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Despite orders, Washington HS coach prays on field after game

Despite orders, Washington HS coach prays on field after game

Posted 6:12 pm, October 17, 2015, by , Updated at 06:18pm, October 17, 2015
 As Joe Kennedy knelt to pray at the 50-yard-line Friday night he felt a presence around him.

And it grew.

The assistant football coach at Bremerton High School in Washington state was being joined by some of his opponents and fans — some of whom had come to the game to pray with him.

After the Knights’ homecoming loss to the Centralia Tigers, Kennedy walked to the middle of the football field, hoping to say his usual thanks to God by himself.

He had been told not to do it. The Bremerton School District had said if he prayed while on duty as a coach he would be violating federal law.

Kennedy, as he has done after most games for seven years, prayed anyway, defying the order. He opened his eyes to find a huge crowd of supporters around him.

It was overpowering. The coach cried as he spoke to reporters.

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Local Governments Throw a Tantrum in Response to Citizen Initiatives

by Scott Roberts
Freedom Foundation

Posted 9/18/2014

Residents of Sequim, Wash., are taking the city to court this Thursday to settle who maintains power and control of our government. On one side stands the volunteer activists trying to change their government by citizen initiatives. On the other side is the government, which would rather have its constituents take a knee than exert their rights.

As a freedom evangelist, I travel the state preaching the gospel of liberty and extolling the need for everyday people to engage and shape their local government. Perhaps the most pure expression of citizen involvement is petitioning government by initiative.

It so happens that groups around the state have taken two ideas written by the Freedom Foundation and introduced them as local initiatives. Continue reading

Sequim sued over delayed decision on two union initiatives

Peninsula Daily News
By Joe Smilie

Posted 9/6/2014

SEQUIM –– Susan Brautigam has filed a lawsuit against the city, saying the council violated state law when it opted to delay a decision on two initiatives.

The initiatives seek to open contract negotiations with municipal employee unions and allow city workers to opt out of union representation.

“It’s clear the city is just looking for a way to sweep this under the rug, but we’re not going to just go away quietly,” Brautigam, a Sequim resident, said in a written statement issued by the Freedom Foundation, a conservative Olympia think tank.

Brautigam’s suit, filed in Clallam County Superior Court on Wednesday, asks the court to order that the initiatives be placed on the Nov. 4 general election ballot or make them city ordinances.

City officials have 20 days to respond.  READ MORE HERE>>>

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