in our “values, institutions, and ways of living.”


The Charter glorifies the emerging “global civil society” and a future “democratic and humane world.” Through this wonderful new world system, we will “forge inclusive solutions” to “our environmental, economic, political, social, and spiritual challenges.” To this, I say, “my economic challenges will be met when they stop digging and then get their hands out of my pockets altogether. My political needs will be met when we honor our Constitution, not further erode it to satisfy the greed of banksters, politicians and want-a-be tyrants. My social and spiritual challenges have been met and I will fight to the death to retain my rights of association and religious freedom.


The Earth Charter says that citizens of the world will accomplish all of these promises, and many many more, by forcing their own governments to “renew their commitment to the United Nations.”


The Charter suggests that we should convert our military to peaceful uses, presumably by turning them over to the United Nations. This is consistent with the plan that has been in place for decades. We would retain only enough non-nuclear arms for internal order. Neither the US, nor any other nation or group of nations, would have the military power to challenge the world government. This is carefully spelled out in plans of the US Department of State. (Department of State Publication 7277, Disarmament Series 5, Sept 1961)


It is very important to understand that war will not be made illegal in this brave new world. War by any other authority than the United Nations will be illegal. In that regard, not much would change, since the United Nations has been a key player in every war, since 1945. We sit in council with our enemies at the UN and ask for permission to conduct our next battle plan. Douglas MacArthur described the result of this madness in “Reminiscences.” New targets ceased to be viable once authorization came to attack them, and often no authorization came at all. MacArthur was fired for his stubborn refusal to play by the enemy’s rules, winning a war that he was not intended to be allowed to win.


Although military activities damaging to the environment are condemned by the Earth Charter, once an all powerful world government, with no checks and balances, holds all military power, who will dare try to to tell it what it may or may not do. Even our own Constitution, with many layers of protections, has been increasingly ignored by leadership of the Democrat and Republican parties.


Over the years, I have studied the United Nations at length. It is a forum where we send our ablest socialistic thinkers, to bargain with other socialists and communists, to make new rules which will help us all to get along better with each other. Because the procedures are purely democratic, we always lose, and because we want to end inequity, we get to pay for it.


Because of phony independent states, the Soviet Union was given three votes in the UN. We received, not fifty, but one vote. We were given a veto authority, so was the Soviet Union, but they are seldom used because the socialists and communists seldom come out of any vote on the losing end, and we do not wish to cause disharmony in the world. After all, the number one complaint of most of the members of the United Nations is not the environment, it is American nationalism.


To think that there is any possibility that such a forum as the United Nations could accomplish any of the many promises that the Earth Charter makes is absurd. The United Nations was created for one single purpose. It is a giant snowball plan to force one nation after another under communist rule, until the entire world is under the control of the economic elites.


The United Nations was developed by the economic elites in the Council of Foreign Relations. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) recommended the State Department set up a committee on Post-War Problems. This was done in 1929. All but one of the committee members also held membership in the CFR. The project was directed and financed by the CFR. The committee designed the United Nations. Alger Hiss, a communist spy at the State Department, was part of the committee and he was the founding Secretary General of the United Nations. (San Francisco, CA, December, 1945)


Communists have been instrumental in the underpinnings and workings of the UN from the very beginning. Well known communists,Owen Lattimore and Harry Dexter White, were among the US delegation at the founding conference, along with more than a dozen other identified communists. The US delegation also included forty three members of the CFR.


Secret deals were made. The US secretly entered a deal that the position in charge of UN military might would always be a communist. Trygve Lie, the first secretary-general of the United Nations, wrote in his book“The Cause of Peace,” “Mr. Vyshinsky (of the USSR) did not delay his approach. He was the first to inform me of an understanding which the Big Five had reached in London on the appointment of a Soviet national as assistant secretary-general for political and security council affairs… “Mr. Stettinius (U.S Secretary of State) confirmed to me that he had agreed with the Soviet delegation in the matter… “The preservation of international peace and security was the organization’s highest responsibility, and it was to entrusting the direction of the Secretariat department most concerned with this to a Soviet national that the Americans had agreed.” (FromThe Fearful Masterby Edward Griffin) Since no non-communist has ever held the position, it is probably safe to accept that Mr. Lie was telling the truth in this instance. In addition, the position of Secretary General has always been held by a socialist or a communist. It is very difficult to define whether any person at the UN, including our own delegates, ever held the interests of the American people dear. It is well known that most of our own delegates have been contemptuous of our Constitutional form of government.


The CFR continues to dominate the U.S. State Department, today. It is easy to understand why our UN delegates support Communists and socialist governments around the world, and deny rights to freedom-loving people everywhere? Through the UN, we betrayed the government of Chiang Kai-shek, our friends in Katanga and elsewhere. Everywhere, we bring the bad guys to power. We participated in the transformation of Nelson Mandela from imprisoned communist to President of South Africa. We are now becoming even more involved in the un-American activities of the United Nations all around the world.

Here is the whole world in a nutshell, from my perspective. There are only two vastly different beliefs that separate all of the peoples of the world.

One belief says that Government is God. All rights emanate from Government and whatever Government says or does is good because there is nothing greater. This is the law in communist society. Nothing in the realm of communist authority presents a greater threat to those in control than subjects who begin to believe that there must be some power or some authority, some provider of relief from suffering, some supernatural hope for a brighter future, than government. For that reason, these thoughts are dealt with more severely than all others. There is much historical proof that communist governments have inflicted many times more pain and suffering and more murder and genocide upon their peoples than any other. Because there is no right or wrong beyond what government decrees, there is no redress or complaint. This is rule by the strongest. It is designed to become rule by the wealthiest because they always control the strongest.

The opposing belief is that there is indeed a God, and that God is the creator of mankind. God gives rights to each individual, and mankind has the authority, based on rights to protect his life and property, to create governments better equipped to protect life and property. The individuals who founded the United States held this belief. They held that no creation could ever become greater than its creator, therefore the sovereignty that citizens could transfer to their government was limited and that the people would always retain their right to alter or abolish their creation if it ever became destructive of their rights. Under this belief, this nation has enjoyed greater freedom and prosperity than any other nation on earth.

Unfortunately, the very wealthy of the world, including some international banks and some governments have coveted what freedom has produced, and well laid plans have been carried out to steal it away. Much is already gone. It is our great prosperity that has allowed our enemies to extract from us the cost of our own destruction. Through treachery and deceit, we have paid for it all.

The UN is the major part of the plan to steal what is left. The Earth Charter is one of many tools, supposedly based upon environmental science, used by the planners of this injustice. Agenda 21 is another. There are many more. If they succeed, and I am sure they will not, the United States would die, mankind would become subjected to tyrannical government of a global scale that would witness unimaginable suffering.

The question is, how much suffering will each person be willing to endure, before he speaks? No job, no home, no car, no fuel, no food, where is your limit? I have a feeling most Americans will see the light when the “no food” part begins to affect them. They may even tolerate the disappearance of some loved ones, but when they have no food, many will regret giving up their guns. Yes, the grab for your guns is also at the UN’s insistence, with the State Departments collaboration and cooperation.

There are so many resources that few people want to decide which are truthful and which are not. I very strongly recommend this 46 minute video produced by the John Birch Society, for a short version of a historical perspective on the UN. It is very informative.

In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, any copyrighted work in this message is distributed under fair use without profit or payment for non-profit research and educational purposes only. [Ref.]

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