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Voter Fraud

Complaints crop up in Ohio of early voting machines marking Romney votes for Obama

Published October 31, 2012


Early voting problems in the key battleground state of Ohio are fueling concerns in the final days until Election Day, with the national race essentially tied in the latest Fox News poll.

After several early voters in North Carolina said last week they cast ballots for Mitt Romney but the electronic ballot machine logged their pick as President Obama, similar problems have popped up this week in Ohio.

Voters said they selected Romney on the touch screen but an Obama vote was logged instead. Continue reading

States’ right and UN monitors

Posted 10/31/2012

Commentary by Freedom Foundation

“Election monitors” from the U.N.-affiliated Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe are getting a U.S. civics lesson courtesy of Texas and Iowa. Both states have warned the monitors that state election laws have no special provisions for European tourists. That means if the foreign monitors get within 100 feet of a Texas polling place, or 300 feet in Iowa, they will be violating state law. And both states have committed to enforcing their laws and, if necessary, arresting the monitors. Continue reading

Justice Department Failing to Use Key Tool to Fight Voter Fraud- Seems More Interested in Fighting Voter ID, Says New Paper

News Release from NCPPR

Posted 8/17/2012


Washington, DC – In a just-released paper analyzing election fraud across the nation, National Center for Public Policy Research Adjunct Fellow Horace Cooper concludes that the Justice Department is failing to use the tools at its disposal to combat election fraud.


“The problem is systemic – it is not isolated and it should be aggressively pursued by the Department of Justice,” Cooper argues in “Voter Fraud is Real: Why the Voting Rights Act Should Be Used to Fight Election Fraud,” his latest National Policy Analysis paper on voter fraud. Continue reading

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