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Agenda 21, The Wildlands Project, and the Earth Charter concerns local citizens

by Lois Krafsky-Perry
for Citizen Review
Thursday, March 14, 2013
Port Angeles, WA – A meeting held by the Republican Women of Clallam County (RWCC),  was attended by approximately 40 people, Monday March 11, at the Monterra Clubhouse.
After the regular meeting, a video was shown  with Michael Shaw, founder of Freedom Advocates, who shared information relating to  Agenda 21, followed by a powerpoint presentation from Taking Liberty, produced by Environmental Perspectives Inc.
A live presentation was then made by local businesswoman, writer and editor Sue Forde, who spoke about how Agenda 21, The Earth Charter and the Wildlands Project relate to local concerns.  She also answered questions from the attendees.   Continue reading

Independence Forever! Don’t Ratify the UN Disabilities Treaty!

December 2, 2012

There’s an old story from the Jewish shetls of Eastern Europe. There was a singing contest among the animals. The Nightingale loses, despite her lovely singing voice. Looking down on the jury, she sees the grunting wild pigs. She weeps, not because she lost, she says. “But see who my judges are!”

America must feel like the Nightingale whenever she has to go before a UN panel.

I had the honor of serving our country as U.S. Ambassador to the UN’s Human Rights Commission. In those days, the UN body had such worthy respecters of human rights as Algeria, Libya, Syria, Vietnam, and Sudan. Today, the UN Human Rights panel now contains such paragons as China, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, and Russia.

Continue reading

Rio+20: ICLEI Members Admit “Bait and Switch” to Boost Climate Agenda

Monday June 18, 2012
News release from Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow

Belo Horizonte, Brazil. To advance public action on global warming, participants attending the ICLEI World Congress admitted today that they are deliberately employing new terminology to misdirect opponents and gain acceptance of their efforts to reduce energy use and greenhouse gases. By utilizing terms like “sustainability” and “sustainable development,” the group wants to mask its objectives and disarm would-be critics who might otherwise oppose their agenda, ICLEI attendees confided with CFACT representatives at the conference. Continue reading

Climategate 2.0 exposes climate science hypocrisy on eve of UN’s Durban Conference

News release from The Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow

November 23, 2011

A second batch of leaked emails from scientists working on board and alongside the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have come to light. They contain shocking revelations which show an insular cadre of climate scientists coordinating efforts to place advocacy ahead of science, stifle dissent, and conceal information which detracts from a preconceived, ideologically driven, global warming narrative.

This shockingly candid look at the machinations of the high priests of global warming has given rise to renewed demands that the EPA, EU and global community cancel existing plans and programs designed to radically lower or cap and tax carbon emissions. These misguided policies already have created economic havoc in Europe, cost hundreds of thousands of jobs in the U.S. and pose a major threat to the world economy. Continue reading

Godfather of Global Green Thinking Steps Out of Shadows at Rio+20

Strong, 82, has been taking part in a variety of conference side-events prior to the three-day meeting of some 130 top-level international leaders, part of a growing wave of hoopla and promotion that will climax at the summit leadership sessions. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is leading the U.S. delegation there.

His appearance at Rio + 20  is also the latest stage in a Long March through controversy that has kept Strong, a native Canadian who is widely deemed to be one of the key instigators of the global environmental movement, living a low-profile life in China for the past half-decade. Continue reading

Sustainability Org mocks Glenn Beck at conference; wants to adopt his tactics

by Liz Klimas
for CFACT News

Posted 6/21/2012

Newsflash: Glenn Beck is “totally weird,” or so one organization of local governments focused on sustainability says. But that criticism only goes so far: consider that the same group mocking beck, the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, actually thinks Beck is a good example for how to gain a following.

The founder of ICLEI, Jeb Brugmann, was speaking to members over the weekend in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, at its World Congress 2012 meeting ahead of the United Nations sustainability summit — Rio+20 — that begins on Wednesday. In his speech to enliven his audience with the “spirit of audacity that started our movement,” Brugmann looks to Beck as a method for effecting change. Continue reading

Report: UN to consider $1,300 green tax on US

by Joel Gehrke
Commentary Staff Writer
The Washington Examiner

Posted 6/14/2012

Diplomats at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Conference in Rio de Janeiro next week will consider proposals that would levy taxes on American families and energy industries in order to support international efforts to combat global warming, according to a draft agenda for the conference.

“We recognize that subsidies for non-renewable energy development should be eliminated and replaced with a global tax on the production of energy from non-renewable energy sources,” the UN draft agenda, amended by non-governmental organizations at the invitation of the UN, says. “The income of this tax should be allocated to renewable energy development.” The draft agenda was obtained by the Center for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), a group skeptical of the UN’s position on global warming. Continue reading

Marked-up draft of UN Rio+20 agenda reveals shocking “sustainability” wish list.

An American family of four could owe the UN $1,325 per year.

Posted 6/13/2012 –

The United Nations plans to make its Rio+20 Sustainable Development Conference “the most significant environmental conference in history.” A draft planning and agenda document, “The Future We Want,” marked-up by myriad ultra-liberal NGOs, provides an unvarnished look at what lurks behind Rio+20.

“Americans, their free world partners and people in developing nations who hope to lift themselves out of poverty should be on their guard. Otherwise Rio+20 could easily trap them in a future we dread,” said Craig Rucker, CEO of the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow, a Washington, DC-based organization that advances the needs of people, while also protecting wildlife and environmental values.

The UN’s international NGO allies want to expand previous calls for a “green economy,” by including new demands for “resource justice” and new mechanisms to ensure “contraction and convergence for over- and under-consumers of natural resources.” People do not need advanced degrees to figure out whose economies and lifestyles the activists intend to “contract,” Rucker commented. Continue reading

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