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Privacy Issues

“Email Privacy Act” bill would require IRS, other govt. agencies to obtain warrant

Posted 3/13/2014

News Release

Jaime Herrera Beutler Backs Bill to Broaden Protection for Citizens’ Online Communication against Government Surveillance

“Email Privacy Act” requires IRS, other government agencies to obtain warrant to view citizen’s emails

WASHINGTON, DC – Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler announced today that she has cosponsored legislation that would extend protections relating to citizen’s private e-mail and online communication.  H.R. 1852, the Email Privacy Act, would extend the same privacy protections to electronic communications that exist for hard mail and other personal, paper documents.  Under this bipartisan bill, a government agency would not be able to access a U.S. citizen’s emails without a court-ordered search warrant. Continue reading

CityScan has a “solution” for cash-strapped cities

Scott Roberts
Freedom Foundation

Posted 5/22/2013

Washington State – It may sound Orwellian to have government watching and fining you for installing a bike rack or flower box, but if CityScan has their way, this is exactly what is coming to a town near you.

CitySan is a company that uses Nokia’s LiDAR mapping technology to create 3-D images of the built environment. They will match this data with permitting records, and then send property owners fines for anything that doesn’t match a permitting record on file. CityScan CEO David Guttman said, “For some municipalities, fixing this problem can add millions of dollars of revenue per year for cities that are cash-strapped and over budget.” Continue reading

Drones could be tested in Washington state



SEATTLE (AP) – The airport at Moses Lake could be one of six places in the nation where the Federal Aviation Administration tests drones.

A coalition of agencies and organizations in the state is bidding to create the Pacific Northwest Unmanned Aerial Systems Flight Center at the Grant County International Airport.

The airport is the former Larson Air Force Base and has been used by the military and the Boeing Co. for flight training and testing. Continue reading

New homeschooling program to be offered by Ron Paul; K-5 at no fee

Posted 4/13/2013

by  Michael Tennant
New American


“Liberty just took a huge step forward,” declared Thomas E. Woods, Jr., in announcing the launch of the Ron Paul Curriculum. Having retired from Congress, the former Republican representative from Texas and three-time presidential candidate is setting his sights on creating future generations of liberty-minded activists and entrepreneurs through his new homeschooling program.

“I believe homeschooling is the wave of the future,” Paul wrote on April 6, the day the program’s website became active.

He clearly intends to ride that wave. The same day as his curriculum was announced, he spoke to the MidWest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has a forthcoming book on the subject as well. Continue reading

Drones take center stage as controversy grows

Washington Times

Posted 2/8/2013

DOTHAN, AL, February 7, 2013 — The buzz over drones is growing louder every day.

The White House just issued a legal memorandum outlining why the President should be allowed to assassinate US citizens if they are determined to be associated with terrorism. Specific details defining how the government would make that determination are deliberately vague.  At least some of the targeting for these supposed terrorists would use drones.

Drones are likely to be at center stage during the Senate confirmation hearing for John Brennan, Obama’s nominee to head the CIA and the purported architect of the President’s drone program.

We can also expect some high drama relating to a just released news story by The New York Times that the CIA has a secret drone base in Saudi Arabia. Apparently the White House pressured some major news outlets, including The Times and The Washington Post, to squash that information for the past year. So much for giving us “all the news that’s fit to print.” Continue reading

Washington state prepares to take on TSA

February 6, 2013
By: Mikael Thalen

Whether it’s for stealing passengers’ property or tearing open a leukemia patient’s saline bags, the TSA always seems to be making the news. Now, one Washington state representative is preparing to fight back against the growing federal encroachment.

The Transportation Security Agency, best known for its intrusive pat downs in airports, has now been seen at highway checkpoints, bus stations, train stations and even football games. In fact, in 2011 over 9,300 unannounced highway checkpoints were set up by the TSA. Despite these searches being unconstitutional, they continue to grow.
Continue reading

Paying per mile: New technology could charge drivers a road use fee

by JOE FRYER / KING 5 News

Posted on February 7, 2013

SALEM, Ore. – Mary Olson pays practically zero attention to the tiny device that is plugged into her car just below the steering wheel.

Her only reminder that it exists arrives in the mail each month in the form of a bill, which shows how the device is keeping track of every mile she drives and charging her for it.

Olson is one of about 50 Oregon drivers currently testing technology that could someday replace the gas tax with a system requiring people to pay a small fee for every mile they drive – an idea known as a road user charge.

“I’m very proud of the state of Oregon for being a leader on this,” said Olson, who sits on Oregon’s Transportation Commission.  “In order to maintain our transportation system, we need to come up with an alternative to the gas tax.” Continue reading

WA State Reps battle UN Agenda 21 with new bills

Posted 1/20/2013

Washington State recently made news after local farmers in association with the Washington State Farm Bureau adopted new policy blocking all aspects of U.N. Agenda 21.

United Nations Agenda 21 is based off of the The Commission on Global Governance’s controversial 1995 report entitled “Our Global Neighborhood” that calls for more power to the United Nations in countries affairs, including the United States.

One of the most troubling aspects of this is the United Nations claim that it has the authority to change policy in the United States and even dictate what people can or can’t do on their own private property under the supposed guise of environmentalism to the point of restricting massive amounts of land to American citizens.

Residents across the country and in Washington State are attempting to block Agenda 21 by stopping its policies that are often labeled under more friendly names such as “sustainable development”, a term coined by the United Nations. Opponents of Agenda 21 point out that they agree on taking better care of the planet but it needs to be left out of the hands of foreign government’s, especially when the proposed plans are far beyond anything rational.

Washington Republicans Matt Shea, David Taylor, and Jason Overstreet, a group known for their principled and consistent support of the constitution, sponsored 3 new bills that would halt any foreign encroachment on private property.

The first bill, HB 1164, would prohibit the use of international law to infringe on property rights within the state. Rep Jay Rodne, the primary sponsor of HB 1165, proposses prohibiting the state of Washington and it’s political subdivisions from adopting and developing enviromental and developmental policies that would infringe or restrict private property rights without due process. The third bill, HB 1167, would repeal growth management planning requirments already on the books in Washington in chapter 36.70A RCW, a bill that “is the single largest attack on private property rights in Washington State over the last 23 years,” says Rep David Taylor. Continue reading

Government Schools Now Tagging and Tracking Pupils – Are there no limits?

from Independent Living News
by Lee Bellinger, Publisher

Posted 1/16/2013

The Northside Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas, is testing a half-million dollar RFID tracking and surveillance technology on 6,290 kids at two of their schools. They are not the first government school district to do this, which makes this a creeping trend taking root at the local level and could lead to bigger government.

“The potential benefits of this technology are so great that a lot of school districts will eventually embrace it… The challenges, like training schools how to use them and creating RFID tags that kids won’t lose or destroy, can be solved, and once they are, adoption rates should take off,” according to an AT&T sales brochure selling this equipment.

If this trend spreads unhindered, it could indoctrinate generations of children and their families to accept federal surveillance without question. The sorry part is this scheme has nothing to do with improving education or safety, even though Northside attempted to throw those out as red herrings initially.

Back in May, when the story trickled into the mainstream press, Northside attempted to use the “security” angle as one reason the community should accept this experiment without complaint. Continue reading

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