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War on the West

Moratorium on fish farms adds one more assault on small business

Commentary by Karl Spees

Peninsula Daily News 12/18/17 – “State ends lease for PA fish farm”

Had Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton been elected in the 2016 Presidential election, no doubt she would have continued and expanded Barrack Hussein Obama’s Western Civilization destroying Agenda as just deserts for her “Basket of Deplorables“.    In 2016 WA State Democrat Public Lands Commissioner candidate, attorney Hillary Franz, was elected to office. (In my recent opinion letter, “Marbled Murrelet – Same Agenda Different Bird” chronicled how Hillary Franz took 600,000 acres of timberland on the WA Olympic Peninsula out of the multiple-beneficial-use category to the ‘lock-it-up and burn-it-down’ category.  She essential advanced the Dysfunction Democrat anti-Western Civilization Agenda of ‘Death by a Thousand Cuts‘.)
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Citizens express concern over aspects of draft shoreline management plan

By Sue Forde and Lois Krafsky-Perry

The public, or at least about 80 of them, showed up for the public hearing at the Board of Clallam County Commissioners’ (BOCC) meeting on Dec. 12, 2017 at 10:30 a.m. at the Clallam County courthouse, to share their thoughts and concerns about the proposed draft Shoreline Management Plan (draft SMP)  under consideration for Clallam County.  Many more citizens and groups have sent in comments by email or mail.

The meeting began with County Planner Steve Gray, reading a synopsis of what has taken place over the course of the past nine years for the plan.  He failed to mention the Seattle environmental firm, ESA Adolfson, who actually put the majority of the plan together for the county. Gray recapped the 9-year process, from the “visioning” aspect to the current draft.  He referred to using the “State guidelines,” which were revised in 2016.  He talked about the 200 foot buffers on each side which is from the high water mark (represented by the most outer vegetation line from the creek or river).  There are more than 50 pages of maps, he said, and over 200 pages of the draft plan.  Then he explained what each chapter covers.

The County Commissioners will review over 700 comments made regarding the shoreline plan, he stated, before making a decision as to how to move forward.  After Gray’s lengthy review, the meeting was opened to the public hearing. Continue reading

Water-rights decision could have disastrous consequences for Washington families, workers

WA State Senate majority reacts to report detailing economic impact of Hirst

News release issued by Kimberly Wirtz, Senate Majority Coalition Caucus 

 OLYMPIA, WA – 9/14/2017  The Senate Majority Coalition Caucus shared the following statement in response to a report released today by the Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW) detailing the statewide economic impact of the Hirst water-rights decision.

  Some of the details revealed in the study include:

  • $6.9 billion lost in economic activity each year in Washington, predominantly in rural communities
  • $452.3 million in lost employee wages due to the impacts of Hirstannually
  • Nearly 9,300 lost jobs (FTEs) in rural Washington,  annually
  • $392.7 million in lost taxes to state and local governments, annually
  • $4.59 billion in losses to the construction industry, annually
  • $37 billion in lost property values in areas impacted by Hirst
  • $346 million in property taxes shifted to other properties in Washington

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The New Elwha Bridge and Rest Stop? by Pearl Rains Hewett

Posted on
by Pearl Rains Hewett,

The New Elwha Bridge and Rest Stop?

Who knew? What Rest Stop?


Clallam County Code 31.06.060 Transportation policies

(a) Encourage the Washington State Department of Transportation to retain all of their properties adjoining Highway 101 for future use as rest stops, scenic pullouts, roadside parks and….


 We all know now,  So, Let’s plan on it!

The possibilities are endless

March 7, 2017  After looking at the 2017 plans for the new Elwha bridge, I immediately saw the possibilities and an opportunity for a Clallam County rest stop on the Norm’s Resort Property on High Way 101 next to the Elwha River.

Who’s Norm?  What’s he got to do with it?

In 1979  Norm’s  privately owned resort gave local citizens and tourists  FREE recreational access to 10 or more acres of private land on the bank of the Elwha River. It was great, FREE public access with a  long dirt trail for walking beside the river, free fishing,  and rental boats.

At some point in time the Norm’s Resort property of 10 or more acres was acquired by the  government and bull dozed flat.

With the replacement of the Elwha River bridge by WSDOT  at an estimated cost of  $18 to $25 million dollar, the opportunity and possibilities for Clallam County recreational use are endless.

Why stop with just a Clallam County rest stop on the Norm’s Resort Property? Why not add free public recreational access a walking trail and picnic area?

WSDOT will be tearing up the entire intersection of Highway 101 and Olympic Hot Springs Road. WSDOT will be required to do  and pay for restoration on the entire disturbed area.

Clallam County has a history of success with the rest stop area East of Port Angeles on Highway 101.

AND, Clallam County has a history of success, rated at four and a half stars.

Salt Creek Recreation Area – Clallam County



Five Generations of our Rains family have enjoyed the FREE Salt Creek beach.



 Why stop with a rest stop, walking trail and picnic area on the Elwha River?

The possibilities and opportunity for Clallam County on nearly 50 acres previously developed recreational land are endless.

According to the Clallam County Planning Dept map, there are nearly fifty acres (50)  of previously owned developed, public recreational land located in Clallam County. It is now owned by U.S.A. It includes the Norm’s Resort property on the East side of the Elwha River and a much larger piece of land on the West side, a Public boat launch owned by WA State,  that had locked out citizens  because of the removal of the Elwha River Dams.

At some point in time, “THEY” combined the nearly  fifty acres of  public recreational land into one parcel  number in Clallam County WA.

At some point in time  it ended up being owned by the U.S.A.  in GOVERNMENT LIMBO LAND, with four options.


The ONP has a track record  of failure, massive wash out Nov 17, 2015, Olympic Hot Springs Road emergency repairs? $4 million and they can’t even keep the road open for the gateway to the Olympics public trail access or their public view point. The National Park Service (NPS) has a $12,000,000,000.00 billion dollar backlog in maintenance.



What would they do with  it?

WA State can’t even figure out how to fund basic education.



The Tribes already have their fair share of tribal access on the Elwha River.




I am formally submitting this option four (4) request  to our Clallam county elected officials Commissioners, Bill Peach, Randy Johnson and Mark Mozias, and DCD Mary Ellen Winborn. for their review and consideration including the Road Dept. Ross Tyler P.E. and the Parks Dept.

Clallam County has a very long history of success providing  “USER FRIENDLY” public access for local and tourist recreational facilities.

It is submitted, based on its merit for public access and recreational opportunity  for local citizens  and Clallam Counties economic tourism value. The estimated number of tourist visiting Clallam County every year is 300,000.

I am also sending this email to WSDOT to start the formal dialogue for coordination between Clallam County and the State of WA, in the best interest of U.S.A. everyone.


And, perhaps as a reminder to WSDOT on Rest Stops and Roadside Parks.

Clallam County Code

(a) Encourage the Washington State Department of Transportation to retain all of their properties adjoining Highway 101 for future use as rest stops, scenic …

31.06.060 Transportation policies.

(1) Highway 101. Preserve and enhance the Highway 101 corridor for regional mobility to improve its functionality for business, area residents, tourists,nonmotorized transportation, freight and services.

(a) Encourage the Washington State Department of Transportation to retain all of their properties adjoining Highway 101 for future use as rest stops, scenic pullouts, roadside parks and future transit pullouts.

(b) Work with the Washington State Department of Transportation and other agencies to ensure that Highway 101 meets the goal that the corridor function regionally for the mobility of goods, services and passengers…… —————————————————————————–

WSDOT is  in the planning stage for the new Elwha bridge replacement and what specific restoration could be provided free of charge, by the state, for a Clallam County Rest Stop, public access, a Roadside Park and other public recreational uses. 


Salt Creek Recreation Area – Clallam County –

Salt Creek Recreation Area is a Clallam County Park but is as good as any … the 518-acre Camp Hayden military reservation at Tongue Point was part of the …




Indeed, the possibilities and opportunity for Clallam County to develop public tourist recreation facilities on nearly 50 acres of Elwha riverfront property are endless.

The estimated number of tourist visiting Clallam County each year is 300,000.

I know many of you will be thinking about this


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The Chain of Environmental Command by Pearl Rains Hewett

Posted on

by Pearl Rains Hewett
from Behind My Back

(See Story Here:

Last night Jan 2, 2017, on KIRO TV there was a short comment on a Seattle group meeting of anti-Trump environmental objectors that are organizing across the United States to go to WA DC on inauguration day.
It is being funded by The Center for Biological Diversity a national, nonprofit conservation organization with more than 675,000 members and on-line activists dedicated to the protection of endangered species and wild places.

A Battle Is Brewing Over Obama’s ‘Land Grabs’ In The Western US

The Libertarian Republic

Posted 4/8/2016

Republican lawmakers and ranchers relying on access to federal lands are gearing up to push back against the Obama administration’s use of a century-old law to lock up millions of acres of public lands from development.

The White House has used the Antiquities Act of 1906 designate more than 260 million acres of federally-controlled lands and waters as 17 national monuments, which makes it harder to drill or ranch on lands that may have traditionally been used for that purpose.

The president used the law to expand federal lands more than any of his predecessors, and Republicans and ranching groups have called the president’s actions “land grabs” aimed at locking up areas from any economic activity. Continue reading

Drastic Changes Needed to Restore Peninsula Salmon and Steelhead Runs

Op/Ed by Darryl Sanford
Sequim, Washington

Posted 4/8/2016

I’m sure those dreaming of further federal dollars flowing into the area are celebrating the latest announcement of “Major Cutbacks for Salmon Fisheries” (March 16 Sequim Gazette and “Many Eye Middle Road on Fishing” in PDN).  Further Endangered Species Act (ESA) listings of weak runs of Coho Salmon could be a financial boon to the area. I’ve attended meetings in Sequim and Forks over the past couple weeks addressing the Steelhead and Salmon outlook on the Peninsula and if projections are accurate, the future of our fishing opportunities does indeed look bleak.  My fear is that few fish and continued Federal funding is exactly what those in charge of ‘saving’ our fish actually want.   Continue reading

Oregon candidate exposes social, economic catastrophe caused by federal control in Josephine County

by Liz Bowen
Pie N Politics

February 26, 2016

An Open Letter to Presidential Candidates from Josephine County, Oregon

By Toni Webb, candidate for Commissioner of Josephine County

TO: Candidates running for President of the United States

This letter is to inform you of the struggles faced by the people of Josephine County, Oregon, due to ongoing problems with the federal government’s control of our public land, including our once-productive forests. Bad policies and misguided management by federal agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management, have left our rural county economically and socially devastated. I hope that you, as candidates for President of the United States, will seriously consider why the effort to transfer the ownership and control of public lands back to western states, like Oregon, is so critical to our survival. Continue reading

Why is the EPA Suing John Duarte for Plowing his Land?

by Liz Bowen
Ag Net

Published January 12, 2016

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ignored decades of established law when it told John Duarte to stop plowing his land. Duarte didn’t back down and is now in the fight of his life: a lawsuit to preserve agricultural exemptions under the Clean Water Act, the very exemptions the EPA tells us will remain under the WOTUS (Waters of the U.S.) Rule.

Speaking at the American Farm Bureau Annual Convention, Duarte explains why this court battle is so important, and why many legal observers think it will end up in the Supreme Court. Continue reading

Blueribbon Coalition supports balance management of public lands

News Release from
BlueRibbon Coalition

November 23, 2015

POCATELLO, ID (November 23, 2015) – Early last week, the BlueRibbon Coalition/ joined with other recreation groups in a letter sent to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in support of a balanced approach to managing public lands as part of the Moab Master Leasing Plan. Continue reading

Snowmobile Club leads lawsuit against Northern Region Forest Plans

News Release by Paul Turcke
for BlueRibbon Coalition

November 23, 2015


Ten Lakse Snowmobile ClubMISSOULA, MT (November 23, 2015) –Various organizations, led by the Ten Lakes Snowmobile Club, have filed a lawsuit challenging U.S. Forest Service planning efforts on the Kootenai and Idaho Panhandle National Forests.  The complaint, filed on November 12, 2015, in federal court for the U.S. District of Montana, claims that the 2015 Revised Forest Plans violated various federal laws, including the National Forest Management Act, the Wilderness Act, the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, and the Administrative Procedure Act. Continue reading

U.S. Representative Kilmer – Champion of Nature?

by Pearl Rains Hewett
Behind by

Posted 10/21/2015

 Rep Derek Kilmer Champion of Nature?”

Experts are often fallible, so expert advice should be examined carefully

Published 16 October 2015


“Experts must be tested, their biases minimized, their accuracy improved, and their estimates validated with independent evidence. Put simply, experts should be held accountable for their opinions.”

While many governments aspire to evidence-based policy, the researchers say the evidence on experts themselves actually shows that they are highly susceptible to “subjective influences” — from individual values and mood, to WHETHER THEY STAND TO GAIN OR LOSE FROM A DECISION — and, while highly credible, experts often vastly overestimate their objectivity and the reliability of peers.


Fallible by definition: adjective. (of persons) liable to err, especially in being deceived or mistaken. 2. liable to be erroneous or false; not accurate: fallible information.

—————————————————————————————— Continue reading

Kilmer named “Champion of Nature” by The Nature Conservancy

Washington, D.C. – 10/19/2015 – U. S. Rep. Derek Kilmer has received the “Champion of Nature” award from The Nature Conservancy, an organization well-known for its drive to place millions of acres into wildlands and out of the hands of citizens.

According to a news report in the Peninsula Daily News, the award was presented Oct. 8, 2015 after the state director, Mike Stevens, urged Congress to renew the Land and Water Conservation Fund, which expired Sept. 30.

Kilmer is a Democrat from the 6th Congressional District in Washington State.

Kilmer, along with Denny Heck (D-Olympia) introduced an act, the “Promoting United Government Efforts to Save Our Sound Act”, to “protect tribal treaty rights and bring much-needed resources to restore the Sound.”  It would designate the Puget Sound as a “water body of national significance, required that adequate federal resources are allocated to Puget Sound recovery and coordinate and align federal agency efforts with the state-led efforts under the Puget Sound Action Agenda.”


Commentary:  Abolish Puget Sound Partnership

More Information about The Nature Conservancy – Income, etc.

Clean Up the Clean Water Rule

US News & World Report

Posted 9/3/2015

The EPA’s water rule needs more input from farmers and small businesses.

Whether you’re a farmer in Indiana or a rancher in Wyoming, a Republican from Oklahoma or a Democrat from North Dakota – we all want clean water.

On Friday, EPA’s new rule is supposed to go into effect and will attempt to redefine which sources of water can be regulated under the Clean Water Act. Thirty-one states and several industry groups have sued to prevent the rule from moving forward. The EPA wrote and finalized its “Waters of the United States” rule without consulting with some of the people who care about clean water the most: farmers, ranchers, small business owners. Continue reading

Landowners express anger over water rights issue that blocks their ability to build

By Shannen Kuest
Skagit Valley Herald

The meeting was called by the Skagit chapter of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights.

About 120 people filled the American Legion Hall on Tuesday night to discuss the water and property rights issues facing Skagit County. Among them were property owners and Alliance members, who took the state’s 2001 instream flow rule to task.

When some at the meeting suggested building on their properties without county permission, one audience member shouted, “To hell with the county!”

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USFS Fire Closure Order Singles Out OHV Use


Posted 7/9/2015

POCATELLO, ID  (July 9, 2015) — The BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC), a national trail-based recreation group,  is questioning the recent Fire Closure Order #06-03-01-15-02 that bans OHVs from using over 250 miles of system trails on the Gifford Pinchot National Forest located in Washington State.    Continue reading

The ROSS Approach to Puget Sound – Restoration Shell Game

Editorial by Pearl Rains-Hewitt
Behind My Back

Posted 5/11/2015

A highly convoluted “GAME OF RESTORATION” that is involving the sleight of many, many hands, in which hundreds of inverted Federal agencies, WA State agencies, WAC’S and /or other NGO, NUTSHELLS are moved about, and hard working taxpayers must attempt to spot which is the one, of many thousands, with  NGO’S or other government agencies are underneath the “RESTORATION” plan.




designing a unified plan, and making sure money is being spent efficiently, and our region is making progress,” says Gerry O’Keefe, executive director of the Puget Sound Partnership. Continue reading

Recreation group declares victory over wilderness claims


BOISE, ID (April 21, 2015)–A federal court has accepted the settlement agreement that resolves a lawsuit claiming that the Clearwater National Forest illegally closed recommended wilderness areas (RWA) to motorized use. The agreement, between the Forest Service and lawyers for the Idaho State Snowmobile Association and BlueRibbon Coalition, requires the agency to conduct a new analysis and issue a new decision to evaluate “motorized and over snow access management” in the areas. The Forest Service “dispute Plaintiffs’ claims” but acknowledged “that regional issuance of documents described as guidance for forest planning, including planning for RWA management, has led to confusion and misperception regarding the role that such documents serve ….”

The areas in dispute were decades ago recommended for wilderness designation by the Forest Service, but Congress has not acted on these recommendations. The areas have always received motorized use, and more recently mountain bike use, that would be prohibited in formally designated wilderness. Neither the initial ratings nor the present wilderness suitability have been diminished by these uses, and the “wilderness character” of the areas has remained the same under Forest Service evaluations.

The agreement, initially filed in October, 2014, contemplated a Forest Service effort to complete the new analysis prior to the start of the 2014-2015 winter snowmobile season. In the absence of a new decision, the agreement provided for management to revert to the 1987 Plan, which would allow snowmobile use. The Court did not complete its review of the agreement until the 2014-2015 winter use season had largely passed, and declined to vacate the challenged plan’s prohibition on motorized access. The Court “conditionally approved” the remainder of the agreement, and the Forest Service and Recreation Groups accepted the Court’s interpretation.  The agreement also provides for payment of $30,000 toward legal fees incurred by the Recreation Groups. 
“We have learned in decades of litigation that our court system produces imperfect outcomes” said Sandra Mitchell, Public Lands Director of the Idaho State Snowmobile Association, the lead plaintiff. “We would like to eliminate the effects of what we consider an illegal decision, but getting a new decision is a significant step. Ultimate progress must always occur through the agency, and we hope we have sown seeds toward that outcome here,” Mitchell noted.

# # #

The ISSA is an Idaho nonprofit corporation providing a unified voice for the Idaho snowmobile community, seeking reasonable snowmobile access to public and private lands in Idaho, and educating public and private interests on snowmobile use, safety and access.

The BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC) is a national non-profit organization that champions responsible recreation and encourages a strong conservation ethic and individual stewardship, while providing leadership in efforts to keep outdoor recreation alive and well — all sports; all trails. With members in all 50 states, BRC is focused on building enthusiast involvement with organizational efforts through membership, outreach, education and collaboration among recreationists. 1-800-BLUERIB – 

Contact: Paul Turcke, (208) 331-1800
Date: April 21, 2015

Droughts, Envirochondricacs, Leftism, and Power

Guest Editorial by Susan Shotthafer

Posted 4/14/2015

The lefties are self-deluding again with another crisis, excuse to spend more of our earnings, and seize more control. Yes, it’s another—you guessed it—environment crisis, this time a Washington state “drought?” Duh! Drought?

Yes, Governor Inslee declared a “drought emergency” because the Olympics lack a snowpack. With that troublesome human habit, never troubling the lefties (bless their hearts) many of us try to make sense of this announcement as we do of all life’s events. Conversely, once more, leftist masterminds hope to convert make-believe into reality. Continue reading

Shoreline Master Plan: What has Clallam County got to lose?

by Pearl Rains-Hewett

Posted 3/21/2015

RCW 90.58.290
Restrictions as affecting fair market value of property.
The restrictions imposed by this chapter shall be considered by the county assessor in establishing the fair market value of the property.
[1971 ex.s. c 286 § 29.]



Feds sued for blocking thousands of recreational routes in Plumas National Forest

The victims include all citizen users of public lands — including the disabled

Pacific Legal Foundation
SACRAMENTO, CA;  March 18, 2015: Representing two California counties and a broad coalition of associations and individuals who value public access to national forests, Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) today sued the federal government for acting to prohibit motorized travel on thousands of roads and trails in Plumas National Forest that have been used for decades for responsible and legally permissible recreational purposes.

Plumas National Forest is a 1,146,000-acre National Forest in the Sierra Nevada, in northern California.  The lawsuit argues that the U.S. Forest Service, a division of the Department of Agriculture, violated the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the Administrative Procedure Act (APA), by blocking access to much of Plumas National Forest without a careful, factually specific review of environmental impacts, including consequences for the public. Continue reading

Appeals court upholds protection for threatened seabird

Posted: Mar 02, 2015 4:22 PM
Herald Whig

GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) – A federal appeals court has rejected a lawsuit by the timber industry seeking to strip Endangered Species Act protection from a threatened seabird that nests in old-growth forests.

Environmentalists say the ruling Friday by the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C., should mark the end of a 15-year legal battle over logging trees used by marbled murrelets along the coasts of Oregon, Washington and northern California. Continue reading

Clallam Shoreline Master Program – Comments and rights

Jan. 19, 2015

SMP [Shorline Master Program] Public Comment (159)

Clallam County Planning Commission

Public Forums

Pearl Rains Hewett


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Clallam County Planning Commission, for recognizing the need for this additional  step in the SMP Update  process, and voting to provide the public forums  for us.

I have appreciation and respect  the dedicated members of Planning Commission that made the (4) regional, informal, public forums a reality. The choice of evening forums, and  having the presenters go to meeting at the four locations, allowed working people to attend.


I did attend two public forums

Jan. 8, 2015 Port Angeles Public Forum

The presentation was well done and applauded

Jan 14, 2015 Sequim Public Forum Was a mini- presentation


Jan. 8, 2015 Public Forum at the PA Senior Center

It was very encouraging to see our New County Commissioner Bill Peach, our new DCD Director Mary Ellen Winborn, members of the Clallam County Planning Commission and Home Rule Charter Commission  in attendance. It is vital to have our local representative, Involved in, listening to public questions, comments and the many concerns of our local citizens on the SMP Update.




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Puget Sound Nearshore Ecosystem Restoration Project commentary & Objections

by Pearl Rains Hewett
Posted 1/11/2015

Comments-Objections to Puget Sound Nearshore Ecosystem “RESTORATION” Project (PSNERP)

I strongly oppose the Puget Sound Nearshore Ecosystem “RESTORATION” Project (PSNERP) and, in my opinion, it should be irrevocably terminated immediately.





Subject: FW: Skagit CAPR Chapter: FW: submittal of PSNERP written comment

From: Kathy Mitchell
Date: Wednesday, January 7, 2015 at 6:13 PM
To: <>
Subject: PSNERP Projects Comment


From: Roger Mitchell
Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2015 2:56 PM
Subject: submittal of PSNERP written comment


Subject: FW: submittal For Clallam County  PSNERP written objection

From: Pearl Rains Hewett
Sent: Thursday, January 09, 2015
Subject: submittal of PSNERP Clallam County written objection


My PSNERP written public comments and objections PLUS…..

The fact that these ideas were churned out by the Puget Sound Partnership and by the Envisioning people at OSU, is no surprise.


My written comment on the SHADY? history of the Puget Sound Partnership

In May 2010, auditors found the partnership “circumvented state contracting laws, exceeded its purchasing authority and made unallowable purchases with public funds,” incurring “costs without clear public benefit.”

scroll down for more


My written comments on RESTORATION….. period

Behind My Back | RED FLAG WARNING Page 2

Apr 9, 2014 – EPA RESTORATION OF PUGET SOUND … the cost of an unfunded WA STATE RESTORATION “RAIN TAX” TO CLEAN UP PUGET SOUND? ….. Goggle for the full text of “Sue and Settle Sucks”


Behind My Back | The “RESTORATION” Shell Game

Jun 9, 2014 – A highly convoluted GAME OF RESTORATION that is involving the … HOW MANY NUTS CAN YOU GET UNDER ONE RESTORATION SHELL?


Behind My Back | $14.8 Billion for Restoration

Jun 10, 2014 – … The “RESTORATION” Shell Game In the state of Maryland, their elected representatives, legislators, passed a $14.8 …. The “RESTORATIONShell Game.


Behind My Back | Bang for their buck? Restoration

Dec 3, 2014 – …… for planning, authorizing and implementing the RESTORATION SHELL GAME .



While we’re in the “RESTORATION” business I’d like a few things restored, too:

Behind My Back | American Restoration of Law and Order…/american-restoration-of-law-and-order/



Behind My Back | Senate Hearings on EPA

Sep 1, 2014 – GIVE “STATE’S SOVEREIGNTYBACK TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! ….. Is anyone in congress addressing the Restoration of “Law and …



read the complete text at

Behind My Back | The Bad News On Kilmer

Aug 31, 2013 – US. Reps Kilmer and Heck promise to continue the work of Norm Dicks on behalf of WETLANDS, SHORELINES By ROB CARSON — Staff writer …

“Everyone was scratching everyone’s back with this PUGET SOUND PARTNERSHIP,” said Republican state Sen. Mark Schoesler, who has been a vocal critic of the partnership. “They were banking on daddy Dicks to bring money home, and then his son squandered it.

In May 2010, auditors found the partnership “circumvented state contracting laws, exceeded its purchasing authority and made unallowable purchases with public funds,” incurring “costs without clear public benefit.”


I Pearl Rains Hewett, submit and concur, with the following PSNERP Projects comments.


From: Kathy Mitchell
Date: Wednesday, January 7, 2015 at 6:13 PM
To: <>
Subject: PSNERP Projects Comment

C/O: Nancy C. Gleason



POB 3755

Seattle, WA 98124-3755

The PSNERP projects, especially those for Skagit County, must be abandoned; the enormous waste of tax dollars for these ill-conceived and harmful projects to precious farmland under the guise of flimsy reasoning and faulty assumptions is wrong.

The fact that the concept for these unneeded and unnecessary projects got this far, especially with such an outrageous price tag, is a disgrace. These proposed projects would necessarily cause ruination of thousands of acres farmland, and more than likely cause unforeseen and unintended consequences to those and adjacent lands.

Furthermore, in my opinion, the fact that these ideas were churned out by the Puget Sound Partnership and by the Envisioning people at OSU, is no surprise; both groups are well known for their inferior, ideology-based recommendations rather than sound work based on pertinent, fact-based science, on appropriate field work, and on site-specific work.  Since when do they ‘know all’ and ‘see all’ about what restoration really means for areas they really know nothing about?  As a classically trained geologist, I do know that the land is in a constant state of flux and that these people’s notions of exactly what ‘snapshot in time’ to use as this golden state of restoration is laughable.  Do we go back 30 years?  Go back 300 years?  Go back 3,000 years?  Go back 3 Million years? Erosion, sedimentation, and associated processes are dynamic – the land will change over time.

Finally, I am appalled and quite dismayed that the Army Corps of Engineers has had anything to do with this wasteful boondoggle.


Kathy Mitchell

1155 Chuckanut Ridge Drive

Bow, WA 98232


From: Roger Mitchell
Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2015 2:56 PM
Subject: submittal of PSNERP written comment


Written Comment on Puget Sound Nearshore Ecosystem Restoration Project (PSNERP)

Roger H. Mitchell, Bow, Washington

I strongly oppose the Puget Sound Nearshore Ecosystem Restoration Project (PSNERP) and, in my opinion, it should be irrevocably terminated immediately.


The entire premise for PSNERP is scientifically flawed, ideologically driven, and just another veiled attempt to socially engineer and control the lives of private property owners. At it’s best, PSNERP is a government make-work program; at it’s worst PSNERP is merely another chapter in irresponsible environmentalism run amok.

Procedurally, this proposed project has been seriously flawed. There are significant inconsistencies and discrepancies between’s website and the website at Discrepancies include different numbers of affected acres and in cost projections. If the goal was to confuse the public then, for once, government has succeeded. Why are we just getting to comment now on something that has been proceeding for years ? Why and how are we now being “steamrollered” into supporting this proposal in what appears to be a predetermined outcome that, once gain, bears little resemblance to the “consent of the governed?

The proposed project is at odds with RCW 36.70A – the Growth Management Act (GMA). PSNERP will cause destruction and loss of farmland and rural business that is contrary to GMA mandates.  Some ideologues have relentlessly made it more and more difficult for farmers to grow the crops that feed the rest of us. Why let PSNERP add to the decline of farmland, farming, and farmers ? Any PSNERP proposed project must show, in detail, how it complies with the GMA. Thus far, that demonstration of compliance has been disregarded, overlooked, or intentionally omitted in PSNERP proposals.

Among the many problems with PSNERP and its many clones is that the instigators are never held accountable for their mistakes and failures. They play with other people’s money or, in this case, other people’s properties. Essentially they have no “skin in the game”. Ten years from now, when PSNERP has failed to do anything positive, and has had numerous, negative, unintended consequences, do you think the current PSNERPers are going to say, “Gee; I’m sorry ‘bout that PSNERP thing and wasting that Billion dollars. Do you want your refund in cash or a check ?”


The EIS should be withdrawn. My preference would be to abandon this proposal and not waste another taxpayer dollar on it.

There needs to be a true cost/benefit analysis. We’re talking about potential misappropriation and misapplication of taxpayer dollars. Without an honest cost benefit study, the public cannot properly determine whether the proposed project is acceptable or worthy of full funding, partial funding, or, my personal favorite, no funding at all.

Let’s have a little chat about “restoration” and unanswered questions:



verb:  return (someone or something) to a former condition, place, or position.



noun:  the action of returning something to a former owner, place, or condition

So, I ask you, where are the answers to the following “restoration” questions ?

1.       Apparently there is a specific time and condition to which we should presumptively “restore”. How do we know that that chosen time and condition was, in fact, optimal or better in any way relative to the current time and condition ?

2.       Who actually knows the details and dynamics of that presumptively chosen optimal time and condition to which PSNERPers would have us restore to from current conditions ?

3.    Who gets to make the determination of what time and condition we are restoring to ?

4.       Even if the PSNERP proposal could be determined to be either good or bad, who has decreed who has the authority to decide for all of the rest of us whether the proposal is good?

5.       The issue is “restoration” projects; these projects do not exist in a vacuum — they affect other people, locations, and conditions as well. Worldviews, movements, and projects — these things all have consequences. What are PSNERP’s costs in resources (time & taxpayer dollars) and what other possible projects and programs will PSNERP preclude ?

6.       What are the unintended consequences of the proposed PSNERP projects ? Forces result from interactions. The proposed PSNERP projects are interactive forces. Newton’s Third Law of Motions reminds us that For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. When you poke the balloon in one place it pops out in another. When PSNERP projects “poke” the balloon of status quo, what is going to pop out elsewhere as a result ?

7.       Does anyone at PSNERP realize that the earth’s geology, biology, and ecology have been in a constant state of change since their very inceptions and will continue to change for infinity ? How incredibly arrogant, condescending, and egocentric of some to think they can determine exactly what is “best” in terms of time or condition for any of these dynamic, natural processes.

8.       By what criteria has someone determined that current conditions are not “best” and has chosen the particular, proposed, “restore to” slice of time and conditions as better or optimal?

9.       Purportedly, PSNERP is, like detrimental instream flow rules, all about salmon. Why are some people so wrapped up in attempting to “protect” one particular species (salmonids) to the detriment of others ? Who chose salmonids over other worthy species (including humans) who are left to compete, unassisted and unprotected, in the Darwinian battle with the rest of us ? We call it, “life”.

PSNERP proposals have not provided good or acceptable answers to any of the above questions.


PSNERP is yet another exercise in governmental fallacious reasoning. Fallacies can be divided into categories according to the epistemological factors that cause the error:

The reasoning is invalid but is presented as if it were a valid argument

  • The argument has an unjustified premise
  • Some relevant evidence has been ignored or suppressed


The PSNERP proposal has all of these fallacies. But, just be sure, PSNERP also has the types of fallacies listed below:

False Dilemma

A proposal that unfairly presents too few choices and then implies that a choice must be made among this short menu of choices

False Cause

Improperly concluding that one thing is a cause of another.

Reversing Causation

Drawing an improper conclusion about causation due to a causal assumption that reverses cause and effect.

Unfalsifiability (Untestability)

This error in explanation occurs when the explanation contains a claim that is not falsifiable, because there is no way to check on the claim. That is, there would be no way to show the claim to be false if it were false. There is no null hypothesis.

And the environmentalist ideologue’s perennial favorite:

Scare Tactic

Terrorizing people in order to give them a reason for believing that you are correct.

By the way, while we’re “restoring”:

While we’re in the “restoration” business I’d like a few things restored, too:

I’d like my inherent, natural property rights restored.

  • I’d like my pursuit of happiness restored by not being constantly barraged with yet another manic, trumped up, Chicken Little environmental “crisis” that needs to be “mitigated”.
  • I’d like my Washington State government restored to what the state’s founders intended in

that calls for “consent of the governed”.

Will it help if I ask nicely ?

Please ! Stop wasting our time, money, and goodwill. PSNERP is wrong for many, may reasons; it should be irrevocably terminated immediately.

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Farm groups join opposition to Inslee’s cap-and-trade plan

Capital Press
Posted 1/6/2015
Several Washington farm groups have joined a campaign aganst Gov. Jay Inslee’s proposal to charge some companies for emitting greenhouse gases.


An organization formed to oppose Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s carbon-cutting proposal includes several agriculture groups.

The governor’s cap-and-trade plan would apply to at least 130 plants, including one fertilizer manufacturer and eight food processors, according to the state Department of Ecology. Continue reading

ORPC files lawsuit challenging Dungeness Water Management Rule

from ORPC website

Posted Jan. 6, 2015

December 31, 2014 – A Petition for Declaratory Judgment has been filed with the Thurston County Superior Court to determine the validity of the Dungeness Water Management Rule by the Olympic Resource Protection Council (ORPC).  ORPC has been critical of the rule because of its significant and  unnecessarily costly impacts on Clallam County residents seeking to utilize their properties in a manner that is consistent with established county land use designations and planning policies and with the private well exemption under Washington State water law. Continue reading

Conservatives Train Fire on Government ‘Land Grab’ in Key Defense Bill

by Melissa Quinn | The Daily Signal

Posted 12/4/2014

Parkland and wilderness provisions added to a defense policy measure have outraged friends of the military, who call the move both a “land grab” and a slap at men and women serving in the armed forces.

Considered must-pass legislation, the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act details Republicans’ and Democrats’ military policy priorities. It ranks high on the priority list of outgoing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., for the current lame-duck session.

But this year the annual defense authorization includes a multitude of non-defense provisions such as new parks, wilderness areas and a national museum celebrating women. The move irks conservatives and other proponents of a “clean” bill. Continue reading

Skagit County backs couple’s right to use their well

Posted: Tuesday, December 2, 2014 6:00 am | Updated: 8:55 am, Tue Dec 2, 2014.

By Daniel DeMay | Skagit Valley Herald

Richard and Marnie Fox have a right to use the well on their Sedro-Woolley property, regardless of an instream flow rule that limits water use in the Skagit Basin, Skagit County said in a response filed last Monday in Skagit County Superior Court.

The document is in response to the Foxes’ motion asking the court to force the county to issue a building permit — an action the county has not taken because a Department of Ecology rule appears to say there is no legal access to water in much of rural Skagit County.

In the response, the county argues that Ecology removed a paragraph from the draft 2001 instream flow rule before publication that would have allowed rural landowners to continue the use of permit-exempt wells for single homes.

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Proposed Water Rule Could Put ‘Property Rights of Every American Entirely at the Mercy’ of EPA

by Ron Arnold
for Daily Sentinel

Posted 11/12/2014

It seems incredible, but a single missing word could turn a water law into a government land grab so horrendous even a U.S. Supreme Court justice warned it would “put the property rights of every American entirely at the mercy of Environmental Protection Agency employees.”

The missing word is “navigable.” The Obama administration is proposing a rule titled “Definition of ‘Waters of the United States’ Under the Clean Water Act,” which would strike “navigable” from American water law and redefine any piece of land that is wet at least part of the year, no matter how remote or isolated it may be from truly navigable waters, as “waters of the United States,” or WOTUS. Continue reading

Questions about WA State I-594 – Gun Registration

Editorial by Lynn Stuter

Posted 10/24/2014

Back when I-594 first came out, I requested that the sponsors site me …

•         one instance when a background check has stopped a criminal from stealing a gun?
•         one instance when a background check has stopped a criminal from shooting someone with a stolen gun?

After a great deal of beating around the bush, rabbit-trailing, hemming and hawing, the sponsors never were able to provide the requested information.

The fact is that I-594 …

•         will not stop one criminal from stealing a gun;
•         will not stop one criminal from shooting someone with a stolen gun;
•         will not stop one criminal from obtaining a gun on the black market. Continue reading

PILT money finds its way into compromise farm bill

by Thomas Mitchell
4th St8

Posted 9/18/2014

(Washington, Jan. 7, 2014) – Gannett’s Washington bureau is reporting that the new farm bill cobbled together today does in fact contain funding for PILT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes,) just as Nevada Rep. Mark Amodei and other Western congressmen were promised earlier when the funding was left out of the omnibus spending bill.

The $400 million set aside for this fiscal year is approximately the same as was paid out in 2013 to counties with large tracts of federal public lands not subject to property taxes. The distribution formula has remained largely the same for several years, meaning Nevada counties get about $23 million, considerably less per acre and per capita than other Western states. Continue reading

Can a Well-Endowed “Endangered” Gopher Really Drive a Tractor?

Freedom Foundation

Posted 8/13/2014

This is Part 2 of a series about a new ESA micro-listing, and its impact on a rural community. Read Part 1 here

In Washington state’s Thurston County, bureaucrats won Endangered Species Act (ESA) protection for a tiny cluster of pocket gophers because of their alleged super-sized penises. However, nobody but local officials appear to have seen this feature.  They have offered no proof of this endowment, nor does the ESA require such proof.

The federal government spent fifty years unsuccessfully trying to kill off the pocket gopher.  They breed uncontrollably under any conditions, and are the most destructive mammal to structures, pipes, underground cables, trees, crops, and the environment.  They breed prolifically on the Fort Lewis artillery impact range, and were one of the few species to survive the 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption. Continue reading

Fears of EPA ‘land grab’ create groundswell against water rule

The Hill

Posted 7/2/2014

Lawmakers are up in arms over an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposal that they fear could give federal officials expansive new powers over private property and farmland.

The EPA is seeking to redefine what bodies of water fall under the agency’s jurisdiction for controlling pollution. The scope of the final Clean Water Act (CWA) rule is of critical importance, as any area covered would require a federal permit for certain activities.The rule is facing a groundswell of opposition from lawmakers, who fear the EPA is engaged in a “land grab” that could stop farmers and others from building fences, digging ditches or draining ponds. Continue reading

Judge permits timber harvest that environmentalists claim threatens marbled murrelet in Clallam and Jefferson counties

Article published Jun 15, 2014

By Charlie Bermant
Peninsula Daily News

PORT TOWNSEND, WA – 6/16/2014 — A Jefferson County judge has rejected a request for a temporary injunction against a state-approved harvest of 234 acres of timber on the West End adjacent to habitat of the threatened marbled murrelet.

After an hourlong presentation last week from attorneys on both sides of the issue, Jefferson County Superior Court Judge Keith Harper ruled against the plaintiffs, permitting the timber harvest by Interfor, which has mills in Forks and Port Angeles. Continue reading

Gopher’s ‘endangered’ status irks property rights leaders

by Jeff Rhodes | The Olympian

Posted 6/2/2014

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service finalized Endangered Species Act protection on Wednesday for four subspecies of Mazama pocket gophers and designated 1,607 acres of protected critical habitat in Washington’s Thurston County, including at the Olympia Airport.

The decision was part of a landmark settlement with the Center for Biological Diversity requiring the agency to speed protection decisions for 757 species across the country. Continue reading

Grazing limits feed tension in Nevada

Ranchers Decry Federal Clampdown on Land for Cows, Echoing Other Dust-Ups

By JIM CARLTON | Wall Street Journal

BATTLE MOUNTAIN, Nev.—Rancher Pete Tomera slowed his pickup truck on a dusty mountain road one day last week and swept an arm toward tall green grass blowing in the wind: “Man, look at all the feed a cow could eat,” he said.

Since last summer, Mr. Tomera’s 1,800 cows have been banished from these mountains in northern Nevada, part of a clampdown by the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management against grazing on federal lands during an extended drought. An additional 500 head of cattle owned by two other ranching families have been ordered off a roughly 350,000-acre grazing allotment managed by the BLM in the Shoshone Range about 10 miles to the south of this town. The animals have been put out to private pastures or fed hay at far greater cost than on the public land. Continue reading

BLM secret memo outlines plan to lock up an area as big as Colorado and Wyoming combined

By Thomas Mitchell | 4th St. 8

Posted 5/21/2014

President Obama today was to announce the creation of a national monument in southern New Mexico — the 500,000-acre Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument.

It looks suspiciously like an opening round in a bid to carry out a plan — first outlined in a secret Bureau of Land Management in 2010 — that would lock up abut half of the BLM’s 264 million acres, about the size of Colorado and Wyoming combined, and halt most productive private use, such as ranching and mining and oil and gas exploration.

The Washington Times reported that about half of the land involved in today’s announcement is to be set aside as wilderness, meaning it would be closed to vehicles and construction and mining. Local ranchers say it’s a land grab that will interfere with their grazing rights.

The Congressional Western Caucus released the 2010 memo — which is headed “Internal Draft – NOT FOR RELEASE” and labeled “Treasured Landscapes” — Tuesday. It lists more than two dozen specific areas from which the agency seeks to lock out most human activity. Three of those are in Nevada. Continue reading

Enemy at the gates: New Mexico plots criminal charges against feds in land fight

Gov’t, locals want to fend off a new Bundy-type clash

By Valerie Richardson | The Washington Times

Posted 5/26/2014

New Mexico ranchers are plenty mad over the U.S. Forest Service’s refusal to open a gate blocking their cattle from reaching water, but all sides say they are working hard to avoid an armed showdown reminiscent of Nevada’s Bundy ranch skirmish any time soon.


Continue reading

Ecology’s Scientific Water Twaddle

Commentary by Pearl Rains Hewett 

Posted 5/20/2014

Ecology (DOE) scientific evidence on the water cycle?

What a load of gibberish, nonsense, rubbish, garbage, gabble, twaddle, claptrap

Exactly? What parts of the scientific water cycle does Ecology (DOE) not understand?


Historical water cycle fact (biblically recorded)

Ecclesiastes 1:7 All the rivers run into the sea; yet the sea is not full; to the place from where the rivers come, thither they return again.

Who hath heard such a thing? who hath seen such things? Continue reading

BLM carries out the order of one federal judge, while ignoring the order of another

by Thomas Mitchell, 4th St. 8

Posted April 17, 2014

A number of people have noted that the BLM was just carrying out a federal judge’s order when it bungled its attempt to roundup rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle from federal public land in the Gold Butte area.

Federal Judge Lloyd George authorized the BLM to confiscate Bundy’s cattle and the agency dutifully attempted to do so. Continue reading

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