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Commentary: East end county commissioner McEntire: A refreshing change



Jim McEntire’s Public Forum Sequim Library Jan. 16, 2012 was the best public meeting I have attended in the last two years.

(standing room only)


A SMILING, ELECTED OFFICIAL asking “What can I do for you?” “What are your concerns?” “What comment do you have?”


Any citizen, any topic, any concern, any question, any comment, no three minute limit, no annoyed look when you raised your hand.

THIRDLY, When we expressed our gratitude, thanked him and said we needed more OPEN meetings like this,

Jim’s response was,  “I’M JUST DOING MY JOB”

ANY concerns, big or small,  nitrates in Carlsborg water, the is no health emergency in Carlsborg water.

failed legislation concerns, concerned with fire, county should require summer cutting of dry grass, County impounding and hauling away junk cars.

The Dungeness Water Rule,

Will Clallam County end up like Skagit County with 6000 farmers and private property owners denied ALL WATER?

Or will just some Clallam County private property owners be denied all outdoor water use? Are we protected from private water bottling companies?

Nestle’s bottled water, a Swiss company SUCKED East coast private wells DRY. Anacortes denied 6000 farmers and private property owners  ALL WATER, and sold 5 million gallons of Skagit County water a day to any PRIVATE Everett bottling Company.

Jim is trying to prevent a situation like Skagit River in Clallam County.

There is a private Water bottling Company in Carlsborg.

PUD and/or private water districts may be able to sell water to private Water bottling Companies?

Graphs proving, there is no shortage of water.

Who gets the water? Who is left high and dry? It’s all about the money? Who gets the mitigation money?

How much will it COST?

EAST coast info, No water, is loss of property value and no use of property or development of property, watch the trends.

New York Times survey, Do you have any plants? It took seven years for the implications of the EAST Coast SMP  to reach Clallam County.

DOE Dungeness Water Rule, some private property owners may have no outside water use EVER?

The COST of water in the city of Port Angeles?  Basic monthly rate $26.75, Basic monthly Sewer usage $39.90, Basic monthly storm water runoff $18.00, FOR PROVIDING $1.00 worth of WATER USAGE.

PA’s solution to “NEED MONEY conserve WATER” raise the basic water rate!

And more……

Jim’s most important issues for 2013? Negotiating contracts and the Clallam County Shoreline Update.


A SMILING Clallam County Commissioner, Jim McEntire’s, genuine concern for “We the People” “Just doing my job” is absolutely, A REFRESHING CHANGE.


Pearl Rains Hewett

I found out after the fact, who attended the meeting, the Mayor of Sequim, and a quorum of Sequim City Councilmen.

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